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6 Best Turkish Movies of All Time With English Subtitles

ByNaz khaliq

Mar 13, 2020
Turkish Movies

You probably have watched Turkish dramas, if not then you are missing many good stories. We are going to tell you about Turkish movies that you can watch and enjoy. Many of these Turkish films are available on Youtube.

People have access to entertainment across the world. After Turkish series are dubbed in Hindi and Urdu with English subtitles, People have become interested in more good content.

1) Oteki Taraf/ Hidden Face:

Best Turkish movie
Hidden face/ Otheki Taraf

 One of the most entertaining Turkish movies is Hidden Face which is a mystery crime thriller and you have to sit and watch it with curiosity that what will happen next.

Cetin and Ece are in love and soon they decide to marry each other. Sara is the boss of Cetin who also likes Cetin. After some time, we come to realize that they were both in a relationship, but Cetin did not take it seriously. He left the country and Sara had to go through loneliness and depression.

However, after his comeback, he announces his relationship with Ece. In the beginning, Sara seems to have no problem with the relationship. Cetin needs a job so that he would be able to provide Ece with the necessities of life. They decide to move on to a house. Sara offers a job to Cetin to help him. Cetin sees Sara as a friend who is also her co-worker and boss. However, Sara still loves him and she feels jealous of Ece.

Sara tries to create a misunderstanding between Ece and Cetin and she succeeds but Cetin with his love win Ece back.

However, suddenly Ece goes missing. She leaves a video message for Cetin and clears to him that she is leaving him because she is not happy with her life. Cetin goes into depression and Sara tries to console him. She even comes to Cetin’s house and starts living with him.

Whereat one side, Cetin loves Ece and he calls the police to investigate the matter but he starts living with Sara. Suddenly some strange kind of activity starts happening. Sara notices it first but she does not tell Cetin about it.  Police also suspect Cetin is involved in his wife’s disappearance and at one point it seems like this too. However, the doubt is on Sara too.

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So during all these happenings, these are the kind of assumptions that you can make:

Is Sara is involved in the disappearance of Ece, because she wants Cetin back?

Is the disappearance of Ece the deed of Cetin and Sara so that they can back together because Cetin now thinks that Sara is better?

Is Ece dead and her ghosts wandering in the house and it will cause harm to Cetin and Sara?

These all are the questions that come to our minds during the movie. Sara comes to know first about the real reason for all the voices in the house, however, she does not tell Cetin about it.

So what are these voices and what are the reasons for all this? as this is not some smooth love story. If you want to know about it, you have to watch this Turkish movie. We do not want to spoil the fun. It is available in English subtitles and you can watch it on Youtube.

2) You are my home/Evim Sensin:

Turkish movie, You are my home /Evim Sensin
You are my home/ Evim Sensin

You are my home is one of the Turkish movies that is about a woman (Leyla) who realizes that the man she was having a relationship with, is married. She apologizes to his wife and moves on in her life. She meets with another man (Iskendar) who is a carpenter and they both fall in love. There are many sweet memories of theirs. However, destiny has other plans and right after their marriage, the woman is diagnosed with dementia. She starts forgetting about many things and one day also about her husband. The movie has a sad ending.

However, the beautiful memories and the love bond they share till the end, make it a must-watch. You cannot control your tears but the movie is a beautiful depiction of love.

3) Water and fire/ Su ve Ates:

Turkish movie, Water and Fire, Su Ve Ates
Water and Fire/ Su Ve Ates

Water and fire is one of the Turkish movies that is about a young woman Yagmur who fell in love with a man Hasmet who has a shady business he killed someone and has an injury from that incident. The woman has no idea about it in the beginning. Later the Hasmet men threaten the girl to leave him so that he would marry a woman that can give benefit their business. Yagmur is pregnant but Hasmet has no idea. After threatening and trying to kill the child Yagmur run away.

Hasmet tries to find her but all in vain and he marries the other woman. One day he sees the Yagmur again but she says she is married and she has a kid from that marriage. Hasmet finds out that she is not married and quickly realizes that the son was his. They both clear the misunderstandings but Hasmet’s wife also finds out about it. However, the wife soon understands that his husband loves Yagmur so much. But until then, the hero is killed.

The Turkish movie Water and Fire ending can be explained as the movie ending with the marriage of Yagmur and Hasmet’s son. At the end of the movie, they show that they both meet. It seems the Yagmur is also dead at the end and she meets with Hasmet.

The depiction of the movie is beautiful as the whole story is written in a book.

4) Second chance/ İkinci Şans:

Turkish movie
Second chance/ Ikinci Sans

Second chance is one of the Turkish movies about a man who is in his 40’s and always in search of a young woman. He is a man of ambition but also a fun-loving person. He has a son who develops a friendship with a young girl. The young girl’s mother and this man meet and gradually they start to develop a feeling for each other.

They both share their life stories that how they could not manage to live with their life partners. Man proposes to the woman but she rejects him for the fear that he has great ambitions like her previous husband and he will leave him to like him. The man also realizes his love for his son whom he always neglected. In the end, the man finds the woman and makes her realize that he loves her. This is a beautiful Turkish love story and it makes us realize that love can happen at any age and can find you at any time.

5: Cute and Dangerous/ Sevimli Tehlikeli:

Turkish films
Cute and Dangerous/ Sevimli Tehlikeli

It is one of the light-hearted Turkish movies (romance and comedy) about a girl Zelis and boy Zarok whose destinies attach since childhood. The boy helps the goons to steal the baby girl for some purpose. Later he falls in love with the same girl. The girl has no idea that she is not the real child of her present family. The agenda of the man who has kidnapped her is to grab all the wealth of his dead wife. Later the boy helps the girl to be free from that man’s clutches and also to meet her real parents.

Watch the movie here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSxd4_OlG-c

6: Sedeca Sen (2014):

This is one of the most beautiful Turkish movies. The movie is about a retired boxer Ali and a blind girl Hazal. Ali seems to have anger issues but after his past is revealed it is clear that he has a heart of gold. Hazal lives alone and works in an office. After they meet, they fell in love with each other. Ali starts helping Hazal and he even thinks about her eye operation. Ali’s heart cannot bear Hazal’s discomfort and problems because of her eyesight. After making all arrangements, Ali gets into a boxing match and ends up in the hospital.

Hazal regains her eyesight but as she does not have any picture of Ali she could not find him. Hazal searches for Ali everywhere because she loves him so much. They both meet but Ali does not tell her however Hazal’s heart knows that he is near. After struggling for many days, Hazal’s love helps her to meet Ali. Her love encourages Ali to accept each other. The movie is available on Youtube with English subtitles.

These are our top favorite Turkish movies, you can share your favourite Turkish films.

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  1. Sadece sen is my favourite. Ibrahim Çelikkol is fantastic . It’s a beautiful love story between a blind girl and a very unhappy and disturbed underconfident ex boxer. Plz do review it.

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