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10 Top 2021 Chinese Dramas List that You Need to Rewatch

ByNaz khaliq

Jan 7, 2022
2021 Chinese dramas
2021 Chinese dramas

2021 remained a rollercoaster for Chinese dramas. Here is the top 2021 Chinese dramas list that you should not miss. These 2021 Chinese dramas are from every genre.

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1: Word of Honor:

2021 Chinese dramas

Zhou Zi Shu is the leader of an assassin organization. He wants to leave the organization, disguise himself and enter the martial arts world. After some time, he meets Wen Ke, who immediately notices that Zhou is living a fake life. They join hands against a conspiracy on a national level. This is historical Chinese drama 2021. (Watch here)

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2: To Fly With You:

2021 Chinese dramas

This is one of the sports and youth-based top 2021 Chinese dramas. The story is about a girl who has a passion for Ice skating. She tries her best to get enrolled in a Sports club. She faces lots of challenges. This is one of the best 2021 Chinese dramas where you can see lots of scenes of sports. (Watch here)

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3: One and Only:

2021 Chinese dramas

One and Only is one of the political historical 2021 Chinese dramas. The story is about a general and a mute young noblewoman. Despite having differences, they soon develop a strong bond. The drama has 24 episodes and it is adapted from a novel with the name ‘ One Life, One Incarnation-Beautiful Bones’. (Watch here)

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4: Crush:

2021 Chinese dramas

The story of this 2021 Chinese drama is about a girl Sang Wu Yan who wants to become a broadcaster. She likes a mysterious songwriter. She fell in love with Su Nian at first sight but discovers that he is visually impaired. Gradually she discovers that he is the same songwriter that she has a crush on. The drama has 24 episodes and it is a Chinese youth romance drama. (Watch here)

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5: Douluo Continent:

2021 Chinese dramas

This is one of the historical Chinese dramas 2021. The story is based on great soul masters. Tang San is sent to an academy to be a great soul master. There he finds a companion in the form of an orphan and they begin their journey of cultivation.

Gradually, they find more people like them and they make a strong group. Their skills are admired by great masters but soon many of them are affected by their greed for power. The drama has 40 episodes and it is adapted from a novel.

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6: A River Runs Through It:

2021 Chinese dramas

The story focuses on the life of Xia Xiao who unexpectedly transfers to a new school and also moves to a new neighbourhood. At first, she faces lots of difficulties but gradually makes a lot of friends. She takes the entrance exams with her friends and gets admission to the university. However, she is heartbroken after realizing that the boy she always loved, like someone else. This is one of the school based Chinese 2021 dramas. (Watch here)

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7: You Are My Glory:

2021 Chinese dramas

You are My Glory is one of the top 2021 Chinese dramas. The genre is rom-com. Qiao Jing has to prove herself as a perfectionist in front of everyone. She is the ambassador of online games but after one of her videos is leaked in which she is a failure in the game, her image is shattered.

Now, she has to prove herself and to do this, she takes part in a game competition In a competition of the online game, she meets her old school friend who is now a competent engineer and their love story starts. The drama has 32 episodes. (Watch here)

8: The Psychologist:

2021 Chinese dramas

He Dun is a psychologist and her career is ruined due to feedback on a suicide issue. She meets Qian Kai accidentally who host a radio broadcast on emotional issues. They collaborate in the show where they handle the emotional issues of people. Their show gains so much popularity. He Dun is still stressed because of lots of things and her sleeping disorder returns. This Chinese 2021 drama has 40 episodes. (Watch here)

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9: Flourish In Time:

2021 Chinese dramas

The story focuses on the lives of two childhood friends who grew up like siblings. The girl protects the boy against bullies and the boy helps her in her studies. After entering high school, the girl realizes her love for the guy and soon the boy also realizes his love feeling for her. This is another school Chinese dramas of 2021. (Watch here)

10: Our Secret :

2021 Chinese dramas

Our Secret is one of the school 2021 Chinese dramas. The drama is based on the lives of two young people who meet in school. Zhou rules over campus and Ding Xian is his classmate. Their relationship starts with so many differences but eventually, they fell into love. The drama is about their dreams and passion for their career and also about their love life. Our Secret has 24 episodes. (Watch here)

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