10 Rich Female Leads in Korean Dramas Who Can Buy their Own Diamonds

Do you want to know about Kdramas where Female leads are rich as it is not so common? We have a list of rich female leads in Korean dramas including those where rich female leads fell in love with poor male leads. It is very common in Korean dramas where men are rich and women belong to the middle class or mostly poor families. However, these rich female leads will make you feel how broke you are!

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1: Shin Hye-sun from Angels Last Mission: Love :

A tragedy makes Shin Hye-sun blind and snatches her dream to become a ballerina. She is the heir of a rich family but becomes bitter after getting into the accident. Most of her family members do not want her to regain her sight or to take control of the family business. They always want her to show in a bad light. She maintains her fashion and decency throughout the drama.

2: Cheon Song-yi from My Love from Another Star:

Cheon song-yi is a rich but strong woman who knows how to give back to haters. She is elegant, dresses up well, know the latest trends in fashion and try to maintain her confidence even in bad circumstances. Cheon Song-Yi is an actress who fell in love with an alien. Although the alien is not poor Cheon song-yi is our fashion queen and one of the dominant rich female leads in Korean dramas.

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2: Jang Man-wol from Hotel Del Luna:

Jang man-wol is stuck in this world just like Goblin. She prefers to live a luxurious life. She can buy whatever she wants. Ma-wol is a strong woman who can afford everything but not any rubbish. She is those rich female leads in Korean dramas that will make you believe how broke you are by her shopping.

3: lm Soo-hyang from Graceful Family:

Soo-hyung family line is complicated and every member is sly until she steps in it. She belongs to one of the richest families of Korea who is also corrupt. Soo-hyung believes in justice and maintains her dignity. She is one of those rich female leads in Korean dramas who will give her haters a shut-up call with her facial expressions. Her fashion sense is high and she dresses up like a queen at the funeral of a fish.

4: Yoon Se-ri from Crash Landing On You:

Yoon Se-ri is an heiress to the Queen’s group of South Korea. Her existence is disliked by her half brother and his mother. Everyone thinks she is dead after she lands in North Korea by mistake. However, she comes back with a bang. She does not compromise on her dignity or her fashion.

5: Ko Moon-young from It’s Okay Not to To Be Okay:

She is one of those rich female leads in Korean dramas whose fashion sense amazed everyone. Her style is considered one of the best styles of Korean female leads. Ko Moon-young is deeply in love with Moon Gang-tae who is a caretaker at a psychiatric clinic. She maintains her image as well as flaunts her expensive wardrobes.

6: Hong Cha-young from Vincenzo:

Although Cha young does not belong to a rich family, she is a successful prosecutor. She earns a lot and it shows from her wardrobe. Her suits collection increase her beauty and grace.

7: Jo Yi-Seo from Itaewon Class:

Jo Yi-Seo has her own money and attitude too. She does not need anyone sympathy or support. Her money is enough for her and she is enough for her moral support. She fell in love with a seemingly poor man who is trying to run his small business.

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8: Oh Young from That Winter The Wind Blows:

Oh Young played by Song Hye-kyo is a rich heiress but she is blind. She fell in love with a con artist who pretends to be her lost brother. With the passage of time, the con artist. They both do not believe in love but with the passage of time fell in love with each other. We cannot say that Oh Young is a strong female character but she is or of the rich female leads in Korean dramas.

9: Oh Jin-shim from Touch Your Heart:

She was once a top actress and extremely rich until a scandal damages her reputation. After some time, Jin-shim gets a chance to revive her image and to do this she has to work in a law firm. The scandal however could not snatch her fashion sense and she tries to maintain it with expensive clothes and shoes. She is also one of the most chill female leads of Kdramas.

10: Han Se-Gye from Beauty Inside:

Han Se Gye is one of the top actresses in the Kdrama Beauty Inside. She is also very rich and has a lavish lifestyle. She is a good person at heart who cannot stand bullies.

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