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19 Best Turkish Dramas in Urdu and Hindi on Youtube

ByNaz khaliq

May 27, 2022
turkish dramas in Urdu on Youtube
Turkish dramas in Urdu

There is good news for Urdu and Hindi speaking people, as Turkish dramas in Urdu and Hindi are available on youtube. There are unlimited numbers of Turkish dramas in Urdu on youtube but we have chosen the most famous ones.

Here is the list of best Turkish dramas in Urdu and Hindi that you can watch on youtube.

1: Meryem (2017-2019):

Turkish dramas in Urdu

Meryem is in a relationship with a shrewd prosecutor Rohan who is cheating on her. Shawaiz is also in love with someone and is going to marry her. Due to some mishappenings, Shawaiz’s fiance’s life is in danger and she gets killed in an accident that is done by Rohan. She takes the blame on her as Rohan’s career is about to start. Rohan does not care about her and Meryem alone faces all the troubles in Jail.

Shawaiz also wants to take revenge on Meryem as he thinks she is behind her fiance’s accident however he realizes soon that she is hiding the real culprit. Meryem and Shawaiz try to protect their loved ones and these two pure souls fell in love with each other.

2: Strawberry Smell (Cilek Kokusu):

Turkish dramas in Urdu

Burak is an heir to a rich family and has a girlfriend. However, he is always surrounded by other girls and does not mind it. His cousin often comes to rescue him. Asli belongs to a middle-class family and needs a job. Burak is stuck in a situation where he has to prove to his girlfriend that he does not have an affair with anyone.

When his girlfriend doubts Asli, he asks her to pretend his cousin’s girlfriend. Asli does not mind as she needs a job and also she has a crush on Burak’s cousin. With the passage of time, Asli and Burak come close to each other and they eventually fell in love. The drama is also available in English subtitles but it is also dubbed in Urdu/Hindi.

3: Full Moon (Dolunay) (2017):

Turkish dramas in Urdu

The story revolves around Ferit and Nazli. Ferit is a disciplined young businessman who is also strict in the matters of his household. Nazli is hired by Ferit as a chef in his house. They both are different from each other but their sincerity towards work and family is common. There are lots of family conflicts but they fell in love with each other. Ferit is serious about his family matters and Nazli is also a sincere person. There are many people in the family who want them to separate, but love conquers. This is one of the best Turkish dramas in Hindi that is also available with English subtitles.

4: My Left Side (Sol Yanim):

Turkish school series

It is the story of a girl who works hard to feed her mother. Her family is facing trouble after her brother died and her father left them. She enters the college and many people are attracted to her. She becomes a sensation, where she not only earned love but also enemies. She fell in love with a rich boy. However, his family causes lots of trouble and his ex girlfriend also tries her best to create misunderstandings. This is a short Turkish drama that is available in Urdu.

5: Hayat Murat (Ask Laftan Anlamaz) (Pyaar Lafzon Main Kahan):

Turkish dramas in Urdu

This is one of the most famous Turkish dramas in Urdu that is also available in English. The story revolves around two young people who belong to different social classes but eventually fell in love. Hayat is a lively girl who seeks a job in the Murat company under a false name. There are lots of arguments happens between them but they fell in love. In the beginning, they lack understanding, but with the passage of time, they learn many things.

6: The Promise (2019):

Turkish dramas in Urdu

It is the story of two people who are married without their will. The girl belongs to a poor family and gets married to a rich man. Initially, the man is not interested in her and his family also treats her like a servant. Gradually, they develop a bond and ultimately fell in love. There are lots of family conspiracies that become a challenge in their relationship. This is a Turkish drama where you will find an evil mother in law who just want to ruin the girl and it remains constant throughout the drama. The drama is long but still, people who love family drama amidst romance can watch it in Hindi.

7: Day Dreamer (Erkenci Kus) (2018):

Turkish dramas in Urdu

Another Turkish drama that people are in love with is Day Dreamer. The story is about a passionate lively girl Sanem who gets a job in Can’s company. The company is filled with passionate fashion designers and the atmosphere is good. They both are attracted to each other instantly. The drama is about career, love and relationship and it is worth watching. It is one of the most famous Turkish dramas in Urdu.

8: Black and White Love:

Turkish dramas in Urdu

The story revolves around a doctor Asli and Ferhat. Asli is forced by Ferhat to marry against her will. He kidnaps her and forces her to marry but he does not love her in the beginning. With the passage of time, they fell in love. Ferhat also understands the meanings of love and relationship. There is a lot of resistance, hate, jealousy and love in the drama. It is one of the famous Turkish dramas in Urdu on Youtube.

9: Emergency Pyar (2015):

Turkish dramas in Urdu

It is one of the rom com Turkish dramas in Urdu. The drama is about Nisan and Sinan who fell in love with each other despite their different natures. Nisan shifts to a new house where Sinan finds her irritating and he does not want to see her again. However, destiny has other plans as Nisan as an intern ends up in the same hospital where Sinan is a doctor. They have to work together and Sinan starts liking her personality.

10: Ishq e Mamnu (2008-2010):

Turkish dramas in Urdu

Ishq e Mamnu is the sad love story of many people. A young girl Bihter who gets married to an old man Adnan fell in love with the man’s nephew Behlul. Bihter marries Adnan with her will and initially tries her best to be a good wife and a good person to Adnan’s children. Behlul also lives in the same house and fell in love with Bihter. Initially, Bihter does not like him much but her age difference with Adnan creates a gap between them and she feels the need for a companion who can understand her.

Things become more complicated when Adnan’s young daughter also fell in love with Behlul. A young servant is also in love with Adnan’s daughter. They are all in a chain of love that they cannot get. They are all trapped in a series of tragic relationships and their ending is also not happy. This is one of the best Turkish dramas in Urdu that was very famous a few years back.

11: Bizim Hikaye Hamari Kahani (2017-2019):

Turkish dramas in Urdu

The story revolves around Filiz who has to take care of her five siblings as their mother has left them in poverty and their father does not care. Filiz takes responsibility as she is a sensitive girl who loves her siblings. Their father does nothing and is an alcoholic. Filiz has to take care of house chores, her siblings study and has to work to earn. She fell in love with Baris whose love only creates more disturbance in her life. The drama focuses on the hardship that the family faces due to poverty and relationships. Despite their social status, they still have lots of people who ruin their lives.

12: Herjai (Hercai):

Turkish dramas in Urdu

A girl is married to the love of her life but she is shocked to learn the truth about her newlywed husband who betrayed her. The man is taking revenge on her for an incident that happened in the past. he listens to his mother who wants to destroy the girl’s family. He is already married but betrays the girl However soon after marriage, he realizes the innocence of the girl and that she has nothing to do with his loss that happened in the past. This is another love story with lots of pain and a revenge plot.

13: Sunehri Titlian (2019):

turkish school dramas

The story revolves around three sisters whose mother is about to marry a second time. The mother cares about her daughters but she also wants the love of her life. The sisters have a good bonding but it is not easy for them to accept the new change. The story focuses on their school and love lives. It is youth based story and one of the most famous Turkish dramas in Urdu and Hindi.

14: Fatmagul (2010):

Turkish dramas in Urdu

Fatmagul is the story of a poor girl who is gang-raped. Her life is miserable and people tarnish her character. She is humiliated not only by society but by her sister in law. She decides to fight against those influential people who destroyed her life. A poor man Kerim is also involved in it but the court decides that she will marry that person. However later it reveals that Kerim is innocent and his rich friends trapped him. Kerim is the only poor man among his friend circle and his friends ditched him.

They find him an easy scapegoat. Kerim does not remember what happened that day but gradually realizes that he did not do anything. Fatmagul struggles hard to get back her self respect and confidence and Kerim starts supporting her. This is the story of love, trust, support and a fight for justice. This is one of the famous Turkish dramas in Urdu that was aired on the Pakistani channel.

15: The Girl named Feriha (2011-2012):

Turkish dramas in Urdu

It is the story of a poor girl who fell in love with a rich man. She has financial problems at home and apart from that, there is so much negativity around her. She hides the truth that she is the daughter of a maid in order to save herself from embarrassment. Feriha succeeds in getting a scholarship to an elite university where people are judged on the basis of their financial status. She hides her truth and fell in love with a rich guy Amir. However, her rivals find out the truth and she is humiliated by them.

Her family also forces her to marry another man. There are lots of hurdles in Feriha and Amir’s relationship because of social pressure, and differences in social status. It is one of the famous Turkish dramas in Urdu that was aired on the Pakistan channel and had immense popularity.

16: Tera Mera Pyaar (Afili Ask):

Turkish dramas in Urdu

This is a romantic comedy. The story revolves around a rich young man who is not interested in his father’s business. His father is worried about him and gets him married so he would become responsible. There are lots of funny and romantic scenes in the drama. This is one of the Turkish dramas in Urdu and Hindi on Youtube that you will enjoy.

17: Her Yerde Sen (EveryWhere I Go) (2019):

Turkish dramas in Urdu

This Turkish romantic comedy drama is about two young people who end up buying the same house. Selin and Demir end up buying the same house and now they both are owners with a 50 per cent share. Selin does not want to give up and decides to live in the same house. Things become more complicated and funny when Demir turns out their company’s new director. He strictly applies new rules including that no one in office will involve in a romantic relationship. Furkan Andic and Aybuke Pusat played the lead roles. This is one of the romantic comedy Turkish dramas in Urdu on Youtube.

18: Black Pearl (Siyah Inci) (2017-2018):

Turkish dramas

Black Pearl is one of the Turkish dramas in Urdu that is also available with English subtitles. The drama is about a couple who is about to marry but the girl Hazal is kidnapped by an obsessive rich man Vural who rapes her. Vural does it so that she will be forced to marry him. Kenan is heartbroken as he thinks Hazal betrayed him and Hazal hides that she is being raped. Hazal starts living with Vural but she is always hurt and tries to find a way to get rid of him. After Kenan has doubts about their relationship, he also tries to help Hazal.

19: Perfect Groom (2016):

Turkish dramas in Urdu

Perfect Groom is one of the mini Turkish dramas in Urdu. The story revolves around Melike who lives away from her family and lies to them that she has a great job with a house and a handsome fiance. When her family finally decide to meet her, she asks help from her boss’s fiance to pretend to be his fiance. This is one of the most enjoyable Turkish dramas in Urdu on youtube.

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