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14 Top New Korean Actors Who Won People’s Heart With their Performance

by Naz khaliq
New Korean actors
New Korean actors

Before mentioning our list of best new Korean actors who won people’s hearts with their performances. Let us tell you that every actor tries to do their best, but some outshine the others. The Korean Entertainment industry always produces excellent talent. Although every actor is doing a great job, some outshine others with their acting skills. Here are some of the new Korean actors who made a high place in fans’ hearts and fans eagerly waiting for their next projects. (The list is random)

It is based on my personal preference as I love actors who can do any kind of role with perfection and also who can even express themselves with their eyes. It’s the character which makes an actor famous so it is very important how and which kind of character someone is playing.

1: Shin Seung-ho as Go Won (Alchemy of Souls):

new Korean actors

Shin Seung-ho already appeared in Kdramas like Love Alarm but he is loved by fans across the globe for his role in Kdrama Alchemy of Souls. He played the character of Go Won, who is an heir to a throne. His outer appearance seems arrogant and proud, but he has a heart of gold. He is also better at sensing the wrong than his father (the king). Moreover, no one can deny his charm. Fans hope that in the second season of Alchemy of Souls, makers will not make him a villain as a man is seen manipulating him against the good gang. (He is so good, I fell in love with him :p)

2: Wi-Ha-Joon (Little Women, Bad and Crazy):

best new Korean actors

Wi-Ha-Joon shined brightly after his performance in the popular Kdrama Squid Game. He is one of the new Korean actors who is gaining more popularity day by day. The actor proved his acting skills in Kdrama Bad and Crazy and people again fell in love with him in Little Women. With the different kinds of roles, Wi-Ha-Joon is proving his acting skills and versatility. There is an upcoming action Kdrama of Wi-Ha-Joon coming along with popular Korean actor Ji-Chang Wook and fans are eagerly waiting for this amazing duo.

3: Lee Jae-Wook as Jang Uk (Alchemy of Souls):

new Korean actors

There is no doubt that people started noticing Lee Jae-Wook before the Alchemy of Souls. He played a tough arrogant guy role in Kdrama Extraordinary You. However, his character and acting in Alchemy of Souls gained him a strong fanbase across the globe. He also won an award for his performance in the drama. He is playing the character of a man who is abandoned by his father and every member of the clan thinks that he is an illicit child.

However, he has great friends who support him at every step. People are eagerly waiting for the second season of Alchemy of Souls. He is definitely one of the best new Korean actors that the Kdrama industry produced.

4: Go Yoon-Jung (Alchemy of Souls):

new Korean actresses

Alchemy of Souls brought great talent to the audience. She already made her name in Kdramas Sweet Home and Law School (she was looking ethereal), but her role in Alchemy of Souls set a mark that fans are impatiently waiting for the second season. Even though her role was short but her acting skills and expressions wone everyone’s heart. She is definitely one of the best Korean actresses of the upcoming time.

In Alchemy of Souls, she is playing the character of Naksu who has great fighting abilities. When she was a child her father was killed and she thinks that the good clan killed her father, however, the situation is the opposite. The man who took her in childhood manipulates and uses her to fulfil his evil agenda. In the second season, we will be able to see her as the lead and we are eagerly waiting for it. 12 Best Korean Actresses Born in ’90s are Ruling On Our Hearts

5: Jeon Yeo been (Vincenzo):

new Korean actresses

People who watch Korean movies know Jeon Yeo-been way before Kdrama Vincenzo. She won the best actress award for her movie After My Death. However, people who are more into Kdramas fell in love with her after her performance in the Kdrama Vincenzo. She is playing a strong woman character in Vincenzo. She is a lawyer who believes in earning money and fame rather than standing with the truth. However soon she stands against the corrupt mafia.

Her chemistry with the male lead played by Song Joon-Ki raised fans heart beats. She is definitely one of the best Korean actresses. She is also playing an interesting role in new series on Netflix The Glitch. Korean Drama Vincenzo 7 Reasons to Watch It

6: Seol In-ah (Business Proposal):

new Korean actresses

She is one of the best new Korean actresses who won people’s hearts. Her chemistry with the female lead and the second male lead made her popular across the globe. Although she also played a prominent role in Kdrama Mr.Queen, in Business Proposal which is a rom-com, she played the character of a lively bubbly girl who works hard to earn for herself. Her father is rich but she works on her own.

7: Kim Min-Gue (Business Proposal):

new Korean actors

Kim Min-Gue also portrayed roles in Kdramas Snowdrop and Queen: Love and War but his character and dreamy looks in Business Proposal made him a star of the Kdrama industry. He is playing the character of a loyal secretary to the male lead. He has great chemistry with the second female lead played by Seol In-ah. The couple won everyone’s hearts with their chemistry and great acting skills.

Their scenes are also a great watch. There is also no doubt he has rejected the notion of being skinny as it is a norm in the Kdrama industry as he was looking so handsome in his muscular body. (straight from some fantasy world). He is definitely one of the new Korean actors which people are dying to see in the next project. 36 Best Korean Dramas on Netflix that You Cannot Miss in 2022

8: Kim Se-Jeong (Business Proposal/ The Uncanny Counter):

new Korean actresses

The actress is not a new name for Kpop fans, but people who are more into Kdramas were stunned by Kim Se-Jeong performance in The Uncanny Counter ( which deserves more appreciation). She again won everyone’s hearts with her acting and expressions in the popular Kdrama Business Proposal. People who did not watch The Uncanny Counter should watch to see her great acting talent as she is portraying a strong role in the drama.

Her role in The Uncanny Counter is completely opposite to Business Proposal. She is definitely the most versatile and best new Korean actress and we will always look forward to seeing her next projects. There is also great news for fans who wants to see her in the action thriller series, she joined the cast of The Uncanny Counter season 2. Kdrama Business Proposal Pictures and Review / Top Trending Kdrama RightNow

9: Lee Yoo-Mi (Squid Game and All of Us are Dead):

new Korean actresses

Lee Yoo-Mi got worldwide fame after acting in the Korean horror dramas Squid Game and All of Us are Dead. However many people do not know she has already acted amazingly in the short film Superpower Girl that I watched on Youtube. It proves that in the upcoming time, she can be one of the best actresses in the Kdrama industry. Lee Yoo-Mi also won an award for her performance. She is definitely one of the best new Korean actresses and we are looking forward to her dramas and movies.

10: Hwang In-Youp (True Beauty):

new Korean actors

Hwang In-Youp won everyone’s hearts with his character and performance in the famous Kdrama True Beauty. He is one of those Korean actors who was even a second lead in the drama but won a huge fan base. He is playing the character of Han Seo-jun who is a high school student and seems a bully. He was once a best friend of the main male lead but due to some misunderstandings, they got separated. After the entry of Lim Joo-kyung, he fell in love with her and gets heartbroken.

He is a great man who hides his feelings so his best friend would not get hurt. His scenes in the drama are more fun to watch as also his chemistry with Lim Joo-kyung played by Moon Ga-young is awesome. He is definitely one of the best new Korean actors and fans eagerly wait for his next projects. Recently he acted in Kdrama The Sound of Magic along with Ji-Chang Wook.

11: Kim Tae Ri (Twenty-Five Twenty One):

Kim Tae Ri is not a new name for old Kdrama fans, however, for people who started watching Kdramas recently, her role in Twenty Five Twenty-One made her famous across the globe. Although she played a high school girl role which is a bit younger than her actual age she did a great job. Age does not matter if an actor portrays the role with perfection.

She always looks like a high school girl. The drama is about a girl who wants to be part of a combat team. She even sacrifices her love and achieves her goals to pursue her dreams. Before this Kdrama, she acted in the popular Kdrama Mr.Sunshine which is a sad romantic drama and the movie The Handmaiden.

12: Ho Yeon Jung (Squid Game):

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Ho Yeon Jung is one of the new Korean actresses who are not only got fame in Korea but across the globe. Squid Game gained lots of fame, awards nominations and won awards in the international media. Ho Yeon Jung also got the same. She played the lead role in the worldwide famous Kdrama Squid Game.

Squid Game is about a game show in which losers will not go home but to the grave. Ho Yeon Jung is playing the character who enters the game show because she needs money to save her parents. Besides her hard work, she is definitely lucky to be part of a show which gained so much popularity, otherwise many great talents and characters vanish because they become part of an unnoticed series.

13: Kim So-Yeon (Penthouse):

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Kim So-Yeon is not a new actress but she gained popularity in the Kdrama Penthouse. She played the role of a wicked and evil Villain who wants to control not only wealth but also people’s lives. Kim So-Yeon portrayed her character so well, that people hated her to the core and it is because of her portrayal of the character. She is also nominated for the best leading actress award.

14: Han So Hee (My Name):

new Korean actresses

The actress portrayed a negative character in the famous Kdrama The World of Married. She played the character of a rich young woman who fell in love with a married man (or as people say traps a married man). The man has a wife and a kid and it is quite a shock and heartbreaking for the first wife. She succeeds in getting married to him.

Some people did not like her acting much in the drama. However, she did a great job in her drama My Name which is an action revenge drama. She is playing the character of a young woman whose father is killed and she wants to take revenge. We hope to see this new Korean actress in more dramas to know how she does.

You can watch all these dramas on Netflix or on Kissasian.

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