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Women are always wrong: Society’s perception of Women

by Naz khaliq
society perception about women
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A woman is always wrong, it is a common society perception about women and we are tired to listen to this. Women are using social media sites, so it is necessary for a man to send her message in the inbox and if she comments on some topic somewhere at some page, so it is obligatory for some men to follow her everywhere on social media. (common society perception about women)

 I would like to refer a small incident here that came across my sight two days back. In some education group in which they’re supposed to be educated people of Pakistan including men and women that are teaching in schools of Pakistan.

One woman posted that some male teacher is continuously calling her on messenger after she posted something in this educational group as it is a common society perception about women that they are available if they are on social media. She is really disturbed by the situation and that man who is a teacher should show some ethics. The intention of complaining was to stop other people to do such a shameful act or to point out that education could not do any good to him.

However, the response from our so-called educated people was surprising. Although it is not surprising for me as it is common society perception about women and they always try to give these kinds of pathetic logic and remarks. One ‘educated’ male teacher started an argument with her that why in the first place she posted about this. Secondly, if that person was calling her, why she did not block her and complaining here.

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Thirdly, he goes further to say it is wrong to use social media, Facebook and even cellphone for women as Islam prohibits women to use all these. The next ‘educated’ male goes on and says, families who give permission to their daughters to use all these have no dignity and they are without some respect. This is also a common society perception about women that if they will not befriend with men, men will throw garbage on their character.

After this, that woman would be in a shocking state and regretting why she posted this. The person who was harassing her would be so happy by seeing so much support. Maybe that person would be from these two or maybe mostly men like these in our society. 

Firstly, I thought I should comment on that post and support that girl but then I was just depressed over the situation because I have come across the incident of the ‘Farishta rape case’ the same day. 

The female teacher explained further and said that she just wanted to share because it is not right and she was just trying to show how educated people are still mentally deprived. Two three-person tried to support her but they also told her that she should block her instead of getting attention here. So this kind of support we get here. This is also a common society perception about women that they should not reply back to any kind of harassment. We are living in a society where all the dignity of men vanished when they want to marry a girl who must have a good job.

It has become a trend in Pakistan, the more a girl has a salary and high scale job, the more she is in demand. So these all the men who chanting the slogan of dignity, the respect they are failed at the point of dowry and their demands regarding job holder girl. I know most women in Pakistan also want to do the job but many are there who do not want to.

society perception about women

However, they know they will not get married if they would do not do a job or they will not be able to get a better lifestyle. I am surprised why all the responsibility is on women. Women should take care of her clothes; she should not go outside of her house. She should not complain about harassment. She is wrong no matter what the circumstances are, no matter what kind of violence, bad words, or harassment she is facing. A woman is always wrong. I know there are some men who do not think like this.

However, most men in Pakistan are narrow-minded. The fault is in their upbringings. Their parents are unable to teach them that they are responsible for their own morals. They should look after their behaviour. They should treat women respectfully. They should also lower their gaze.

It is also in Islam to get married early but there are married men too who are raping and harassing women. Even the middle-aged men are doing this. It is also in Islam if you cannot control your desires then observes fast. It is also in Islam for men to lower their gaze. It is also in Islam to treat others respectfully.

It is also in Islam to treat women well. Hazrat Khadija (R.A) the wife of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was a businesswoman. Many Muslim women at the time of Muhammad (S.A.W) took part in battles. I am not trying to comparing the present-day women with them. I am just emphasizing on the fact that men should stop using religion for the satisfaction of their ego and their benefits. Instead of putting every social evil blame on women, men should also take care of their morals and characters. They should learn what the demands of the new world are.          

  If I would say only some men have these kinds of thinking, then I would be wrong. Many women are in this race too and they are more evil as they spread more negativity than men did. However, men are winning this race and some women are in order to prove themselves purer, with more self-respect and dignity they are degrading other women. 

Pakistan needs progress and every citizen has to work hard for its progress.  So people should stop this thinking that women are bound to be in four walls of their houses. Many women are afraid to go out because they listen daily about rape cases, kidnapping, and harassment. Their families are also afraid about how to protect them and educate them side by side.

Men with a narrow-minded approach should think to control their devils instead of putting every blame on women.  Men and women both should contribute to make this society a better place and work for the progress of our society. Men as they are physically more powerful than a woman should think to provide women a safe place. Men should also take care of their characters, morals, upbringings, religion, and laws instead of proving that a woman is always wrong.

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