Teeli Superheroes: A Web Series| On women role in Society| for Society

Teeli Superheroes is a Pakistani Web Series by Teeli channel and is about women and women’s roles in society. In my opinion, it is on women and for society particularly men and those women who sustain the idea of “I could not get my rights, I could not be happy in my life, so I will make this woman life hell too”.

We have admired superheroes in movies and we idealize them in real life too. However, in real life, we forget to see them around us. When it comes to real-life superheroes, we do not have any interest to appreciate their efforts.

Women are always marginalized especially when it comes to appreciation regarding their roles even as “homemaker”. Mostly men are not interested in appreciating all the house chores a woman does from morning to night. Teeli Superheroes give us hope to understand the women’s role in having a huge contribution to social development.

Teeli Superheroes focus on different women. One that is a “homemaker” and I love this word that they used in this Web Series. Where it is always hard for women who do strenuous effort to make a home a better place, in society, there is no proper word for them. Their hard work always goes in vain when at the end of the day they have to listen to what you do all day.

However Teeli Superheroes focuses on this fact that women who live in their houses, they have to do lots of work and they are equally important.

Then there are women who do work from their houses, like to make food and sell them, or to make dresses and different kinds of things. This woman (Zeenat) depicts that category of women who prepare food at home, then go out to sell them. Some women also make stalls somewhere and sell it and some sell from house to house.

Then there are working ladies who work in offices, but they have to take care of their houses too. They remain anxious about their children. One lady (Amber) that is representing those women has to leave her child to her mother and it is so true.

Women around me are dependent on their mothers even after marriage, many times they have to hold their child to them. If their mother-in-law is cooperative, then they have to leave their children to them but they remain anxious about them. After coming home, they have to take care of their house and their children. https://dribblingthoughts.com/powerful-women/

The women who are working in the entertainment industry, society expect certain kinds of things from them. Teeli superheroes highlight one important thing that if male actors are asked about their characters in the movies, why mostly the questions that are asked to female actors only revolve around their physical appearance.

There are many real-life examples too when female actors are asked about their beauty routine and their costumes and male actors are asked about the action, the effort they put in their respective roles. Some female actors resisted it and took a stand against it too.

Our society restricts women’s roles in society, but they do not admit that women do equally strenuous effort as men do. The whole effort is to sustain a men’s superiority, even in those works where many times men do nothing like in houses. https://dribblingthoughts.com/women-rights-stop-mis-using-religion/

Where sometimes they openly declare, my work is only to earn. What is happening in the house, or with children it is your responsibility. Sometimes they deny to even listen to the problems of their wives and shut them out by saying that I already have listened all day, now do not disturb me.

Where if some woman is working in the office, she is also fulfilling her duties as a mother and as a wife. If some woman is working outside of the house, she also wants to be a writer and take care of the house too. If some woman is an actress, she has to fulfill her role as a mother, wife, and daughter. If some woman is a homemaker, she also dreams to be a blogger and wants to share her talent. These are represented well in Teeli Superheroes.

I appreciate Team Teeli’s effort that will, of course, consists of male members too that they thought of this idea to represent women and to understand their important roles in every part of society.


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