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11 Strong Stranger Things Characters in Season 4

ByNaz khaliq

Jun 1, 2022
stranger Things characters
strong stranger things characters

Before putting forth a list of strong Stranger Things characters in season 4, we know fans want to see Will as a strong character again and many are also disappointed with the character of Erica in season 4. Stranger Things season 4 brought so many new characters and some of these characters became everyone’s favourite. However to progress the story, sometimes some characters overpower the others.

The characters like Chrissy (the first victim of the monster) and Argyle (the cool dude) also won our hearts but here we are sharing some of the strong Stranger Things characters in season 4. We tried our best to put their strong and weak characteristics to understand them better. We appreciate especially those characters who are standing strong despite not having supernatural abilities (most of the characters). Previous Seasons: Netflix Stranger Things: Top 7 favourite characters

8: Eddie Munsen:

strong stranger things characters

People are in love with the character of Eddie. He enters the Stranger Things season 4 with a devilish appearance but he is a good person (at least until now). Eddie has a club where they read all about cults and devils and people think he is crazy along with his club members. When Eddie is blamed for the death of high school girl Chrissy, he is shocked and runs away.

He believes no one is going to believe him about how she died (ofcourse people still do not know what is happening in Hawkins). However, we started loving the character of Eddie when he goes into the upside world and tries to help the other members. We hope to see more of him in the next part of season 4 of Stranger Things. Right now, we are loving him for his cool personality and need to see more. Eddie turns our everyone’s favourite character in season 4 as he has that persona but hoping to see his stronger side in the next part of season 4.

7: Nancy Wheeler:

strong stranger things characters

Nancy is our nerd, the one girl who stays late at night to study and uses her knowledge to save humans. Nancy is a hardworking person and she solves many things with her techniques and knowledge. We cannot underestimate the character of Nancy because, amidst all, she is the one who can notice the details and help others out. We hope she will fight back and save herself from Vecna and she will stand strong against him as Max did. We trust your abilities Nancy and hope to see you back with your friends.

6: Joyce Bayers and Murray Bauman:

strong stranger things characters

Joyce Won our hearts with her powerful character in the previous seasons when she did everything to save her son Will. In this season, she wins our hearts for her efforts to find out every one favourite Jim Hopper. The whole journey was full of risks when she trusted a person that she should not and along with Murray, she finally finds out about Hopper. Murray helped so much in the previous seasons and in this season, he won our hearts and we believe he is definitely an underappreciated character. Without his assistance, Joyce would never find Hopper.

5: Jim Hopper and Dmitri:

strong stranger things characters

Who can stop loving Jim Hopper? Fans were dejected when they felt Hopper has died (though many knew he cannot when they announced a new season). The struggle and efforts of Hopper to come out of the Jail cannot be ignored. He went through a lot and was the only character who suffered so much. He has gone through mental and physical torture but did not lose himself.

Dmitri is a new character in season 4 and he played a vital role in Hopper’s life. He is one of the major Stranger Things characters, we hate and love him at the same time. We love Jim Hopper and hope to see him much stronger in the next part. Jim is always one of our strong Stranger Things characters.

4: Steve Harrington, Robin Buckley and Dustin Henderson:

strong stranger things characters

We love Steve from the previous seasons and we love him even more. Steve is a great caring friend who stands by his friends’ side. We love his bonding with Robin and they are BFFs. Robin is our love, without her, there would be no fun in the show. Dustin wins our hearts in every season and it is the same in season 4 of Stranger Things. Without Dustin’s initiative, no one can think to save Hawkins, he is the first one who wants to save everything. Steve, Dustin and Robin are standing strong in the list of our favourite Stranger Things characters and we need to protect this trio at any cost.

3: Eleven:

strong stranger things characters

No one can doubt the strength of Eleven. The only complaint that we have in this season is, that even Eleven lost her powers, she should not lose her confidence. We can understand the pain of losing her powers and her father but still, she is a grown-up girl. It seems if she does not have supernatural powers, she cannot do anything in her life. However, this does not stop us from admiring her effort to save humans from danger though she wants to get her power back so that she would feel confident again. However, her struggle and effort to fight against 001 in the lab make her on the list of our strong Stranger Things characters.

2: Peter Ballard aka 001:

strong stranger things characters

Peter Ballard or 001 is one of our strong Stranger Things characters. We appreciate the efforts of team Stranger Things to show more of him other than that he is Vecna. There are a lot of mysteries hidden in his characters and if you did not watch the show until now, there are spoiler alerts for you. We see him as a human with abilities who turns his abilities into supernatural powers and then we see him as a human who believes power can destroy anything and turns himself into a monster. 001 has become one of our favourite Stranger Things characters for so many reasons.

1: Max Mayfield:

strong stranger things characters

This season definitely brought out the best from Sadie Sink who played the character of Max Mayfield. Max’s character was introduced in the previous season and she was a fun-loving girl who was enjoying her life. After the death of his brother Billy, she sank into depression. She stopped hanging out and mingling with friends. After Vecna (our villain) tries to take over her, she decides to fight back. We see an urge in her to live life and she comes out as the strongest person.

There is no doubt that Max’s friends help to save her from Vecna but more than that, it is her will and strongest personality that she comes back. Max became one of our strong Stranger Things characters of all seasons and Sadie is getting praises from all over the world for her performance.

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