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Real 2017 South Korean Movie Starring Kim Soo hyun and Sulli

by Naz khaliq
Real 2017 korean movie
Real 2017 Korean movie

Real 2017 is a South Korean movie starring the late actress/singer Sulli and Kim Soo-hyun as lead actors.

The movie is considered a disappointment despite the mind-blowing acting of Kim Soo-hyun. In fact, every actor has performed well including the late actress/singer Sulli, but the concept and storyline are complicated and it seemed to most people confusing and weak. In fact, many people think that it has wasted the talent of all actors.

What it seems while watching Real 2017:

The movie Real 2017 starts with a man talking in front of a psychiatrist and we realize from the conversation that the man has a split personality order.  The psychiatrist tries to make us understand and the patient what he is suffering and how he can get rid of that personality. The psychiatrist says that his ego was killed because of an overdose of drugs three years ago. But there are two of him inside his body, but there is a way for you to die alone.

After a while, we come to know that the man is Jang Tae-young who is a reporter but he is also involved in criminal activity. Due to his conflict with criminals, his life is in trouble but he is a bad man who can do anything to achieve his goals.

Korean movie Real 2017
The real and Fake Jang

One day, he gets shot in his arm and when he admits to the hospital, there is another case of a patient who is severely injured in a car accident. There is no chance that he will be revived to life and his whole body is covered into strips. The man is a billionaire and now his body needs a complete transformation to look better.

With the manipulation of the psychiatrist, Jang starts visiting this patient and one day decides to kill him in order to kill his one personality. He says to that man that he will now enter his body and confirm the death. He starts strangling that person whose body is covered with a bandage, he says that he is sorry if he wanted to live. (the injured person) The audience also witnesses that the patient was injected with a blue serum through drips.

Real 2017 Korean movie

Suddenly, the man who was looking like a corpse stop him by holding his hand and Jang in frustration and fear leave the hospital room. The nurses get afraid as the man who was a few moments before like a dead corpse sitting on his hospital bed.

In the next few scenes of Real 2017, we see that perhaps the face of that bandage man is disfigured as he wears a mask. More than that he has developed an interest in Jang. The masked man’s secretary asks him why he changed his name to Jang and he says because it was his name first.

He has changed his name to Mr.Jang Tae-young, the name that belongs to real Jang. This new man with a mask starts keeping an eye on the real Jag Tae-young. He tries to copy the way he talks and all his manners.  This masked man starts organizing meetings with old Jang Tae-young. One day, his girlfriend Yoo-hwa also comes and she wears the same dress as Jang Tae-young girlfriend.

The masked man comes to Yoo hwa place and asks her to remove his face, she tells him that he is still not healed but he insists. She removes the mask pieces of new Jang Tae-young.

Sulli in Real 2017
Girl friend of Jang played by Sulli

The Real Jang says that he is dying to know what he (fake Jang) will look like and he says that he will be shocked to see him and he is also waiting for this.

This masked man starts developing a close relation with old Jang Tae-Young and at a point, it is hard to believe who is the real one. The real Jang Te-Young is frustrated that the new one is imitating his every move, but he has no option because he needs him for his business.

There are various fights scenes and at the end of Real 2017 it seems that the real and fake Jang has died.

Why it is difficult to understand Real 2017:

The movie Real 2017 is highly digitalized and after a point, it is really confusing to understand what is happening. The movie has also faced lots of criticism apart from the fact that Kim Soo Hyun has done a brilliant job. Kim soo Hyun at a time performed various characters and there are unlimited expressions and emotions that he has expressed.

Many people are unable to understand the complex theme of digitalization so many consider it a disaster movie.

The movie Real 2017 reveals at the end that Jang goes undercover to expose the drug deals of Siasta. (this drug is referring many times in the movie, in fact, the whole movie is based on it). To reveal and find out who is involved in this business, Jang disguise and enters into the criminal world. The girl who was his girlfriend was also a drug addict and he kills her in order to end his misery, but this thing breaks him and he goes into depression.

Real 2017 Korean movie

The psychiatrist turns out the leader of a mafia who was using this drug for an experiment on his patient. He does his experiment on Jang and the man with the mask but they both survived and this thing surprises him. But he takes it as enjoyment by seeing the reaction of drugs on his patient.

Doctor (psychiatrist) manipulated the mind of Jang that if he will be able to kill the rich man, he will be able to kill his ego. The Billionaire tries to imitate real Jang, because of his mental state in which his mind choose to copy a personality who is also using the same drug. During his treatment, he was injected with Siesta (drug) by doctors.

The movie Real 2017 is more about the effects of drugs on a person that can lead to death and various health complication. We feel that because of the high digitalization and the darkness, many scenes could not make sense to a large audience.  The theme of double role plus double personality disorder is definitely fascinating but here the theme is something complicated and different.

This is a fact that whether the makers tried to present a unique concept but due to some complications, psychological presentations plus high digitalization, many people could not understand Real 2017. This is the reason people consider it a disaster film.

Real 2017 is definitely a simple movie to understand and you have to be a keen observer to understand its complexity. Honestly, overall, it is very difficult to get an idea about the movie but it will be an injustice to say that the movie is a disappointment.

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