Top 4 Teacher Student Love Chinese dramas

Before listing our Teacher student love Chinese dramas we want to tell you that it is taboo for many countries to officially accept teacher and students romance. In fact, it is a crime and they can be expelled from college or university after their truth is out. However, there are many dramas across the world showing teacher and students romance. Here are some Chinese dramas about Teacher Student love that you can watch if you love this concept.

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1: Mr Perfect and Miss Casual (2020):

This is one of the Teacher Student Love Chinese dramas between professor Zhang Si Nian and a student Yun Shu. The professor is a rigid and cold person and on the other side, Yun Shu is a shiny girl. At the first meeting, she does not know that Nian is her professor. She is surprised to see him in university as her lecturer. Destiny makes them sign a marriage contract together. They gradually fell in love with each other but it is quite a challenge to hide their relationship from other students at the university. This teacher and students romance drama has 24 episodes. Perfect and Casual cast includes Wei Zhe Ming and Xu Ruo Han in lead roles.

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2: One and Another Him (2018):

This is the love story of a student Lin Yuan who loves her math teacher. However, her heart is broken and she tries to move on from her friends and past lover. With the passage of time, she learns to let go of past memories. Until she meets another handsome math teacher Xiao En. There are some secrets hidden in his life. Yuan is attracted to Xiao and it is the same as she used to feel in her school time. There are lots of similarities in her present and past love. This love story between teacher and student has 24 episodes. One and Another Him cast includes Xiong Ziqi and Zhang Zifeng in lead roles.

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3: Hello Mr Right (2016):

A 17 years old girl meets a man who is elder than her. Their first meeting ends with lots of confusion. whenever they meet, they face bad luck. The girl gets s surprise when she attends the class. She comes to know that the man she met previously is actually her class advisor. After lots of confusion, the teacher helps her to get the right direction in life. This love story between teacher and student has 24 episodes. Hello Mr Right cast includes Lee Dong-gun and Guan Xiaotong in lead roles.

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4: Somewhere Only We Know (2019):

The story revolves around a PHD candidate who catches a student during exams. He later becomes her substitute teacher and makes her study late at hours. He tries to make her a better person and a hardworking student. The female student hates him for giving her so much trouble. Eventually, she comes to know about his true nature and falls in love with him. This love story between teacher and student has 24 episodes. Somewhere Only We Know cast includes Juck Zhang and Li Ting Ting in lead roles.

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