South Korea and Craze for Plastic Surgeries

Anyone who is following South Korean dramas or movies has developed a curiosity into the lifestyle of Korean people. Korean dramas and celebrities have a huge fan following around the world. If we look deeply into the culture of South Korea we come to know that South Korea has one of the best industries of beauty products. However, the biggest surprise is when we come to know about the revelation of their cosmetic surgery industry.

The first thing that we notice in Korean dramas is that 99 percent of female faces are very small or heart shape. If we do some research on it we come to know that this is their Ideal face shape. The more your face is small the more it is attractive for Korean people.

Korean people are beautiful with pale skin and light makeup. Although many people mock Korean men for feminine looks, however, fans do not care. Moreover, every country has a different standard of beauty but Korean celebrities are loved globally.

Coming towards their beauty industry, YouTube is replete with videos in which you can find how Korean people are obsessed with surgeries. Every second person in Korean has gone through under knife. They are not satisfied with their looks and bodies.

The most difficult surgery is Jaw surgery that is also not a difficult task for Korean doctors. In their dramas too, they show too much craze for beauty standards.

According to them, their beauty standards are high that they do not consider every person beautiful. In fact, body shaming, fat shaming, face shaming everything can be found in South Korea.

Dramas are the biggest source through which we can judge or look into the culture of some country. Although this is not at all true, sometimes these are not the true depiction of the society. However when if we look into other things like real-life persons interviews etc then we realize that this obsession is real.

There are many dramas you can find where a girl especially is mocked for her looks and later when she got surgery everything is fine. Of Course, this is happening in every country where women are judged by some set standard and to meet these standards she is ready to do anything.


The craze for Surgeries is not limited to South Korea alone:

I just hope this craze for surgeries that are spreading day by day will not reach in Pakistan. The reason is women are already judged on the base of her color and height especially the craze of fair complexion. It is too much to handle.

Even in this race, India is the same as Pakistan, as women have to face this there too. Just Imagine, if common people will start cutting their nose, ears, jaws, etc. (horrendous)

I know many people are also going through the lip, nose, anti-wrinkles and body whitening treatment here too. Especially in the case of actors/actresses from whom common people are taking inspirations, however, it is not as extreme as in Korea.

Many Korean celebrities have committed suicide because of depression. One of the main reasons was to bully from the random people who were criticizing them. Of Course, you cannot satisfy the whole world, however, sometimes the pressure and burden are too much to handle.

The Whole World is suffering from Inferiority Complex:

The thing is, it is not only in Korea, but whole world is also suffering from an inferiority complex and try to be set on social standards. Women go crazy and do surgeries after surgeries until they are dead but their craze for perfection is not finished. The thing is it is to fulfill the demands of society. It is for acceptance by society.

Sometimes I think that plastic surgeries are only allowed if someone goes through some accident and disfigures the face or body. Otherwise, it should not be allowed, however, people have their own reasons.

Moreover, every person has the freedom to do what they want, but the only problem that is occurring is, some are forced to adopt some lifestyle by others and this is not healthy at all.

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