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25 Strong Female Leads in Korean Dramas

If you want to see Strong female leads, you can shift towards Korean Dramas. Here are our top Strong Female Leads in Korean Dramas that can not only make you proud to be a woman but also they can entertain you. These female leads are savage queens in Korean dramas.

1: Jo yi-seo from Itaewon Class:

While talking about strong female leads in Korean Dramas, we cannot forget Kim Da-Mi who played the role of Jo Yi-Seo in Itaewon Class. She knows very well how to play dirty with dirty people and also how to protect her loved ones. She can also kick the a** off if needed.

2: Jang Man-wol from Hotel Del Luna:

I U played the role of Jang Man-wol who is stuck between life and death. She is the owner of a hotel where people before going to their final destination stay for some time after death. Jang Man-wol does not tolerate any tantrum as she herself is the savage queen. She loves to spend money and live a luxurious life. She is one of the badass females in Korean dramas.

3: Seo Yea-ji from Its okay not to be Okay:

Seo Yea-ji played the character of Ko Moon-young in Korean Drama Its Okay not to be Okay. She is playing the role of a strong but savage person who acts crazily in love. It is one of the best role played by Seo Yea-ji.

4: Shim Cheong from Legend of the Blue Sea:

Jun Ji-hyun played the role of the strong female lead as Shim Cheong in the Korean Drama Legend of the Blue Sea along with Lee Min-Ho. She is not human but she knows how to get back her lover. She can protect her heart as well as her lover.

5: Mo Seok-hee from Graceful Family:

In the list of the strong female lead in Korean Dramas, it is crucial to mention lm- Soo-hyang who played the role of Mo Seok-hee. She knows how to get her position back and also how to give savage replies to her so-called Graceful Family. She is the Savage Queen of our Korean Dramas.

6: Cheon Song-yi from My Love from the Star:

Jun ji-hyun played the Savage Queen as Cheon Song-yi in the Korean drama My Love From the Star. She is a fashion queen and knows how to handle the bullies as she herself does that job sometimes.

7: Yoo Hye-jung from The Doctors:

One of the strong female leads in Korean Dramas is Yoo Hye-jung and that role is played by Park Shin-hye. She cannot tolerate bullies and she can kick off the as*. She is not afraid of bullies in the hospital and she is our savage doctor.

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8: Han Gyeo-Wool from The Vampire Detective:

If you want to see a female in a Vampire Drama that is kicking a** off, you should watch Lee Se-young as Han Gyeo-Wool in The Vampire Detective. She is neither afraid of bad humans nor of bad vampires.

9: Han Hong-nan from Come back Mister:

We get a chance to see some Strong Female leads in Korean dramas after they are converted from a male. Oh Yeon-seo played the role of Han Hong-nan in Come Back Mister. She is a man from inside and one of the amazing Savage queens from outside. She has brilliantly portrayed her role in Come Back Mister and it is also a great gender-bender drama.

10: Park Cha Oh-reum from Miss Hammurabi:

Go Ara played the role of Park Cha Oh-reum in Miss Hammurabi who cannot see injustice neither in the court nor outside of court. She is a hard-working prosecutor who knows how to handle bullies.

11: Han Se-gye from The Beauty Inside:

This is a 2018 Korean drama and Seo Hyun-jin played the role of Han Se-gye. She is top actress but always in rumors. She changes her personality throughout the drama and the surprising thing is sometimes she changes into a child or into a man. She stands against bullies and injustice.

12: Cha A-Ryeong from The Player:

Krystal played the role of Cha A-Ryeong who is perfect in riding. She is not only pretty but also a great team member in the Korean drama The Player. The Player is about a team who works against the corruption of rich people but they are con artists. There is a big twist that reveals with time.

13: Lee Hye-yeong from Father is Strange:

Lee Yoo-ri as Lee Hye-yeong is one of the strong female leads in Korean dramas. She is stylish and elder in her siblings. She knows how to handle breakups and shrewd in-laws. She knows how to be successful in her career and support her family. She is one of the strong female lead indeed.

14: Do Bong-soon from Strong Girl Bong-soon:

Do Bong-soon is a strong woman physically but she is also a savage queen. One of the most memorable strong female lead in Korean Drama is Do Bong-soon played by Park Bo-young. She knows how to protect the people she loves and she knows how to treat bullies and villains.

15: Jung Saet-byul from Backstreet Rookie:

Kim Yoo-jung played the role of Jung Saet-byul. She looks innocent and pretty but she knows that no one should tolerate bullies. She knows how to protect her lover and friends. She is loyal and a strong female lead in Korean drama.

16: Go Hae-ri from Vagabond:

Bae Suzy played the role of Go Hae-ri who is a secret agent. She acts cool and normal but she can do wonders in her missions. Vagabond is an action thriller Korean drama that reveals a big conspiracy and fans are waiting for its second season.

17: Search WWW:

  • Im Soo-jung as Bae Ta-mi (Tammy)
  • Lee Da-hee as Cha Hyeon (Scarlett)
  • Jeon Hye-jin as Song Ga-kyeong

This Korean drama has three strong female leads. the story revolves around three women who are in their thirties and work in a web portal companies.The story is about getting justice and not tolerate bullies.

18: Jung Tae-eul from King Eternal Monarch:

Jung Tae-eul is a brave police officer who knows how to handle the crimes with perfection. Her love life messed up when she falls in love with a man from other world but she does not loses her senses. She tries to settle everything.

19: Jo Kang-ja from Angry Mom:

Kim Hee-sun played the role of Jo Kang-ja/Jo Bang-wool who enrols in school to face the bullies. She gives some kicks and punches to bullies and deals with them to help her daughter and other students at school.

20: Ha Jae-yi from Lawless Lawyer:

Seo Yea-ji played the role of Ha Jae-yi. This is a thriller Korean drama and Ha Jae-yi is one of the strong female leads in Korean dramas. She is suspended for assaulting a judge.

21: Jang Ha-ri from Mad Dog:

Ryu Hwa-young played the role of Jang Ha-ri / Player Jang who solves cases along with her company Mad Dog. She not only has a sexy body but also an intelligent brain.

22: Jung Geum-ja from Hyena:

Kim Hye-soo as Jung Geum-ja played the role of a lawyer who wants to win every case by hook or by crook. She has forgotten her past love that makes her weak but she remembers why she has chosen this difficult path.

23: Gil Ra-im from Secret Garden:

Han Ji-won played the role of Gil Ra-im in the Korean drama Secret Garden. She is one of the strong female leads in Korean dramas as she is a stunt woman. She is not only physically strong but also an intelligent woman. She knows how to handle arrogant rich people.

24: Kim Bok-joo from Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok-Joo:

When we talk about strong female leads in Korean dramas we cannot forget Kim bok- joo who can lift heavyweights. She is soft from the heart but is strong enough to break your bones. She is definitely one of our favourite female leads.

25: Hong Cha-Young from Vincenzo :

Vincenzo became the talk of the town because of its wonderful characters and the same goes for Cha-young. She is a corrupt lawyer but after the death of her father, she fights for justice. She is smart, intelligent and a beautiful woman. Her character is definitely one of the strong female leads in Korean dramas.

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