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Sweetest Poison|Words on Love|Poetry

Sweetest Poison is about those emotions and feelings that someone encounter with, when put a step in this danger zone.


By Naz Khaliq

Often, I heard about this emotion called love,

From far, it seemed to me the healing of scars,

I took a chance and entered in this fantasy world,

I found it dark dungeon with full of lust,

No comfort, no peace I found,

With every fight, I felt drowned,

Love is the miracle, they all say,

Yes it is, it can destroy you but compel you to stay,

The sweetest thing, they say,

Yes, the sweetest poison to decay,

You cannot make someone stay,

You are my life, how many times u would say,

Not everyone feels this emotion,

Not everyone can find its solution,

Love is definitely a game,

It can never bring you respect, it is the matter of shame.

Note: The poem “Sweetest Poison” is the property of Naz Khaliq and All rights reserved.

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