33 Top Korean Dramas in 2021 that will Entertain You

Korean Dramas are gaining fans all over the world. Fans wait for more and more dramas every year. Here is our list of top Korean dramas that are going to be aired in 2021.

The cast is announced for all Korean dramas but it can be changed later.

33) Vincenzo:

Vincenzo is an upcoming Korean drama of 2021 starring Song Joong-Ki, Jeon Yeo-Bin and Taecyeon. They are supposed to be heroes in mafia theme drama.

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32) Oh Master :

Oh Master is an upcoming drama of 2021. It is a romantic Comedy starring Lee Min-ki and Nana in leads roles.

31) Joseon Exorcist:

One of the most anticipated Korean drama is Joseon Exorcist. The trailer is out on youtube. It is a historical drama in which a person comes back after being killed by the royal family. Jang Dong Yoon is playing the lead role.

30) Like a Butterfly:

Like a Butterfly is adopted from animation. Song kang is supposed to be the lead.

29) Island Season 2 :

In 2021, season 2 of Island is coming. It is a mystery fantasy drama and Wo mi ho is the lead.

28) Finger:

Finger is a suspense Korean drama and it has the famous actor Kim so Hyun as the lead. The other cast is still not revealed.

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27) Kingdom Ashin of the North :

Fans are eagerly waiting for the comeback of Jun Ji Hyun. 2021 will bring back Jun Ji Hyun as the lead actress in Kingdom Ashin of the North.

26) I Know But:

I Know But is 2021 Korean drama starring Han so hee.

25) School 2021 :

School 2021 is the series of the School dramas. The cast includes Kim Tae-Jin and it will release in August.

24) Suriname:

The Korean thriller crime drama Suriname will release in 2021 starring Ha Jung woo and Hwang Jung Min as leads.

23) Pachinko:

Everyone is waiting for the comeback of Lee Min Ho. Pachinko is a novel adaptation and the cast includes Lee MinHo, Jin Ha, Anna Sawai and MinHa Kim.

22) Arthdal Chronicler Season 2:

Arthdal Chronicler is one of the most interesting Korean drama and fans are dying to watch its season 2. Season 1 ended on many shocking revelations. 2021 will bring the season 2 of Arthdal Chronicler.

21) All of us are Dead:

  It is based on Webtoon. It is a suspense horror Korean Drama. Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hoo, Cho Yi-hyun, Park Solomon and Yoo In-soo is the main cast.

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20) Doctor Prisoner 2 :

After Doctor Prisoner 1, fans are waiting for its season 2. The season 2 is supposed to be aired in 2021 starring Nam Goong Min.

19) Bossam – Stealing: 

It is a historical romance starring Jung II woo as lead.

18) Times :

It is a Political thriller drama starring Lee Joo Young and we are so excited to see her after Itaewon Class.

17) Nemesis:

It is an action romance crime Korean drama starring Han so hee and Ahn Bo Hyun.

16) The Cursed season 2:

It is a thriller mystery horror Korean drama starring Uhm Ji won and Jeong Ji so.

15) Dear M:

It is a  romance Korean drama starring Kim sae ron and Jung Jae Hyun.

14) Sul Kang Hwa: Snow Drop

Sul Kang Hwa is a melodrama starring Kim Ji soo and Kim Hye Yoon. It is the talk of the town because of Kpop Band Blackpink member Jisoo.

13) No Longer Human:

No Longer Human is supposed to be aired in 2021. The cast includes Joon Do Yoon and Ryu Joon yeol.

12) Undercover:

Undercover is 2021 thriller crime Korean drama. Ji Jin Hee and Kim Hyun Joo are lead actors.

11) Red Cuff of the Sleeve:

It is one of the historical romance of Korean dramas. Park hye soo and Kim Kyung Nam are the leads.

10) One Day Destruction:

One Day Destruction is 2021 Korean drama. The cast includes Park bo young and Seo In Guk.

9) Come to Witch’s Restaurant:

Come to Witch’s Restaurant is a fantasy Korean drama. Song Ji Hye is the lead of the drama.

8) Sunbae, Donot Put that Lipstick On:

It is a 2021 Korean comedy romance drama. Won jin ah and Ro woon are leads of the drama.

7) Mouse:

Mouse is an action suspense thriller Korean drama. Lee seung Gi is the lead of the drama. The drama raises the question about being psycopath, is it in nature or human learn it from enviornment.

6: Dream of a Flower Pen:

Dream of a Flower Pen is a historical romance. Li hong Yi is the lead of the drama.

5) Jirisan:

It is a 2021 Korean romance drama. The cast includes Jun Ji hyun and Joo Ji hyun.

4) River Where the Moon Rises:

One of the Korean dramas that fans are so excited about is River Where the Moon Rises. The trailers are out and it has Kim So Hyun and Ji soo as the lead. It is a historical Korean Drama.

3) Hospital Playlist Season 2:

Everyone loved Hospital Playlist Season1 and now waiting for the Season2 of Hospital Playlist. The cast includes Jo Jung-suk, Yoo yeon-seok, jung Kyung-ho and Jeon Mi-do.

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2) Money Heist:

As everyone knows about the Spanish Netflix show Money Heist, there is good news for Korean fans. Money Heist remake in Korean is supposed to be aired in 2021. The cast includes Yoo Ti Jae, Jeon Jong Seo, Kim Yoon Jin and Park Jae Joon.

  1. Sisyphus The Myth :

The trailer is out on Youtube and fans of Park Shin Hye is so excited about it. It is a mystery Korean drama.

These are our top listed 2021 Korean Dramas. Who you are eagerly waiting for?

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