Samina Ahmed and Manzar Sehbai rejected the social norms

Samina Ahmed and Manzar Sehbai got married and it proves that love can find you at any age. This is the most satisfying news for some sane person who is aware of the importance of human companionship.

Love can find us at any age and perhaps Pakistani society needs a hundred years to understand this. Our society also needs to understand how they can digest and be happy if some man or woman marries the second time.

(Here we are not promoting cheating or betraying the first wife and then marry the second time.)

However, here we are going to discuss how to be happy with the happiness of other people and especially when religion allows us to do that. People find different excuses for objection, some object on the base of religion and some on the base of their personal choice. Firstly, they put forth the rule of religion that religion does not allow us to do certain deeds. Then if religion allows us, they still like to criticize because they have no life of their own and they cannot see a person happy. Overall, people talk rubbish and love to criticize because they do not like some idea personally.

The same kind of jealousy and criticism we can see, when someone decides to marry. Our society is unable to digest if someone marries the second time even after the death of their spouse or divorce.

Where there need hundreds of years to change the mentality of people, it is very crucial to develop understanding. There are lots of reasons and situations when someone marries the second time, however, if someone marries after the death of their spouse, it is still unacceptable for our society.

Society has a weird kind of logic that it becomes hard for a person to chase happiness. In the case of second marriage at an age that society thinks now that person has surpassed the age of marriage. If someone does, people object that what was the need of that marriage. His/her children are grown up, instead of marrying them, they are thinking of their marriage. Society spread this news as it is a matter of shame.

Why people are unable to think that, even if a person is getting old, he/she needs companionship more than anything. Where our society digests the fact that we are mistreating our elders and we are throwing them like one son’s house to another. It is hard for society to digest if someone prefers to marry the second time.

Whereas people have no time to sit and listen to their parents or grandparents and it is acceptable for us. People also do not like the idea of dependency of parents on them and they do not gladly take their responsibility.

We as humans, unable to provide companionship or to solve someone’s problem. We are unable to understand human emotions and we do not care about their feelings. We treat people like trash but if someone decides to find happiness and finds a way that can make them happy, we start having problems.

If someone prefers to marry we start gossips about it and see as sin. It is acceptable for people to mistreat the elders, do not have time to listen to their problems, they can see them sitting at one cot or chair outside of the house, but they cannot see them be happy with some person.

Samina Ahmed and Manzar Sehbai are two biggest names of the Pakistani Entertainment industry where Samina Ahmed performed numerous roles and Manzar Sehbai gained popularity with the drama serial Alif. It is indeed a good gesture from our nation that they are appreciating and supporting their decision. They are indeed respectable for us as veteran actors but we should also respect their decision as humans being.

The same kind of positive thinking we need, if some ordinary person in our society decides to marry the second time. Instead of objecting it without any reason, (as it is not our business) we should encourage this idea. This will help to save many people that suffer from depression because of loneliness.

We should learn to appreciate personal choices if these are not harming us personally and we should encourage those decisions that can help to maintain mental health and make human relations strong.

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