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Turkish Drama Shahmaran is about a Half Snake and Half Human Which is Irresistible

by Naz khaliq
Turkish drama Shahmaran
Turkish drama Shahmaran

Netflix brought another good show Turkish drama Shahmaran which is the story of half snake and half human. It is quite interesting to watch a show and more than that we are surprised to see a quite strong storyline. Earlier, I watched another Turkish fantasy series on Netflix about Vampires which was not only boring but was looking funny.

Shahmaran can be compared to another Turkish fantasy drama on Netflix “The Protector” which attracted an audience across the globe. Both these shows are quite successful to engage their audience.

Netflix Shahmaran is definitely a must watch if you are a fan of fantasy romance mystery series and more than that if you are a fan of Turkish series. The amalgamation of romance with fantasy is always a treat to watch.

What actually is Shahmaran and where does the word come from?

Shahmaran is a mythical creature which is half snake and half human. According to Wikipedia, the name originally came from Persian. Shah means the king and Ma means the snake and together the word means the king of the snake. The story starts when a man mistakenly enters the realm of Shahmaran and they both fell in love with each other. When the man has to come into the outside world, he promises Shahmaran that he would not expose his secret but he is failed to do so. The betrayal led to the death of Shahmaran the revenge continues. Netflix Turkish drama Shahmaran took the storyline from this mythical story.

Story of Turkish Drama Shahmaran:

The story starts with a young girl who is a professor of psychology at a University. The girl named Sahsu seems a lonely and depressed soul who does not know about the meaning of her existence. Sahsu finds her grandfather who has left her mother in childhood. She tries to extract the reasons and information from her grandmother but is unable to do so. Desperate and angry Sahsu leaves her house and returns to a rented room.

There is another house in front of her grandfather’s house. A young man Maran lives with his three sisters and a father. The family seems a normal happy family but they are excited to see the Sahsu. The sisters of Maran want him to immediately meet Sahsu but he does not seem to have much interest. Finally, Sahsu starts living with her grandfather and attracts Maran. It seems like it is also hard for Maran to resist her.

Sahsu always has nightmares and she thinks she is suffering from some mental illness and is on medication. After reaches to her grandfather’s house, she decides to stop taking medication for a while. On the other side, she develops a bond with Maran and her family. It seems like someone is always following Sahsu and wants to kill her. After Maran comes to know about the danger, he decides to protect her. They eventually fell in love with each other and season 1 ends with a passionate romance with so many mysteries.

Romance and Mysteries in Netflix Shahmaran (Review):

The makers of Shahmaran remained successful in hiding lots of secrets which they reveal with the passage of time. The identity of Maran and his family is somehow presented in such a way that gives us hints. However, the audience remains completely clueless about Sahsu.

Season 1 of Shahmaran ends with so many questions which give us hints about the next seasons. Even at the end of season 1, Sahsu’s identity is not completely revealed. I am also trying my best not to give all spoilers.

The atmosphere of the drama seems gloomy which gradually changes into romance. The romance between Sahsu and Maran is so hot but you have to watch the drama until the end. There is hotness everywhere when Sahsu and Maran swim in the lake. The makers expose their lots of skin probably because the snake does not wear clothes (pun intended). This nakedness leads us to a hot romantic scene that many will be surprised to see in a Turkish drama.

Netflix Shahmaran cast includes famous Turkish actors Serenay Sarikaya, Burak Deniz and Mert Ramazan. Mert is also portraying an important role in season 1 of Maran while Burak and Serenay are already very famous Turkish actors. You definitely cannot miss this Turkish series as it contains so many elements.


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