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Turkish dramas are a great source of attraction for people across the world. We have a list of the top 6 Turkish school dramas that you can watch if you love youth-based dramas.

People are always curious about new dramas and movies and language is no more a barrier. There are many genres in Turkish dramas too but here we are talking about the top 7 Turkish dramas that are based on school life and youth.

7: The Teacher (Ogretmen) (2020):

This Turkish drama is about a dedicated teacher Akif who is determined to expose the suicide of one of his hardworking students. The student commits suicide after facing bullying and harassment. Before this incident, Akif was a quiet person who only focuses on his work. However, after his student commits suicide, he decides to give moral lessons to his student to make them better humans. The genre of this Turkish school drama is a psychological mystery that is based on youth. It has 9 episodes.

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6: Orphen Flowers (Kirgin Cicekler) (2015):

The story of this psychological drama revolves around a girl who is abused by her stepfather. Her mother does not believe her and sends her to an orphanage. Her life starts as an orphan but she tries her best to survive. School life is also not easy for her as she is poor and an orphan but she survives along with other orphan girls. This Turkish drama has three seasons and it has 113 episodes.

5: My Left Side (Sol Yenim) (2020-2021):

This Turkish School series is about a girl Serra who works a part-time job to support her mother and herself. Her family went through a tragedy in the past and her father left them. She becomes a hot topic in the university when she lands in an expensive car and everythinks she is from a wealthy family. She has to face lots of challenges at university especially when the two most famous boys of university develop an interest in her. she fell in love with a rich guy and this causes a lot of problems for her.

Serra is a briliant student and she beleives in hard work. She continues her hard work through all conspiracies as she is a strong girl. This s one of those Turkish school dramas that ended abruptly because of low ratings in Turkey. However, the drama had much potential and attracted international audience and this is one of the famous school love stories dramas for international audiences.

4: Love 101 (Ask 101) (2020):

This is another rom-com Turkish drama based on school life. The story revolves around a group of spoiled school students who do everything wrong to make the administration angry. Their saviour is only one teacher who tries to protect them. However, she has to leave the town. The students try their best to make her fall in love with another teacher so that she will not leave. The drama is about their realization of relationships and the importance of life. This Turkish drama is also available on Netflix.

3: Bitter Sweet Life (Hayat Bazen Tatlidir) (2016-2017):

This Turkish series is based on love and friendship. The story starts with the entry of a new teacher in a private school. She is a hardworking person who has responsibilities for her family. Her younger sister also studies in the same school and she takes great care of her. Her younger sister ex-lover does not get over the breakup and wants her back in his life. While his behaviour is problematic for most people.

There is another young couple in the school but the girl is insecure ad often asks her boyfriend to stay away from other girls. In short, the story is more about the relationship of young boys and girls at school, their competition with each other and their love lives. The genre of this Turkish drama is rom-com.

2: Gunesin Kizlasri (Sun’s Girl) (2015-2016):

This is one of the popular Turkish school dramas. This Turkish drama is also available in Urdu and is equally popular in Pakistan and India. The drama is about three sisters whose mother get married a second time. The drama is about their acceptance of their mother’s new life that also bring change into their lives. Moreover, it is about their love relationships. This is one of the Turkish dramas based on youth emotions and relationships. The drama cast includes popular Turkish actress Hande Ercel.

Best Turkish Dramas of Popular Actress Hande Ercel

1: Waiting for the Sun (Guneshi Beklerkend) (2013-2014):

This is one of the popular Turkish school dramas. The story revolves around Zeynep who starts living in her mother friend house. She enrols in a private school with the help of her mother’s friend. She comes across Kerem who is a bully. Their relationship starts with hate and Kerem traps her into love. After a while, he betrays her. However, after that, he fell in love with her. The drama is also about Zeynep in search of her lost father. This drama has 54 episodes and if you are looking for a fierce female lead, this Turkish drama is for you.

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