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The Villainess/Femme Fatale; Aknyeo |3 reasons to watch this South Korean Movie

by Naz khaliq
Korean movie
The Villainess, South Korean movie

The Villainess is a South Korean movie, it was released in 2017 and also known as Femme Fatale; Aknyeo. The Villainess is Korean Suspense thriller movie.

The Villainess main cast includes Kim Ok Bin as Sook Hee who later changes her identity and becomes Yeon Soo. Shin Ha Kyun as Jhoong Sang and Sung Joon as Jung Hyun Soo.

Here are some of the reasons why The Villainess is a must watch:

1) The Villainess is an action-packed film:

The movie begins with the action scene and it continues almost for 10-12 minutes and then we meet the hero of our movie that is a girl. The scene has strong visuals. There are so many action scenes and everything is well-executed. The female protagonist does not disappoint us in any way and neither does the conspiracies. Apart from her, the supporting casts have done their job remarkably.

The Villainess, Korean movie
Sook Hee and her husband Joong Sang

2) Strong female lead in The Villainess:

If you are a fan of the strong female-oriented film (like me), then this movie is a must-watch for you. It will not disappoint you in any way. Sook-Hee who we see at the beginning of the movie doing all the action scenes and kill everyone that comes in our way. However, some agency catches her and put her in prison. They did surgery on her face and do some minor changes but change her looks.

Then when she comes to know in the prison that she is pregnant, it seems now she will turn into a weak person, however, she comes back as a strong person who has to continue assassination for ten years. The agency makes a contract that if she wants to live a normal life with her daughter, she has to live 10 years working for them as they say.

Sook-Hee is an ordinary girl once whose father got killed by someone in her childhood. The men were after some precious pearls that her father had. However, someone saved her life and she started living for that person. She fell in love with him but she also lost him after their wedding.

However, she again meets someone and fell in love with him. They both dream to live a normal life but it is not that simple. The man also works for the agency but Sook-Hee has no idea about it.

3) Suspense Thriller The Villainess:

  • From the beginning, curiosity and suspense emerge in many ways in The Villainess.
  • Who is Sook Hee, why she is killing so many people?
  • Who kidnaps her, keeps her as a secret and also does surgery on her face? Are they are the well-wisher of Sook-Hee or they want to fulfill their mission through her?
 The Villainess, Korean movie
Sook Hee and Jung Hyun
  • Is the man she meets after leaving the agency really love her or he is using her?
  • Is her husband really dead? And who killed her father?

(I am not giving you answers, as I want you to watch the movie)

Consider yourself dead and live for me said by Sook-Hee’s husband, so can you guess without watching the movie, what he is meant by it?

Weak points of The Villainess:

For me there is none but it is not for those people who do not like to watch the bloodshed.

I really loved the movie The Villainess mainly for two reasons, firstly it has a strong female lead that is my priority, second, it has a strong plot and suspense. I always look forward to suspense in any movie and drama. I did not reveal the secrets and I am recommending this to you. Believe me, this movie will not disappoint you in any way other than that some love stories are not meant to be fulfilled. Available on http://KissAsian.com

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