7 Top Pakistani Dramas of 2021 List that You Cannot Miss

The Pakistani entertainment industry provides us with some of the best content every year. Here is the list of some of the top Pakistani dramas of 2021. Pakistani dramas 2021 made their mark in the Entertainment world.

There are some other Pakistani dramas that got more views because of the popular cast like Khuda Aur Mohabbat season 3 and Hum Kahan K Sachy Thy. There is no doubt about the powerful performance of actors like Feroze Khan, Iqra Aziz, Mahira Kan and Kubra Khan. However, we are mentioning those dramas that have a unique storyline and it caught our attention with a strong storyline.

Here are the must watch Pakistani dramas of 2021:

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7: Raqs e Bismil:

Raqs-e- Bismil is the story of a young man who belongs to a respectable family. The man played by Imran Ashraf fell in love with a woman (Zohra)whose profession is not considered sacred. Man’s love increases with the passage of time while he waits for the girl. Zohra finally realizes his love but now it is too late and there are so many hurdles. The drama was really popular and people loved it. The dramatic scenes, dialogues and acting of Imran Ashraf make Raqs e Bismil the top Pakistani dramas of 2021.

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6: Ishq e Laa:

Ishq e Laa is a story of three young people. They have different passions and problems in their lives. The man played by Azan Sami is a rich man who has everything in this life but he does not believe much in religion. On the other hand, the women played by Yumnza Zaidi and Sajal Aly are passionate about their work and studies. If you want to see romance ad people with different professions, this Pakistani drama is for you.

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5: Raqeeb Se:

With a different concept, Raeeeb Se won our hearts. It is the story of a love triangle between a husband, wife and husband past lover. The couple has a daughter and the lover also has a daughter from her marriage. The way Raqeeb Se narrated the story with the outstanding performances of the actors makes it one of the top Pakistani dramas of 2021.

4: Chupke Chupke:

Chupke Chupke won every heart in 2021. It is a family comedy-drama with really good romantic scenes. The drama centres on the life of two families and their hate-love relationship. This is one of the best and must watch Pakistani dramas of 2021.

3: Sinf e Aahan:

Sinf e Aahan is yet to finish but it is winning millions of hearts. The story of this Pakistani drama focuses on the lives of women that belong to different ethnicities and social statuses. These women have a passion to join the Pakistani military and enrolled on the academy to get a selection for the army. They get training and there are lots of scenes of their training ad hostel life. This is another must watch Pakistani drama of 2021.

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2: Dil Na Umeed Tu Nahi:

Dil Na Umeed Tu Nahi is one of the best Pakistani dramas of 2021. The reason is its strong storyline that highlighted the issue of child trafficking and prostitution. The drama is praised by thousands of people who were looking for strong content. It was the presentation of Tv One that is not the top Pakistani channel but still, people who love good content appreciated it a lot. The powerful performances of Yumna Zaidi, Yasra Rizvi, Omair Rana and Wahaj stole millions of hearts.

1: Parizaad:

Parizaad is the story of an ordinary-looking man. In fact, he does not fit on the society standard of good looks and more than that because of a heart of gold. Parizaad tries to help everyone even if it hurts him. It is the story of a man who amidst all betrayals and rejection and poverty, finally reaches a point where everyone needs him. It is the story of a pure heart that you should not miss. Ahmed Ali Akbar stole the heart with his outstanding performance as Parizaad. His role and acting will always be remembered as one of the best performances in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

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