Robots received the degrees in Japan and the world witnessed an amusing sight

Robots in Japan receiving their degrees (pic credit-The Guardian)

Robots can be the favorite toys of children but this fun is long gone. Now the world has surpassed many stages in terms of technology and has witnessed many times that what wonders humanity can do.

We have seen multiple movies on robots, sometimes they turn into evil devils who try to take revenge from humans. Sometimes they serve humanity. By creating the Robots humans show that a human mind is much stronger and capable than machinery but still robots can do miracles.

The world is locked down and education institutions are also closed. There were many students who were about to complete their degrees and convocations of many put on halt. In this time, it is also not possible for the government of any country to gather the students and distribute the degrees. They cannot make any place a crowd because of the threat of COVID-19.

There are many countries including Pakistan who took their first step and started on-line classes. The good thing is despite having difficulties, educational institutions are able to continue on-line study sessions. It is indeed a good step and that can be a step to manage and use technology in this matter too.

However, there are some countries that can find a solution to anything. These countries are developed and they have surpassed the stage of on-line classes. These are well-developed countries who have taught their students’ skills and they are far superior to others in terms of talent. In Japan, recently, students sent robots to receive the degrees and on the faces of these robots, there were tabs placed. The students who were at home were controlling the robots and these robots not only received the degrees but also clicked photos with each other.

Business Breakthrough University (BBT) in Tokyo, Japan held a virtual graduation ceremony due to the coronavirus threat where students sent the robots who received their degrees. This scenario not only was amusing but also highlights the fact that how students of Japan are having high skills. Instead of sitting at home and waiting for the lockdown to be open, these students took an initiative and show their talent to the world.

Japan also made a robot that will not serve as a bartender in Tokyo pub. According to sources, the robot is made by QBIT Robotics, and it can pour a beer and mix the cocktail in a few seconds. It uses four cameras to monitor the customers and to analyze their expressions.

The Gardian

Not only Japan, but China has also used robots in medical assistance. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, China used Telepresence bots that allowed video communication, they could also monitor patient health and they can also deliver medical goods from one place to another and on different floors of the hospital.

In this emergency, it is indeed a good step and it shows that technology where it is causing problems, it is also helping the people. Technology can serve humanity if people do not misuse it. In this effort, it should also remember that humans make this technology so they should make it in that way that can serve humanity. Although it is a truth that one country can use it against others to gain the benefit but humans should not forget that if robots will conquer the world, no human will be saved from it.

There is nothing wrong in using technology but humans should consider its benefits and harms too. Definitely the countries like China and Japan can do wonders in the term of technology and we are waiting for the day when Pakistan will start thinking about it.

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