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16 Top Thai Forced Love Drama and Obsessive Lovers Dramas

by Naz khaliq
Thai forced love drama
Thai forced love drama

Thai dramas/ Lakorn are famous for their revenge series. Thai forced love dramas, obsessive lovers dramas, revenge dramas and forced marriages among couples are quite popular. Although some people criticize this form of love and even they do not consider this forced love as love still it is a popular genre among people.

There are lots of Thai dramas where a man forcefully marries a girl or kidnaps her to take revenge. If you do not like this type of drama, this list is not for you. We also tried our best not to include those Obsessive lovers dramas where a man rapes a woman but still, this list can be disturbing for some people.

1: Kluen Cheewit (2017):

Thai forced love drama

The story of this famous Thai force love and revenge Thai drama revolves around a young girl whose step-father tries to molest her. She gets tired of it and one day tries to escape. Unfortunately, on her way, she hit a girl with her car. The girl is unable to survive. The girl’s fiance vows to take revenge and starts finding proof against the lead girl. Gradually, he realizes that the girl is actually a good human and because of the influence of drugs she hits his fiance. This is one of the popular Thai Revenge dramas.

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2: Hua Jai Sila (2019):

Thai forced love drama

This is one of the popular Thai dramas. Destiny makes a man become a part of the mafia however he is good at heart. He has a childhood friend who he loves but they both are separated. Destiny plays its part to bring them close but the girl initially hates him and they both are unaware of their past. There are lots of love and hate scenes but in the end, they both fall in love. This Thai forced love drama has 17 episodes.

3: Roy Leh Senae Rai (2015):

Thai forced love drama

Roy Leh Senae Rai is one of the Thai revenge dramas where a man marries a girl for money. Kongpop father has betrayed his friend for money in the past. On his deathbed, he feels guilty and transfers all his property to his friend’s daughter. Kongpop comes back from the US and gets furious, he makes the girl fall in love with him.

In the beginning, he does not love her and marries her for money. After marriage, the girl finds out and Kongpop also has no interest in her. However, after she leaves him, he realizes his love for her and tries to get back her trust and love.

4: Leh Ratree (2015):

Thai forced love drama

Leh Ratree is another forced marriage Thai Lakorn where a man sells off his daughter to a man to pay off his debt. The man is good at heart and gradually falls in love with her. His ex-wife returns back to win him over. There are lots of forced kisses and hugs in the drama and it is considered one of the best Thai forced marriage dramas.

5: Game Rai Game Rak (Land of Obsession) (2011):

Thai forced love drama

This revenge drama is about a man who lives on an Island. One day, he finds a girl lying unconscious on the beach. He brings her to his home. His whole family and villagers take care of that girl. She gets healthy but she does not remember about her life. They both fell in love and married. However, the girl’s family who is very rich finds her and brings her back. The girl regains her memory and does not believe that she has married a simple guy. The man reaches her place to teach her a lesson but also to make her realize his love.

6: Karn La Krang Neung.. Nai Hua Jai (Once Upon a Time in My Heart) (2016):

Obsessive lover drama

Daneil is the head of a gang. Many years ago he killed his girlfriend due to some reason. He crosses his path with another girl who looks the same as his past girlfriend. He shows his love and affection toward her. The girl initially is afraid of him, but gradually starts loving him.

However, there are lots of threats and their lives are in danger. This Thai forced love drama is a crime romance thriller and it is one of the best Thai forced love dramas.

7: Tra Barb See Chompoo (I Love You, I Hate You) (2018):

Thai forced love drama

The story of this Thai forced love drama revolves around Patsakorn who takes out his anger on Kangsadan. He has some problems with his father and family and he takes it out on a girl. Kangsadan falls in love with her and even though he also loves her in anger, he always humiliates her. The number of episodes of this Thai revenge drama is 24.

8: Sanaeha Sunya Kaen (Bitter Sweet Promise of Love) (2014):

Thai forced love dramas

The story of this Thai forced love drama revolves around a man whose wife gets killed in an accident by another woman. The man promises to take revenge on his dead wife whom he loved. He traps the woman by signing a contract with her and makes her life every day, although the accident was by mistake. This Thai drama has 15 episodes.

9: Raeng Tawan (The Burning Sun) (2016):

Thai forced love drama

Suriyen vows to take revenge on his elder sister. Tarntawan’s elder brother is accused of the murder of Suriyen sister. After returning from abroad, Suriyen believes that Tarntawan is evil and she is trying to hide his brother’s crime. He vows to take revenge on the whole family. This is a Thai revenge drama based on the love and hate relationship of the main leads. This Thai forced love drama has 14 episodes.

10: Game Sanaeha (2018):

Thai forced love drama

The story of this forced marriage Thai lakorn revolves around a girl Nok, whose parents commit adultery and get a divorce. They both continue with their flirting and affairs. She becomes obsessive about getting back to her parents. Her broken family make her a bad person. She is forced to get married to a distant relative Nai and pretend to love him. She does not want him to be a part of her family. Gradually Nai makes her realize that she is not a bad person and his love gives her direction in her life. This is one of the best Thai forced marriage dramas

11: So Wayree (2020):

Thai forced love drama

This Thai forced love drama is about a couple who has a one-night stand by mistake. Their families are enemies and so they are. After this one-night stand, the girl goes out of the country and comes back with twins. She lies to everyone that these kids are her cousins. The couple meets again and their love and hate relationship starts.

12: Ra Raernd Fai (2017):

Thai forced love drama

The story of this Thai forced love drama is about Chakrit who wants revenge on his father. His father was wrongly accused and put into jail by Yada’s family. He starts taking his revenge by pretending to be married to Yada’s sister but leaves her on the wedding day. Yada’s family is humiliated and she wants revenge on the man who left her sister. They both start a series of revenge and try their best to defeat the other.

13: Nabi, My Stepdarling (2021):

Thai forced love dramas

The story is about a married couple Pichet and Waree. Pichet has an assistant whom he trusts a lot but Waree’s sister who wants to marry Pichet puts suspicion of the assistant Sirin in Waree’s mind. Waree thinks Pichet and Sirin have an affair. One day, Waree is found dead while Siring goes missing. Sirin’s sister Nabi starts searching for her while working in her place for Pichet. Pichet’s son Kawin falls in love with Nabi but she rejects him. Kawing starts having doubts that maybe she wants to marry his father. Jealousy takes over him and a love and hate relationship starts between them. This Thai forced love drama has 22 episodes.

14: Jao Sao Jamloei (2022):

Thai obsessive lovers dramas

It is forced and contract love Thai drama. The story is about a girl Ingjan who is forced by her family to marry an old man to pay off the debt. Ingjan somehow escapes from the wedding and meets Sichon who wants her to marry him. A contract is signed which is about to last for one year. Sichon is not actually as nice as it seems. This marriage also becomes a challenge for Ingjan which starts from hate. The drama has 17 episodes.

15: Wong Wien Hua Jai (2021):

Thai obsessive love dramas

After going through heartbreak as Bow’s boyfriend cheats on her with a girl Vithinee, Bow gets drunk and stuck into criminals. Tos saves Bow who is also the brother of Vithiness. Bow has no idea what happened that night and Tos use this opportunity and lie to Bow’s father that they both slept. Tos does this in order to protect her sister’s happiness so that Bow will not return to her boyfriend (who his sister also loves). This is an unhappy and forced marriage for Bow who unwillingly accepts the marriage but does not like Tos in the beginning. This forced marriage Thai lakorn has 18 episodes.

16: Irresistible (2021):

Thai forced love dramas

This is one of the Thai revenge dramas where a couple’s happiness is destroyed after a family tragedy. Kimhan sister and Mookarin’s brother are married while they are happily engaged. Kimhan’s sister is found dead and Mookarin’s brother is found guilty of it, however after Mookarin gives her statement in favour of her brother, the incident is declared an accident. Kimhan decides to take revenge as he believes that Mookarin brother (his sister’s husband) killed his sister.

He starts plotting against them and causes lots of harm to Mookarin family. They both resist their love and the whole relationship is now based on jealousy, hate and revenge. The drama has 22 episodes.

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