Trust and Emotional Support :Two most important Pillars of a relationship

Trust and emotional support are two of the most important pillars that sustain a relationship.

If we give too much attention and value to a person, our value decreases in their eyes. It starts creating an empty space in us and gradually poison starts filling this gap. A loving heart starts turning into a dead stone.

Emotional support and Compromise:

The one thing that is a lack in a relationship, especially from men’s side, is emotional support. Men claim that women are more emotional than them, but they are failed to support them during their emotional phase.

Emotional support means if a woman is facing problems in her professional life, personal life, you can at least say something good to relieve her stress. Instead of complaining that she has nothing else to say other than her problems. What about you? Always sexual?

People choose different people and then try to change them according to their wishes. People hide their truth at the beginning of their relationship, then start showing their real selves when it is very hard for other people to leave them.

Real-life is not some drama or movie, in which you leave someone or someone leaves you and the next day you are going to find a perfect hero for your life.

Especially in the case of society around me, where if someone is a relationship, it means life and death for them. Especially for a woman, because the relationship between men and women before marriage is not acceptable in our society and forbidden in religion. Where religion allows us to do love marriage, society is unable to accept that idea wholeheartedly.

Islam has given permission that if you like someone sends a marriage proposal and not plays with them. This is the main reason if someone is in a relationship, it is a matter of life and death for them. It’s not like people are not in love relationship here. They are but they mess it up like other societies with cheating and because they just take it as a mere enjoyment and later they prefer to marry someone of their parents’ choice.

Most of the time, people do not love a person as they are. It’s natural that everyone is different from others. However, some people try to mold themselves for the person they love. While others ignore the needs and wishes of counterparts because they do not like it.

It always happens that for one person some relationship is their everything, love is the only thing that they prefer while for others, the relation is the least important thing of their life. They claim that they love other person but they only contact them when they need them otherwise they ignore and call them irresponsible and without any ambition. The only one that hurt is the one who loves the most and after a breakup, it is almost impossible for them to move on.

The only thing that I wish is people will show their true selves in the beginning. If you do not like something at least be honest with other people that you like this and that. If other people try to do things that you like and they do not, at least appreciate their effort and try to do the same.

Relationship survives only with compromises but if they are from both sides. If you are not ready to take the responsibility of a relationship do not ruin someone’s life. Do not encourage them that you are going to do anything for them. If you are unable to give them time, do not use someone for the entertainment of your leisure. Because maybe for the other person, this relationship is everything and love is their life.

True Meaning of Trust:

Trust is something that is the most important pillar of a relationship. Trust is not only about whether someone cheats on you with some else or not. Trust is the hope that you have with your partner that they will never hurt you. Trust is that hope that they love you and will always respect you.

Trust is that they have accepted you with all your physical traits and will never mock you in the future for your physical appearance. Trust is that they have told you about their failures and insecurities and you will not use them against them in the future.

Only once you are failed in it, trust is broken. Once you disrespect your partner, you have lost your trust and the other person will always think that you can do it again. If you ghost someone for days and weeks, trust is broken that you can do it again anytime. Trust is not something that we dare to put again and again in different people. Trust is something that we put after courage in some special person. It is very difficult to put that trust again in someone.

In my opinion, those people who claim that they have great ambition in their lives and have no time for love after their claim that they do. They do not deserve a loving and caring person. They will move on in their life and finally get the right person for them. But the way you have treated them and hurt their heart will haunt you one day.
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