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Turkish Drama The Tailor Love Triangle or a Tale of Betrayal | Review

by Naz khaliq
Turkish drama the Tailor
Turkish drama The tailor

After multiple attempts, I finally completed the Turkish drama The Tailor on Netflix. Being a fan of Turkish series, I always take a chance to look for new and interesting content. This Turkish drama on Netflix did not impress me much (no hard feelings for fans). The reasons for not liking the series are many. Let’s start with a short summary/ story of The Tailor.

Story of Turkish Drama The Tailor:

Turkish drama the tailor

Netflix The Tailor’s story focuses on the life of Peyami who is abandoned by his parents in his childhood. It seems he always longs for his parents’ love which his mother failed to give him. His father Mustafa is mentally unstable and he cannot give him the protection that a child needs from his parents. In fact, Mustafa needs extra care and attention. The story seems like a journey of Peyami from accepting his father to self-acceptance. There are two main characters who play a pivotal role in Peyami’s life. His childhood best friend Dimitri and a girl Esvet.

Dimitri is going to marry Esvet without her will and she escapes from the wedding. She reaches Peyami’s house without knowing that Dimitri and Peyami are best friends. Instantly, they both are attracted to each other and fall in love. After Peyami comes to know about the real bride of Dimitri, he is heartbroken. Esvet never wanted to marry him and now she is also in love with someone else.

The rest of the story is all about their struggle in their respective relationships. Peyami’s anger due to his parents, his collapse and again finding a purpose. There are three seasons of The Tailor on Netflix which you can watch. The genre of the drama is a mystery thriller.

Review of Turkish Drama The Tailor:

turkish drama the tailor

The first two episodes are enough for the audience to judge whether they want to continue a series or not. However, The Tailor is one of those series which you watch until the end and it does not matter whether you are in love with the storyline or not.

  • It is hard to tell who is the weakest person in the series, Esvet or Payami. It is even harder to tell who loves Esvet more, Payami who respects her choices but cannot disclose his feelings or Dimitri who seems insanely in love with Esvet.
  • The first season of The Tailor shows us the crazy side of Dimitri which we definitely do not like. He seems like a freak who is sleeping with other women but forcefully marrying a girl. His parents especially his father are tired of his behaviour. Peyami is the only one who can understand him but more than that can bear his craziness.
  • Esvet seems like a timid girl who is courageous enough to run away from Dimitri’s house but Peyami’s timidness has no boundaries. He falls in love with a girl but can never take a stand for her. After Peyami’s rejection, because he thinks he is a good friend, Esvet agrees to marry Dimitri. They get married and Dimitri always has a doubt about them but he pretends everything is under control.

Does he really not know about the affair of his wife with his best friend?

The tailor Dimitri

I highly doubt on that. On various occasions, he tries to hide or look away. His wife accepts in front of him that she loves Peyami and not him. He always hides his heartbreak behind the mask of his crazy attitude. He does not want to accept the harsh truth which can take away both his lover and his best friend. This is the reason he tries to kill his father.

Dimitri’s love for Peyami and his wife overshadowed his heartbreak which he got after coming to know about his wife’s adultery and his best friend’s betrayal. Of course, we all want to see Peyami and Esvet together, this is what we want as a soft-hearted audience. Two people who love each other should be together instead of two people together in which one is always unhappy.

The ugly truth is Dimitri is betrayed. There is no denial about his freakiness and crazy attitude but this is what he got as a neglected child. He wants to be a favourite child of his father which he could not. Dimitri can be a better person just like Peyami but he could not even get the love of his wife. If only, his wife could truly love him, he could turn into a better person just like we witnessed Peyami’s journey as a son.

Dimitri is right in the last season that Peyami is a coward and at least Esvet has spoken the truth. There were many occasions on which Peyami could confess and maybe Dimitri was always waiting for his confession about loving Esvet. Every word which Dimitri spoke in the third season of The Tailor was a reality. In the last scene, Dimitri chooses to destroy himself rather than harming the two people he loves the most.

The series could end in the first season or at least two seasons were enough. There is so much dragging in the scenes and the continuous timidness of Peyami annoyed me so much. It is even hard to decide who is the actual villain. More than the lead character who is supposed to be a hero, the villain character is more interesting to watch. The same goes for the female character. (Just give me another season of Perra Palace :))

There is no doubt that the actor Salih Bademci who played the role of Dimitri stole the show with his amazing acting skills. There are so many emotions which we can see with his eyes and face. We hated him in the first season but gradually we felt sad for him and in the end, we fell for him.

This is the review of Turkish drama The Tailor. You should share your thoughts about the show in the comment section. You can watch the trailer Here and You can watch the series on Netflix.

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