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Silent Treatment can damage a person | 6 benefits of Silence

ByNaz khaliq

Apr 6, 2020
Silence and Silent Treatment

Silent Treatment is a kind of behavior that people adopt to avoid communication. There is a difference between Silence and Silence treatment that we need to understand. Silence is considered a good trait and silent people are often considered intelligent unless they open their mouths and speak some nonsense.

Lets talk about the benefits of Silence first.

1: Benefits of Silence:

  • Silence can keep you away from backbiting and there will be fewer sins in case of that.
  • Silence can maintain an image that you are an intelligent person.
  • It can help you to observe people and their behaviour closely.
  • Silence can give you more chances to learn something from people. It can either be informational or it can at least make you learn that what you should not say to other people.
  • If you maintain Silence, it can save most of your secrets. The people who speak more, it is hard for them to hide their secrets.

However, Silence is dangerous at some levels and it can even destroy a person mentally and emotionally and it can also destroy relations.

2: Silence in a Romantic Relationship or we can term it as “Silent Treatment”:

  • If you are in a relationship and you prefer to remain silent on your partner’s misbehavior, they will continue their mistreatment. In this way, your silence will give them more chances than they deserve.
  • Some so-called intelligent people think that if they will give the silent treatment to their partner, it will be beneficial and the person will crawl back to them.
Silence and Silent Treatment can damage a person
  • Some people also think that if they will give the silent treatment to their partner, it will make them learn their mistakes, which in the first place they did not commit. This kind of people that we can term as narcissist believes that even after their bad behaviour when they will be silent, their partner who loves them unconditionally will crawl back to them and ask for forgiveness.
  • People in relation sometimes even mute the notification of their partner, do not receive their call or even block their number and they have no idea what their partner is going through. They think by doing this, they can achieve the superiority place in their relationship. For this kind of person, the relationship is some sort of war or competition where they have to win in any situation and it does not matter whether they are wrong or right.
  • In this situation, these kinds of people are actually cowards who are afraid that if they will talk to their partner about some problem, it will ultimately show that the real problem is with them and not with their partner. They try to avoid healthy conversation and in fact, they can easily turn any conversation into argument and argument into a fight because they are afraid deep down that their partner will find out the truth.

They only thing this kind of people can do is to give the silent treatment to their partner.

3: Silence in terms of close relations:

Apart from romantic relations, if we talk about the blood relation of friendship, silence is also not a good idea. Here breaking the silence does not mean to shout or yell, here it means to talk about the problems. Normally between siblings problems start occurring after marriages and people do not talk to each other. Even those who are very close to each other before marriages, they keep it in their heart and do not talk to their siblings about the issues. The result is that people lose their precious relations and remain doubtful about them throughout their lives.

In modern times, where it is very rare to find real friends, sometimes it happens that nobody wants to talk about issues and if someone dares to speak, another person is unable to listen. If someone tries to admit the fault or break the silence about some issue, the other person is not ready to listen.

Silence is only good when there is an unhealthy discussion going on and you do not want to participate in it. It is also good when other people are talking rubbish about someone and you cannot stop them and the only thing that you can do is to maintain silence. Silence is good in libraries and in-classroom until the teacher gives you permission.

4: Narcissist and Silent Treatment:

Here are some of the questions that comes into your mind when you deal with a narcissist.

Do Narcissists return after several months of silent treatment?

Yes, they do and most probably when they do not find someone else to abuse. They do return because they need that satisfaction that comes to them after treating their partner badly.

How many times will a narcissist return after Silent treatment?

As much as you will give them chances, they will return back to you. They know you very well and they know there are high chances you will take them back. You will be happy for some days that they have changed but they will come back to their routine of giving torture.

Is giving someone the silent treatment a form of abuse?

Silent treatment hurt a living being to the core. It is worse in the case of romantic relationships and worse kinds of abuse. Silent treatment can only do good to you when you are done with someone abuses. It is like a paradox where your abuser partner or narcissist hurt you by giving silent treatment that one day you will admit those mistakes and apologize to them for things that you did not do. It can be better only in the situation where you prefer to be silent because you are done with explanation and you are done with the person.

What happens when you give a narcissist the silent treatment?

They will be surprised and try their best to win you all over again. This will affect them badly and they will be shocked that you are surviving without them. At first, they will try to talk and apologize to you, if you are persistent then they know it’s time for them to find new prey. But remember one thing, before parting their ways, they will blame everything on you, they will yell at you and this is all because they try their best to prove themselves right in any situation. Do not worry and keep this in mind, they never admit their mistakes and if they do, it is only for few minutes or some days.

How to confront someone who is giving you the silent treatment?

First of all, have some courage and talk to them, it can be anyone. If they want to speak, listen to them. Then take some time and think about it. If they are accusing you of something that you have done wrong, you should try to make things work. if you think there is nothing wrong you have done, you should take the courage to speak to them. If they do not listen, you should respect yourself and leave. Do not settle for less or for things that are disrespecting you as a human or do not degrade yourself for others.

The silent treatment is dangerous and can damage a person’s health and relationship when someone prefers to keep silent for some personal gain or to damage the other person. It is dangerous if you prefer to be silent on some injustice. It is not love if your partner is doing this to you and you really need some strength and courage to leave this kind of person.

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