Sulli’s Death, South Korean Celebrities’ depression and Toxic fandom

South Korean celebrities’ suicide rate is increasing day by day. After Korean actress Sulli suicide who was also a Kpop idol, people are blaming it on Korean actors cyberbullying and toxic fandom. Although there are many Korean celebrities who committed suicide in the past and after Sulli, now people are talking about it and demanding serious actions against these toxic people.

Rest in peace Sulli

People who are following the South Korean entertainment industry for several years, specifically their drama industry, must develop an interest in their personal lives too. Fans are impressed by their lifestyle but soon realize that their life is not easy, especially for the Kpop singers because of a tough schedule or tough physical fitness training.

The fans who are sane, find that there is a craze or I would say obsession to the dangerous extent for South Korean celebrities particularly singers. Fans are so crazy about them that they can even kill someone to say anything against their favourite celebrity.

Where many fans would love to see their favourite celebrities and Kpopo Idols’ life partners and kids in future, they are some who are living in a delusional world. They not only protest against their favourites choices but also put their bias in an awkward situation. There can be hundreds of examples of toxicity that can be seen on FB, Quora, Twitter and other social platforms. This toxic obsession can be for any Kpop Idol group, an individual member or any Kdrama celebrity.

If we take an example, we witnessed toxic fandom in the case of BTS youngest member Jungkook, when a mere picture of him with a girl gone viral. People love him and there is no doubt about it. Mostly respect the boundaries but there are some who not only make fun of themselves but also make it difficult for their favourite. People started threatening the young Idol and created havoc on Twitter. The agency did lots of effort to calm down this crazy bunch of people. (BTS is just an example because we love them and do not want any harm towards any member, otherwise, toxic fandom is in every Kpop group)

A recent example of fans toxicity can be seen when Korean actor Lee Seung-gi announced that he is dating. Fans sent a protesting truck in front of his agency because they could not bear it. (What a crazy and Idle bunch of people) In the past, famous Kactors Lee Sung-Kyung and Nam oo-hyunk dating news caused big trouble for them. After hearing the news of their dating, toxic fans threatened them to do a breakup and finally, they announced it. Many people loved them together and they were so sad after hearing this.

There are so many examples of Toxic fandoms regarding the lead Kpop group BTS, the girl Kpop band BlackPink or other Korean celebrities. (It would be the same for others). These people spread hate for one group or even for one member of the same group. They spread false rumours and live in their own delusional world. These people also slide into celebrities personal accounts and threaten them for various reasons.

What is the reason that instead of too much fame every year one or two South Korean celebrities commit suicide? The reason that is found in many cases is depression.

South Korean celebrities try hard to fit on their self-made beauty Rules because of Fandoms:

South Korean people (in general) and celebrities, (in particular), are in a constant struggle to look perfect. The ratio of transforming faces is as much high as the ratio of committing suicide. Apart from South Korea, it is true that celebrities across the world are going crazy to transform their natural features into something that they think would gain much attention. But in the case of Koreans, it is a little too much.

It is a bitter pill to swallow but these celebrities are not perfect just like other humans. But they know people want to see them perfect without any defect. Even without those things that are humans like pores or hair.

The obsession is instilled in young people too much that they think everyone should be perfect and fit like their idols. They try to follow the diets of these celebrities and those who are wealthy spend their money on surgeries. They also want every celebrity to look the same way that they want. Otherwise, they try to reach them and bully them as much as they can. They bully celebrities for skin colour or even if someone adopts the same style (including the hair) as their favourites.

Controlling Celebrities life:

South Korean celebrities sign contracts by their hiring companies that they would not indulge in any love affair. This is another way of controlling them. Fans also try to control their lives by appreciating or mostly rejecting their love interest. Many have made their delusional world where they link their favourite celebrity with another favourite celebrity. They bully everyone who tries to show them the reality. They even think celebrities are dating them and this is indeed a sign of mental illness. They try to threaten celebrities by starting an online campaign or by making it a trend on Twitter.

The sane mind can think that these young, talented, handsome rich people are dating someone as humans cannot live without love and affection. If they are dating, agencies try their best to hide as many people (insane) will threaten them with death or blackmail them with suicide. According to reports, there are more than 9 Korean celebrities who have committed suicide because of depression.

Korean Actors Cyber Bullying :

Cyber Bullying is not a new thing or it is not only in the case of South Korean celebrities. We can see the craze, bullying, and abuses in the case of celebrities across the world. Sane people finally leave these toxic platforms and support their favourites on healthy discussion forums.

If there is too much cyberbullying that is causing the death of South Korean celebrities, they should avoid using it. We know it is easier said than done. However, it also seems impossible to control and manage millions of people accounts on social platforms.

If these toxic people cannot hold their toxicity and can say to others that they deserve to die, then celebrities should stay away from them. Instead of seeing hate comments, think about it that they are not good enough and that they are not doing good in their lives.

Why end your life for someone who you even do not know in person? Why end your happiness for those ID’s who you do not know is real or fake?

Rest in peace Sulli

People should understand that linking and shipping a celebrity is fine unless you start threatening everyone and demand them to view the world with your lens.

Praising your bias everywhere and promoting him/her is healthy, abusing some other celebrity to prove the superiority of your favourite one is toxic and cyberbullying.

Shipping two people, is healthy but force people and prove it on every platform that they are dating or in a relationship is toxic and show your mental illness.

If your favourite is dating someone, you should be happy about it and wish them a happy life and it is a healthy way of supporting your favourite. After listening to the news of some celebrity affair, people get mad like their favourite celebrity will ask their hand for marriage. (what a delusional world people live and try to force others to do the same)

The fear of failure can also be the reason for South Korean Celebrities depression:

We know it is right of everyone to like or dislike someone’s work, however, people should try to look into someone’s work rather than looks.  It is also not right for celebrities to say that people should only appreciate their work and not criticize them. How someone can distinguish between good or bad work if they will only praise and praise every kind of work.

It is normal, totally normal as it happens in any area of life where you are judged on your work abilities. However, criticism should have its limit and people should either use better words or shut their mouths.

Ending your life is not easy, no matter what religious people say that it is not allowed in religion. However, no one can understand what someone is going through in their lives, how someone heart sinks when thinking about facing the world, not everyone has courage. Kpop Idol Sulli committed suicide because of unbearable cyberbullying.

Rest in peace Sulli

Other reasons for depression:

As celebrities are also humans so they can face the same issues as other normal beings. Getting no support from family instead of their love, loneliness instead of friends, feel unloved because of not having a romantic relationship or failure in a romantic relationship.

These are all the factors that can contribute to someone’s depression. When someone is in depression, they take every comment seriously and feel it deeply that one can ignore in a normal situation.

Instead of blaming immature and toxic fandom, South Koreans should look deeply into every aspect of it. They should observe the lives of dead celebrities.

Summing up, It should go on both ways.

There should be a filter on sites, where abuses or life threats should be prohibited and the person should crackdown. There should be some counselling to celebrities in which it should teach them that failure in your work is less important than your life. It’s ok if you did not get the success from some song, movie or drama as you thought. Just ignore the haters and do your work and focus on your supporters.

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