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Superpower Girl|Asian Horror Short Film |Review

by Naz khaliq
image of Superpower girl an Asian short film
Superpower girl an Asian horror short film

Disclaimer: Superpower Girl short film is horror but more than that it is disturbing and can make you uncomfortable. It is an Asian horror film. It has scenes that can disturb the peace of your mind. However, if you like horror plus freaky, creepy genre, then it is a good one.

Superpower Girl is an Asian horror short film presented by ALTER available on youtube. Their channel has so many horror short films.

Superpower Girl is a short film that is based on bullying and unfair treatment from teachers. This is a common theme of many Asian movies or dramas and honestly bullying just disturbs me on another level.

The short film revolves around two girls, one is weak and get bullied while the other one wants to get high marks and does everything for it. For this reason, she gets appreciation.

Mina is a hardworking student who can awake for the whole night to prepare for exams and get high ranks. The teacher appreciates her well and once she also motivates Juri who is a timid girl. Juri is a girl who is often gets bullied and she is the opposite of Mina.

The female teacher motivates her that she should try to maintain eye contact, Juri does so and she gives a present to the teacher because she motivated her. However, we come to know that a female teacher is a selfish person who throws her present into the dustbin. Later, Juri tries to maintain eye contact with the teacher in the hope that she will look towards her, however, the teacher ignores her.

But Mina looks at her and she starts feeling uncomfortable, later she is unable to close her eyes. While Mina starts suffering because of her eyes as she cannot close them now, Juri starts getting famous because she can do things that others cannot. Everyone starts calling her “Superpower Girl”. Juri can stitch a lot of clothes with flash speed and she seems an expert in stitching.

While she starts enjoying some respect or appreciation, the female teacher’s insensitive remark again provokes the bullying.

At the end of this Asian horror film, we see Mina with black glasses and she comes to school. On the other side, Juri is disturbed and both hands are covered with strips. Her classmates find her suspicious, weird and creepy and they try to harm her.

Mina arrives, saves her and takes her upstairs. She asks her to help her as she is Superpower Girl. When the whole class arrives at the end of the Short Film, they start shrieking.

The sight is, Mina is hugging Juri and her eyes are stitched with thread, Juri is calmly stitching her hands with needle and thread. There is blood on Mina and Juri’s faces and hands.


The female teacher’s dead body is lying there along with two other girls. The female teacher’s mouth is stitched and the two girls are stitched with each other.

Overall this horror film is more creepy than horror, I mean they put the horror in a creepy sense.

My assumptions are maybe Juri really had superpowers that when Mina looked at her in the classroom, she was unable to close her eyes after that. Juri has the talent of sewing and stitching and when the teacher made insensitive remarks, she found the best solution for that and sewed her mouth. The two classmates who never cared that she exists and usually run over her, she sewed them both with each other.

In the end, Mina seems dead but before that she thanks Juri that she helped her to close her eyes (by stitching). Moreover, in a way, Juri also helped the teacher by closing her mouth (by stitching) so that she will not make insensitive remarks again.

Overall the content of this horror short film is good and it is good thing to watch but not at night. The actress who is in the lead role is Lee Yoo-Mi who played prominent roles in the recent hit Kdramas Squid Games and All of Us are Dead.

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