Netflix Stranger Things: Top 7 favourite characters

Who do not love the Stranger Things and there are so many characters in Stranger Things that it is so hard to choose one. It is even not bad if you choose more than one as there are so many strong and lovable characters. Stranger Things is a science fiction horror drama that has superpowers and a mysterious horrendous place.

Here are our top 7 favourite characters of Stranger Things:


Dustin is one of the four friends who are curious about making innovations and doing discoveries. Right after he discovers a lizard type animal, his urge to become famous by making discoveries increase. He takes care of that creepy animal and tries to befriend with it. Later when that animal turns out a monster, he still cares for it.

His biggest revelation is making a technology that can catch sound waves and through it, he is able to uncover the biggest conspiracy. The latest season of Stranger Things definitely belongs to him. The character of Dustin is played by  Gaten Matarazzo who has also acted in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and in Les Misérables.

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This powerful role is played by Millie Bobby Brown. There is no one who can stop admiring Eleven as she is the most powerful girl of Stranger Things with her supernatural abilities. We love Eleven for her innocence too. Although in the third season, due to the romantic scenes of her with Mike, we could not see her much as a powerful girl. Millie is a British actress and she also got a nomination for her role in Stranger Things.

Bob Newby:

He may be there for a short while, but this man won our heart with his love for Joyce and even for her kids and later broke our hearts by sacrificing his life. He gives strength to Will (the son of Joyce) to overcome his fear and tries to make him feel better. He believes in Joyce about the upside world and he sacrifices his life to save other people from monsters of the upside world. There are cute romantic moments of Bob and Joyce and we will surely miss him in next season of Stranger Things.

Jim Hopper:

Jim Hopper is the person who loves his town and can sacrifice his life for it. Either it’s his concern for his town or for Eleven, he is remarkable. From a fatherly figure to Eleven and the good friend of Joyce, Jim Hopper is on our favourite list.

His attempt to sacrifice his life in the latest season of Stranger Things shows his loyalty for his people. He cares for Eleven and tries to make her learn many things so that she would grow into a normal human like others. His jealousy and concern when Eleven and Neil spend time with each other, give us cute fatherly moments. He fulfils his duties not as a cop but also as a father and as a friend.

Joyce Byers:

In the beginning of Stranger Things, Joyce seems to be a typical mother, however, with each episode it proves that this mother is not someone who just sit, cries and wait for some miracle. Joyce is a single mother who works hard for her family and has great concern for her children. When her son Will is lost, she tries her best to get him back. She even visits the upside world that is a scary place and not for some weak heart person to visit, however for her son, she goes there. Later when her son comes back, she still stands by his side and supports him.


Dr Alexie has also played a minor role but this role won our hearts. Even his dialogues were not much and that was too in another language. But his smile and innocent face made him on our favourite list. Instead of having different nationality, he tries to co-operate with Joyce and Hopper.


Priah Ferguson played the role of Erica in the Stranger Things. She is not in season 1 but in season 2 we got the idea that this little girl will be our favourite character. The season 3 of Stranger Things would be incomplete without Erica and we hope to see her more in the upcoming season. You cannot ignore her favourite dialogue “You cannot spell America without Erica”, that’s how much she loves to praise herself.


What are your favourite character from Stranger Things?

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