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12 traits of Sensitive and Emotional people that can help you to understand them better

by Naz khaliq
An image of a crying man to show how sensitive a human can be

Sensitive and emotional are two words that every person likes to attach to them because they think it will make them more human in front of others.

Every person claims during a conversation that he/she is very sensitive and feels the same as the other person feels. If a sensitive and emotional person tries to tell the other one how he/she feels differently, other people just say, oh I am the same. Sensitivity, emotions, and feelings are what make us humans.

Let’s discuss how we can understand sensitive people.

The main difference between Over-Sensitive and Less-Sensitive people:

There are some people who are more emotional and sensitive than others and others tag them as abnormal. The reason is, that they easily get hurt by rude behaviors and insults. They cannot bear the violence, fights, abuses, and misbehavior of other people. They cry more often. Many (who are not that sensitive) do not care about what is happening around them and just move on in their life happily. (Main difference)

Traits of a Sensitive person:

However, take a deep breath and know about the real-life traits of a sensitive person. Maybe it will help you to closely look into your own self so that you will see whether you are a sensitive person or not. It will help to stop mocking the real sensitive person and try to understand her/him better.

  • You cry while watching some movies or dramas. Romantic scenes, sad scenes, and separation scenes do not matter. You cry at everything that touches your heart. You cry in happiness, sadness and in anger too.
  • You cannot watch bloodshed in real-life videos, you cannot bear the sight of real-life assault, torture, kidnapping, raping, shouting and fights.
  • You cannot watch the characters who are shown as mentally unstable because you feel so much empathy for them.
  • You try not to watch videos that contain real-life incidents of brutality because you start emphasizing them.
  • You cry when someone scolds you or even talks to you loudly.
  • You avoid most people around you because you think they will hurt you.
  • You re-imagine every embarrassing incident of your past life and make yourself uncomfortable again and again.
  • You re-imagine every insult of yours and cry over that.
  • You re-imagine how someone has hurt you, and cry over that.
  • You cannot see someone cry in front of you. It will make you cry too.
  • You cry even if you hate it to cry in front of people because you think they will mock you more but you have no control.
  • You get attached to some person and want them to be expressive in terms of emotions and love as you do. (Mostly, you cannot get any of this kind, and this is sad)

If these are not your traits, then you are not emotional enough. Stop claiming to be one and try to understand the other person. This is not something to brag about and this is not something to be proud of. The reason is mostly this sensitivity leads to depression because of the misunderstandings and lack of emotional attachment.

How hard it is for Sensitive people to Survive:

Sensitive people find themselves unfit in this world. They always feel they are not part of this world. They contemplate why God has created them. They hate to be sensitive to such an extent however this is not in their control. They are born in this way or they are grown up like this. Mostly they have inherited it from their parents. The poor and soft hearts of their break every second time, so they try to isolate themselves in order to save themselves. The cruel world of today does not need them.

There is definitely a need to make children understand how to handle and balance their emotions or sensitivity. However, it is hard to get into the brain of children how they feel and why they feel it. The reason is, at one point, they stop telling even their family and try to hide it from them. They do not want their parents to get worried about it.

All that humans can do is not be proud of how they can fool others or how they can control others rather than they should try to be sympathetic towards each and every human.

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