37 Best Hum Tv Dramas List for Pakistani Dramas Fans

Hum Tv is one of the most famous Pakistani entertainment channels across the world. Hum tv dramas are the first option that people look for. We have hum tv dramas list that you should definitely. This hum drama list is a must for you if you are looking for some good quality content with amazing acting skills. These all hum dramas are worth watching.

1: Parizaad (2021):

Parizaad is a 2021 masterpiece of the Pakistani entertainment industry. The drama story revolves around a young innocent man who tries to fit in this corrupt and evil society. The drama stresses o the fact that every glitter is not gold and we should not judge someone by their physical appearance as appearances are often deceptive. The storyline is interesting and the narration of the story is unique in itself. It is not only the best hum tv drama but also one of the best Pakistani dramas. The Parizaad cast includes Ahmed Ali Akbar who is playing the lead role.

2: Ye Raha Dil (2017):

Ye Raha Dil is a romantic Pakistani drama and the story focuses on two young people. Zaki and Hayat meet each other and becomes friends. However, the circumstances lead them to not accept their feelings. Zaki is engaged to someone else while Hayat reaches his house to stay. Things get complicated when Zaki fiance turns out Hayat step sister. This is another drama hum tv that has an interesting and fresh storyline. Ye Raha Dil cast includes Ahmed Ali Akbar and Yumna Zaidi in lead roles.

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3: Sabaat (2020):

Sabaat story focuses on the life of Hassan, Anaya and Miraal. Miraal is a rich spoiled brat who feel the power in belittling people. Her brother Hassan transforms from a rich egoist person to a more mature person with the help of Anaya. Anaya belongs to a middle-class family who believes in hard work and maintains her self respect. While Hassana and Anaya try their best to food better in their lives, Miraal does everything to destroy their happiness. Sabaat cast includes Sara Khan, Mawra Hocane, Ameer Gilanai and Usman Mukhtar.

4: Zindagi Gulzar Hai (2012):

This is one of the most famous hum tv dramas. Zindagi Gulzar Hai is about hope and passion to pursue dreams. The story revolves around Kashaf who is disappointed with her life because her father is good for nothing. However, the best thing about the drama is she never loses hope and her mother is a big support in her life. She achieves her dreams but remains doubtful about her love life. She gets the happiness of her life with Zaroon. They get happiness in their lives with each other. The Zindagi Gulzar Hai cast includes Fawad Khan, Sanam Saeed and Samina Peerzada in lead roles.

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5: Yaqeen Ka Safar (2017):

Yaqeen Ka Safar is not only a journey of belief but also a journey of constant effort. The story focuses on the life of Zobia who is rejected by society and her character is tarnished several times. She continues her journey of life with constant effort and becomes a successful doctor. The story also pinpoints various issues including forced marriage and domestic violence. This is one of the popular hum dramas that you cannot miss. Yaqeen Ka Safar cast includes Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir in lead roles.

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6: Chupke Chupke (2021):

Chupke Chupke is one of the comedy hum tv dramas. The drama stole everyone heart with an entertaining storyline. every actor did justice to their character. The story revolves around two families who are bound together with blood. The story focuses on their friendship and love relationship as well as their lot of bickering. Chupke Chupke cast includes Aymen Saleem, Arslan Naseer, Osman Khalid Butt and Ayeza Khan in lead roles.

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7: Udaari (2016):

Udaari highlights the serious issue of child abuse. The story is about the struggle of rape victims in Pakistani society where it is not easy to get justice. The story revolves around a female child who is abused by her stepfather. Her mother tries her best to save her further and also get justice. This is one of those Pakistani dramas that handled this sensitive issue carefully. Udaari cast includes Ahsan Khan, Mawra Hocane and Samiya Mumtaz in lead roles.

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8: Saraab (2021):

Saraab highlights the issue of mental illness that is often misunderstood with the effect of supernatural elements. In Pakistan, it is not easy to accept if someone is going through psychological or other mental issues and this hum tv drama depicts it just like that. Although the drama could not get people attention for some reason but the way Sonya Hussyn portrayed the role of a schizophrenic person is remarkable. It also shows that parents behaviour toward their children since childhood can destroy their life. Saraab cast includes Sonya Hussain and Sami Khan in lead roles.

9: Hum Kahan Ke Sachy Thay (2021):

Although the drama is portraying a love triangle just like many other Pakistani dramas. However, what makes this Hum tv drama unique to other dramas is the way they narrated the story. Where the drama feels like a battle to who win or lose in a love triangle, it is more than that.

It is a great lesson for all those parents who compare their children to others. They turn the fragile minds of children into poisons. In this comparison game, they not only ruin other lives but also destroy their children lives. The women characters are stronger than the male and also their brains in the drama. Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay cast includes Mahira Khan, Kubra Khan and Usman Mukhtar in lead roles.

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10: Shehr-e -Zaat (2012):

The story of this hum tv drama revolves around Falak who is a privileged woman. She thinks she can get anything in life. She has a dream man in her mind and when he comes into her life her happiness increases. She thinks she is so pretty that he cannot leave her at any cost. However, the man secretly married another woman who is not pretty like her. Her world is shattered but she gradually understands the world where everything is temporary. This is one of the spiritual hum tv dramas. Shehr e Zaat cast included Mahira Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Mohib Mirza and Samina Peerzada in lead roles.

11: Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (2018):

The story revolves around Noori who is a garbage picker. She dreams of having a better life but ends up marrying a mentally challenged person Bhola. In the beginning, she hates him and tries to find a way to get rid of him. However gradually she understands him and also the reason behind his mental condition. This is one of the highly appreciated hum dramas. Ranjha Ranjha Kardi cast includes Iqra Aziz and Imran Ashraf in lead roles.

12: Mushk (2020):

Mushk storyline confuses many but the dialogues won everyone heart. The story revolves around a girl who has secret marriage and also has a child, a girl who is a thief and a man who rescue these both. It has lots of drama, romance and conspiracies. The drama has so many twists and turns. Mushk cast includes Imran Ashraf, Mawra Hocane and Momal Sheikh in lead roles.

13: Raqs e Bismil (2021):

This is another romantic hum tv drama that won the hearts of millions. The drama story revolves around a man who fell in love with a girl without knowing her background. He tries his best to marry her but she does not agree. His family also intervenes ad even his father throws him out of the house. He roams on the streets and the girl is married to an evil man. Although there are many loopholes in the drama, people love it. The last episode of the drama won everyone’s heart. Raqs e Bismil cast includes Imran Ashraf and Sara Khan in lead roles.

14: O Rangreza (2017):

The story revolves around a girl Sassi who is going through an existential crisis. Her father always insults her mother and has an affair with an actress. Since childhood, she follows her father’s footsteps and does not listen to her mother. A boy who lives in their house loves her but she has big dreams to become an actress. Gradually, her glass world starts shattering ad she is left heartbroken. The drama is underrated but it is really a good hum tv drama. O Rangreza cast includes Sajal Aly, Bilal Abbas and Noman Ijaz in lead roles.

15: Diyar e Dil (2015):

A man (Behroz) loves a woman outside of his cast and his father asks him to leave the house. Years later, their children are forced to marry each other to unite the family. Wali has already made up his mind to marry Farah (the daughter of Behroz). However, Farah does not agree to accept this forced relationship. With the passage of time, they develop affection for each other. The story is about family traditions, the stubbornness of elders and the love of youth. Diyar-e-Dil cast includes Maya Ali, Sanam Saeed, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Abid Ali, Ali Rehman Khan and Osman Khalid butt

16: Ye Dil Mera (2019):

This is one of the romance thriller Hum tv dramas. The drama story revolves around a revenge plan that is executed by Aman. Aman marries Noor who thinks he loves her but this is not the reality. There are lots of secrets buried in the past of Aman as well as in the life of Noor’s father. The Hum tv drama has a fresh concept with lots of mysteries and great acting skills. Ye Dil Mera cast includes Sajal Aly, Ahad Raza Mir, Adnan Sidique and Zarnish Khan in lead roles.

17: Mehram (2014-2015):

The story revolves around a man who is asked to marry his sister in law after his brother died. Hamza respects his sister in law Iqra ut people start suspecting their relation. Hamza father asks him o marry Iqra to shut every one mouth. Iqra finds out after marriage that Hamza loves someone else and asks him o marry her. After marrying to love of his life, she asks Hamza to leave Iqra. After a lot of emotional outbursts and difficulties, they finally find a way to manage everything. Mehram cast includes Zahid Ahmed and Ayesha Khan in lead roles.

18: Dastaan (2010):

Dastaan is one of the best Pakistani dramas that is based on historical events of the Indo-Pak partition in 1947. It focuses on the lives of people before partition, their relationship with each other that they manage amidst all chaos of religious and class differences. This is one of the most heartbreaking hum tv dramas. It narrates the story of those who have lost their loved ones and also dignities during partition. Dastaan cast includes Sanam Baloch, Fawad Khan, Saba Qamar, Ahsan Khan and Mehreen Raheel in pivotal roles.

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19: Gul -e -Rana (2015):

Gul-e-Rana is a story of a girl who is kidnapped and forced to sign a marriage paper by an egoist man Adeel. Adeel is angry with Gul-e-Rana as he thinks himself the best but she rejected his advances many times. After forcefully marrying Gul-e-Rana, he makes her life hell and constantly humiliates her. However, this drama is not on our list because of all this.

Adeel repents in the end and asks forgiveness but Gul-e-Rana decides to move on with her life. Many people used to have issues with the drama ending, but at least a woman should have this much right after so much humiliation. Gul-e- Rana cast includes Sajl Aly and Feroze Khan in lead roles.

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20: Ishq Zahe Naseeb (2019-2020):

Ishq Zahe Naseeb focuses on the life of a man who has split personality disorder. It is also a challenge for his wife who comes to know about it after marriage. The drama is well written and has lots of secrets in it. The only problem is, it is a little bit stretched and because of the tough subject, many could not understand it. This is not for those people who just want to see a plain story. Ishq Zahe Naseeb cast includes Zahid Ahmed, Yumna Zaidi and Sonya Hussain in lead roles.

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21: Pyar Ke Sadqay (2020):

Pyar Ke Sadqay is a story about two young people who are not intelligent enough to fit society’s standards. society always belittle them. Abdullah belongs to a rich family and his stepfather always treats him badly and make him a coward. Mahjabeen has loving parents but she has to face the cruel society. After marriage, she faces lots of troubles at the hands of her husband’s stepfather. This is another most appreciated hum tv drama and people loved it. Pyar Ke Sadqay cast includes Yumna Zaidi, Bilal Abbas Khan and Omair Rana in lead roles.

22: Raqeeb Se (2021):

Another masterpiece by hum tv is Raqeeb Se. The narration and execution of the story are brilliant. The story revolves around a married couple and it becomes strange when the husbands’ ex-lover reaches their home. The ex-lover also has a daughter with her husband. This is one of those hum dramas where you have to see beneath the surface. everything that the characters say is more than that. Raqeeb Se cast includes Noman Ijaz, Sania Saeed, Hadeeqa Kiani, Iqra Aziz and Faryal Mehmood in lead roles.

23: Inkaar (2019):

Inkaar is a story of a girl getting justice against a powerful man. A girl develops feelings for a wrong man who betrays her by hiding his true self. When he tries to trap her in his evil deeds, she says No and escapes immediately. The man threatens her and she files the case. With the help of her father and fiance, she files a complaint against him. The man and his lawyer try to defame her and tarnish her character but she stays strong. This is one of the best hum tv dramas with powerful performances by Yumna Zaidi and Imran Ashraf.

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24: Kashf (2020):

The story is about a girl Kashf who has nightmares that turn into reality. Gradually everyone becomes aware of it and her father take advantage of her innocence. He starts asking people to come and visit her to see their future. In return, they give them money. He becomes so selfish that he does not want her to marry and moves out of the house. Kashf is trapped between her happiness and the demands of her family. This is a must-watch drama on hum tv. Kashf cast includes Hira mani and Junaid Khan in lead roles.

25: Durre- e -Shehwar (2012):

A girl is not happy with her marriage and does not want to compromise. She thinks that her mother lived a happy married life without any compromise. One day, she asks her mother Durr-e-Shehwar to tell her the story of her married life. The mother narrates her story of marriage and the sufferings of her life. She tells her daughter about the troubles and pain that she faced at her in-laws’ house and the cold behaviour of her husband. This is a drama about the truth of the marital life of a married woman. Durr-e-Shehwar cast includes Sanam Baloch, Samina Peerzada, Noman Ijza, Mikaal Zulfiqar in lead roles.

26: Malaal-e-Yaar (2019):

It is the story of two opposite persons who have to marry each other because of some family tradition. Hooria is an educated and modern girl of today while her cousin Balaaj lives in a village and does not have any manners. They are engaged to each other in childhood and this news throws a bomb on Hooria. She has to marry Balaaj. She does not like him or the old traditions that his feudal family holds.

Her inlaws disrespect her at every step until she takes a stand for herself. Their relationship starts with lots of problems but eventually, they fell in love with each other. This drama is highly underrated because of the new cast but the story is really interesting. Malaal-e-Yaar cast includes Azekha Daniel and Zain Baig in lead roles.

27: Ehd-e- Wafa (2019):

The drama focuses on the life of four friends who belong to different backgrounds. They all choose different professions later on and eventually becomes successful in life. The drama is about a strong bond of friendship, love and passion to become successful in life. Ehd-e-Wafa cast includes Osman Khalid Butt, Ahad Raza Mir, Ahmad Ali Akbar, Wajaht Ali, Alizeh Shah and Zara Noor Abbas in lead roles.

28: Kankar (2013):

The story of this hum tv drama is about Kiran who gets married to a rich man Sikandar. Her dreams of having a happy married life shattered when Sikandar turns out an abuser. He starts abusing her and this soon turns into slaps. Kiran asks her mother in law for help who instead of advising her son put all blame on Kiran. She asks Kiran to shut her mouth as women are supposed to do it and it is normal for men to beat their wives.

Kiran takes a stand for herself and leaves the house. This is one of the best Pakistani dramas where a woman takes a stand for herself and gets a divorce. She marries again and lives a happy life with her second husband. Kankar cast includes Sanam Baloch and Fahad Mustafa in lead roles.

29: Meray Qatil Meray Dildaar (2011):

The drama is about a girl Maham who is trapped in the house of conspiracies. She marries the love of her life but is harassed by his older brother. Her husband considers his brother a saint and does not believe her words. After lots of conspiracies, he asks her to leave the house and divorce her. This disturbs Maham so much but to take revenge she marries his brother. At the end of the drama, she finally succeeds to get her revenge and does not forgive her first husband. The drama cast includes Mehwish Hayat, Adnan Siddique, Ahsan Khan and Sajal Aly in lead roles.

30: Mein Abdul Qadir Hoon (2010):

The story focuses on the life of a young boy Abdul Qadir who has a heart of gold. However, a spoiled girl who smokes and does drugs enters his life and this has a huge bad impact on him. He becomes the same as her and proposes to her. The girl rejects him and his heart is shattered. His family sends him to England where a woman becomes the cause that he turns into a religious person and leaves all bad habits.

After returning to Pakistan, his mother is shocked as he keeps a beard and wants to become a religious scholar. His rich mother tries her best to divert his attention. This is a beautiful hum tv drama that shows how a person transforms throughout his life. Mein Abdul Qadir Hoon cast includes Fahad Mustafa.

31: Zara Yaad Kar (2016):

The story revolves around a man Hadi who is in deep love with his wife. He tries his best to make her happy however the wife loves the money and status. She develops a friendship with her neighbour and asks for a divorce from her husband. She is persistent in her attitude even her mother asks her to stop several times. Her neighbour is also a fraud who leaves her at the last moment.

Hadi lives in a rented house and the owner loves him but she tries her best to save Hadi marriage. After lots of struggle, Hadi realizes that no matter what he does, his ex-wife can never love him and will continue to use him for her purpose. He finally takes a decision to movie o. This is a beautiful story with amazing dialogues and acting skills. Zara Yaad Kar is one of the best hum tv dramas that you cannot miss. The cast of Zara Yaad Kar includes Yumna Zaidi, Zahid Ahmed, Sana Javed and Saba Faisal in lead roles.

32: Aangan (2018):

This is one of the hum tv dramas that is based on historical events of partition. The drama has a huge cast and everyone has a different story. It focuses on the life of a family with lots of members. The drama revolves around their relationship as well as events of partition. Aangan could not get much attention as it was not aired on Youtube due to some reasons. Moreover, the second half of the drama is stretched so much and the sign is abrupt.

Otherwise, the beginning of the drama is a treat to watch because of its beautiful picturization. Aangan cast includes Sajal Aly, Sonya Hussain, Mawra Hocane, Ahad Raza Mir, Ahsan Khan and Hira mani in lead roles. Moreover, there are many other characters who played pivotal roles in this hum tv drama.

33: Alif Allah Aur Insaan (2017):

The story is about a man Shahzeb who falls in love with an ill-mannered girl Nazneen. He gets married to her and tries his best to save the marriage. However, Nazneen is also very proud and has more interest in another man. Shahzeb tries to ignore her evil nature but he is heartbroken. He seeks solace and peace in religion and Nazneen has a bad end. The drama also has some other interesting plots. Alif Allah Aur Insaan cast includes Kubra Khan, Shahzad Sheikh Mikal Zulfiqar and Ushna Shah in lead roles.

34: Digest Writer (2015):

This is another hum tv drama that has a unique storyline. The drama is about a young girl who wants to become a successful digest writer. She writes under a pen name that has become popular. Her family does not support her and she has to marry her cousin. After marriage, her life is not easy but she tries her best. Her in-laws ask her to write to earn money and they are only interested in her money.

After having lots of troubles with her husband, she finally realises that their children need parents and her husband also starts taking care of her. Digest Writer cast includes Saba Qamar and Gohar Rasheed in lead roles.

35: Suno Chanda (2018):

Suno Chanda is one of the comedy hum tv dramas. The drama is about two cousins whose families live together and they get married. This Pakistani series is about family relations where both cousins dislike each other and they bicker a lot. After marriage, they start taking care of each other more. Suno Chanda cast includes Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed in lead roles.

36: Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi (2013):

This hum tv drama is about feudal lords and their relation with each other. The drama highlights the issue of domestic violence and exchange marriage. One of the brothers was killed by one some family and their daughter now has to live in their house and face all wrath. The storyline and picturization are really worth watching. The drama cast includes Saba Qamar, Yumna Zaidi and Noman Ijaz in lead roles.

37: Dar Se Jati Hai Sila (2017-2018):

This is one of the hum tv dramas that raise the issue of rape. The story is about a girl Sila who is constantly abused and harassed by one of her uncles. she tries to raise her voice but her mother does not let her. After a constant struggle, she finally raise her voice in front of every member and show the real face of her abuser. The drama is filled with a powerful performance of Yumna Zaidi.

This is our list of hum tv dramas and it’s random. How many have you watched?

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