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18 Top Korean Dramas Love Triangles Where It’s Hard to Choose Between Leads

by Naz khaliq
Love Triangle Korean dramas

Korean dramas love triangles, this is quite a cliche in Kdramas. However, there are many popular Kdramas with love triangles which you cannot miss. We have listed some of the popular love triangle Korean dramas with good storylines.

1: Doctor Cha (2023):

Korean dramas love triangles

Though we usually hate the triangle of married couples because of infidelity here things are different. The story of Doctor Cha is based on the life of Cha Jung-sook who is neglected not only by her husband but also by her children. She has left her studies to give time to a family who is selfish. After realizing it, Cha decides to continue her studies and after struggling, joins a hospital.

Her husband is also a doctor there who is ashamed to introduce her as his wife. Min Woo-hyuk is not only handsome but also kind at heart. He starts feeling for Cha. We all start hoping that Cha will leave her husband (which she does) and accept the feelings of Doctor Min Woo-hyuk. This is one of Korean dramas love triangles where we fall for the second lead. (in fact, we believe he is the lead and not the disloyal husband)

2: Strong Girl Bong-Soon (2017):

When the second lead man is as handsome as the first one, it is hard for the audience to not fall for him. In Gook Doo is the childhood friend of Do Bong-soon and obviously Bong-soon does not have any idea about his love for her. When Min-hyuk enters her life, everything changes. The best thing about this trio is the chemistry between them all. In Gook Doo keep helping Bong-soon throughout the drama and we love everything about this Korean romantic comedy. Strong Girl Bong-Soon is definitely one of the top Korean dramas love triangle which you cannot miss.

3: Go Back Couple (2017):

The married life of Ma Jin-hoo and Choi Ban-do is falling apart and Jin-hoo is struggling in motherhood and feels alone in this marriage. Life gives them a second chance where they travel back in time. Jin-hoo remembers everything and starts enjoying her college days again. They both try not to fall for each other as they know the future. Jeong Nam-gil a handsome young man who falls for Jin-hoo.

Though Jin-hoo knows that she will end up with Ban-do, she sometimes has feelings for him. They will not be together in the future as destiny has different plans but we wish to see this couple happy together. It is one of the youth dramas which you can enjoy.

4: Start Up (2020):

This is one of the top Korean dramas love triangles where our heart breaks for the second lead. Maybe it is the fault of Han Ji-pyeong to hide his real name and use the name of Nam Do-sun to write letters for Seo Dal-mi. Han Ji-Pyeong is an orphan who was helped by Seo Dal-mi grandmother when he was a teenager. He used to write letters on behalf of Seo Dal-mi grandmother to Dal-mi.

Dal-mi starts having feelings for him without knowing his face. When they all meet Dal-mi thinks Nam Do-sun is the one who used to write him letters. Nam Do-sun starts trying his best in order to be a successful person in the eyes of Dal-mi. They both end up together and our Han Ji-pyeong is left with a broken heart.

5: Reply 1988 (2015-2016):

This is one of the sweetest but sad Korean dramas love triangles. The story is based on a childhood friend who lives in the same neighbourhood. The story is about their friendship, their personal growth, their family relations and their problems as students and later in their careers. While they all are best friends, Sung Soo-yeon is liked by her two male best friends. Kim Jung-hwan and Choi Taek both like her but Jung-hwan could never confess. When he tries to confess it is already late. Sung Soo-yeon ends up with Choi Taek. Though we are happy to see Choi Taek and Sung Soo-yeon together our heart breaks for Kim Jung-hwan.

6: Extraordinary You (2019):

This is one of the love triangles of Korean dramas where we know exactly who we are rooting for. However, the makers make us anxious as we do not know who will Eun Do-oh choose. This is one of the fantasy romance Korean dramas. The story is about a high school girl who finds out that she is the character of a story and some writer writes her life. Her heart breaks and she tries to change her destiny. Eun Do-oh has a crush on Baek Kyung who treats her harshly. The audience thinks that they will end up together but the entry of a nice and humble young student Ha-ru changes everything. He treats Eun Do-oh with care.

7: Heirs (2013):

How can we forget the classic Korean drama Heirs (I mean many years have passed and we are old :)). This is one of the top Korean drama triangles where our heart breaks for the second lead. The drama is about the social class difference and the love blossoms. Heirs is about youth who try to find the meaning of their lives and go through difficult phases of love and family relationships.

We love Kim Tan as we love Lee Min-Ho but we could not feel less for Young-do who behaves like a rigid and obstinate person but actually falls in love with Cha Eun-sang played by Park Shin-hye. This is also one of those Korean dramas where the second lead tries to respect the bro-code.

8: She Was Pretty (2015):

Sung-joon and Kim Hye-Jin are childhood sweethearts, they get separated and after many years decide to meet again. Hye-Jin was a pretty girl but now she thinks she does not fit into society’s beauty standards. When the time for their meeting comes, Hye-Jin hesitates and in her place sends her friend who is pretty. Sung-Joon does not recognize her and even after meeting Hye-Jin he does not recognize his best friend. This hurts Hye-Jin and she decides to remain silent.

They both work in the same office and have many issues and misunderstandings. Kim Shin-Hyuk works in the same office and his personality is completely different from Sung-Joon. He lightens the mood of everyone including Hye-Jin. Soon they become friends. Shin-Hyuk often teases Hye-Jin but he also helps her to regain her confidence. He falls in love with Hye-Jin but Sung-Joon and Hye-Jin end up together.

9: Boys Over Flower (2009):

This is one of the Korean dramas love triangles which can be considered the most complex one. Geum Jan-di seems unsure about her feelings for Jun-pyo and the audience feels she has feelings for Yoon Ji-hoo. It seems if Ji-hoo accepts her feelings and does not love someone else, there is a high possibility that Jan-di would be in a relationship with him and not with Jun-pyo. Of course, as an audience, if we re-watch Boys Over Flower again, we can find so many loopholes and incomplete things. However, this trio will always be memorable for Kdramas fans.

10: Itaewon Class (2020):

This is one of the love triangles of Korean dramas where we feel everything happened for good as we root for Jo Yi-seo. Sae-ro-yi and Oh Soo-ah are classmates. After a fight with the son of an influential person, Sae-ro-yi is kicked out of school and Oh Soo-ah also abandons him. After some years, she even starts working in the company of the same man.

This breaks Sae-ro-yi heart because Soo-ah is the one for whom he stood against the bully and now because of money and fame she is standing on his opposite side. Jo Yi-seo enters Sae-ro-yi’s life and she is the girl he needs to create a spark in his life. Though she is younger than him, she falls in love with him. Yi-seo rejects her feelings but after realizing her sincerity, he finally accepts her feelings and we feel happy.

11: True Beauty (2020):

True Beauty is definitely one of the top Korean dramas love triangles where we fall for the second lead. Most of us love the second lead more than the main lead and there is nothing wrong. Lim Jo-Kyung and Lee Su-ho are in love, while Jo-Kyung always feels that she is not pretty, Su-ho still falls in love with her. Han Seo-Jun was best friend of Su-ho but due to some misunderstanding they are no longer friends however the feelings are in their hearts. After Seo-Jun also falls in love with Jo-Kyung he hides his feelings not to betray his friend.

12: The King in Love (2017):

Wang Won is a young monarch who hides his true identity and goes on a journey. He meets a lively girl who in the beginning also hides her true identity. Wang Rin is the best friend of Wang Won. They both fall in love with the same girl Eun San. Wang Won does not hide his feelings from his best friend and Wang Rin immediately starts hiding his feelings. However destiny has other plans. This is one of the historical Korean dramas with love triangles.

13: Kill Me Heal Me (2015):

This is one of the most famous and top Korean dramas with love triangles. The genre of the drama is a romantic comedy but it highlights the serious issue of psychological disorders and it is a must-watch. Oh Ri On is an adopted brother of Oh Ri Jin and they both always fight but Oh Ri On secretly loves her. He always hides his feelings because of their relationship. He pretends to be cool, but deep inside his heart aches because he cannot be with Oh Ri Jin. It becomes more complicated when she falls in love with her patient Cha Do-Hyun.

14: Alchemy of Soul (2022):

There are many love triangles in this fantasy romance Korean drama. In the first season of Alchemy of Souls, we want Jang Uk and Mu Deok together. However, we are also confused as the soul of Nak-su is inside Mu Deok who is loved by Jang Uk’s best friend Seo Yul. There comes another person Prince Go Won who we feel bad about as he develops feelings for both Mu Deok and Nak-su. (to understand the whole situation you have to watch the whole series :))

15: Who Are You: School 2015 (2015):

This is one of the popular Korean dramas with love triangles. The story raises the issue of bullying and assault at school and as a result of this, the victim Eun-bi tries to commit suicide. Nobody knows that she has a twin sister who joins the school to teach the bullies a lesson. Here are our two male leads Han Yi An and Gong Tae-kwang and we get confused. When Eun-bi chooses Han Yi An in the end our heart breaks for Gong Tae-kwang and we assume maybe he will end up with the twin sister.

16: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016):

This is more than a love rectangular than a love triangle Korean drama where every prince almost falls in love with Hae Soo. However 4th Prince, Hae Soo and Prince Wang make the perfect love triangle. After going through heartbreak in the hand of Prince Wang, Hae Soo almost ends up with the 4th Prince. Ofcourse due to the tragic ending of the drama, no one ends up with Hae Soo but the open ending still suggests that the 4th Prince finds Hae Soo in the end.

17: Cheese in Trap (2016):

This is one of those Korean dramas with love triangles where we feel the second lead is more perfect than the male lead. In fact, many people have problems with the character of Jung Yoo (of course I do not have one, I have my own reasons). Hong Seol is loved by two men Baek In-ho and Jung Yoo. Jung Yoo has shaded the character and this is the reason fans wanted Hong Seol to end up with Baek In-ho who always genuinely loved her. However the makers gave us an open ending but we could guess that she ended up with Jung Yoo.

18: Jealousy Incarnate (2016):

One of the best Korean dramas with love triangles where I wanted Pyo Ni-ri to end up with the second lead Go Jung-Won. She has been in love with Lee Hwa-shin for many years and always gets rejected in return. He could never see the genuine feelings of Pyo Ni-ri and often humiliate her.

Go Jung-won sees her worth and falls in love with her. When Lee Hwa-shin feels that Go Jung-won cares for Pyo Ni-ri, he gets jealous. His jealousy makes him realize that he loves Ni-ri. It means he was just enjoying the attention and when he felt that someone else was taking away Ni-ri, he fell for her (this is what I felt :p). Anyway, the drama is worth watching with an interesting storyline.

These are our favourite Kdramas love triangles, how many have you watched?

You can watch many of these dramas on Netflix or if you want to watch them for free, Watch them Here

Which drama we missed that you loved? Tell us in the comment section.

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