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The Stranger/It’s not what it seems in the beginning/ Spoilers and Review

by Naz khaliq
The Stranger
The Stranger

The Stranger is the recent Netflix drama that I binged watched last night. Maybe I would not watch it in one row. However I was curious about what will happen next and it also has only eight episodes, so I just finished it.

This is a book adaptation and here this site tells us about the difference between the book and the drama https://screenrant.com/the-stranger-differences-book-netflix-show/

However, what I thought at the start it was not at all. All the incidents that were taking place, I thought it would be because of something magnificent or something passionate or extreme. However, it was not.

Here is the quick summary of the drama. (Do not worry, you can still watch it, as there are lots of things that can hook you up.

  • The Stranger is about a family and everything seems to be related to them. Although there are some minor incidents too but still.
  • There is a family happily living, suddenly one day a stranger comes to the husband (Adam) and reveals a secret. This upset the man’s life and everything starts shattering. Later his wife goes missing and no one knows about her whereabouts.
  • Police find a Llama at someplace and his head is cut off from his body and it is missing.
  • They show a boy running for help and then the boy fell unconscious and then goes in a coma. His classmates seem to hide a secret.
  • Adam is a lawyer and he is fighting a case of an ex-police officer and that man also seems to be hiding some secrets. Later Adam finds that he is fighting the case against his father who is a businessman and wants the house of the policeman.
  • The same stranger blackmails a lady, reveals the secret of her daughter and she is murdered later.
  • The stranger goes to Adam’s father and reveals a secret again about his daughter that he has no idea about.

The Stranger
Netflix The Stranger

What I expected from the events in ‘The Stranger’ and what it turned:

If you do not want spoilers of The Stranger, do not read further.

  • They showed a group of children listening to music and dancing around the fire. It seems they are under the effect of drugs. Then they show a boy running naked in the woods.
  • I thought it is something like Lord of the Flies or these all are performing some devil ritual. When they show Llama, I thought it is associated with that ritual. Although it is later it turned out an ordinary thing.
  • They showed the wife of Adam hiding a secret, I thought again it is relating to some secret agency or some secret group. She was hiding and the secret was she was faking her pregnancy in the past and later pretended that she had miscarried.
  • I thought it is related to again some occult as she said, you do not Adam, there is more than this and all. However, what is more in that, all she did was to grab the attention of Adam towards her. I know it is a good thing, but it was not something shocking.:p
  • The ex-police officer turns out to be this stranger’s father. I thought so the whole game is of this man. They are using people and destroying their life. But na, it was simple. The man’s wife left him (later revealed, he killed her) and the daughter later left her father.
  • The only surprising secret was this stranger turns out to be Adam’s sister, as the stranger’s mother was having an affair with Adam’s Father.
  • The woman who the stranger was blackmailing for her daughter killed by another police officer. Later it turned out that he was working for a man who was involved with this woman’s daughter.
  • The group of boys and girls who were hiding secrets turn out that they were hiding the fact that they were having drugs. The boy who was running naked tried to seduce a girl but the girl tricked him and left him naked by taking his clothes. He fell off accidentally.
  • Adam’s wife was missing and he starts searching for her like a good husband. I thought as her secret is revealed, so that secret agency has picked her up. However, it was nothing like that.

In the end, everything was turned out so simple, although I liked the drama it was simple and not complicated like I thought.

  • In the end, Adam’s wife found dead, that was sad as their boys were waiting for her anxiously all this time. However, there was nothing like big. Her neighbor killed and buried her. The reason is, he stole a large amount of money from the football club and she found that.

He tried to make her understand but she was threatening to tell the police and other people so he killed her.

Do not worry the ending is satisfactory in the sense that no one is feeling unhappy and it is a good drama to watch.

What was missing in ‘The Stranger’:

I know there are lots of things, in fact, everything that is related to every secret and incident that disappoints me. I know mystery shows should be like where no one can guess what it will turn out. However, it should be like, simply turn in to complicated and something shocking and not like, shocking turn in to oh, its nothing.

Besides this, I wanted to see more secrets revealed. I wanted to see more about the working of a stranger. It would be more interesting if they would focus more on the stranger. Although they showed that all the bad incidents started when the stranger started revealing secrets. However, it does not seems like this.

I wish they will make season 2 and focus more on stranger played by Hannah John-Kamen. It will be interesting to see how she further reveals people secretly. (especially the bad ones)

Although it is horrifying as her friend and she steals people’s data by hacking everything associated with them. However, it would be interesting and we can also see what not to do online.

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