12 Turkish Series with English Subtitles that You Can Watch on Youtube

We have a list of 12 Turkish series with English Subtitles that you can watch on Youtube. If you are looking for some good content, the Turkish series can provide you with lots of Entertainment. English subtitles help the audience across the world access good content. Here is our list of some Turkish series that you can watch with English subtitles on Youtube.

1: The Promise (Yemin) (2019):

It is one of the most famous Turkish tv series. The story is about two strangers who are forced to marry each other. Both belong to different social classes and it also creates lots of problems in them. Reyhan belongs to a poor family and Emir is from a rich family. while Reyhan tries her best to be fit in the new family, she has to face lots of problems and the cold behaviour of Emir. The family politics also make her life tough. This is one of the Turkish series with English subtitles that you can watch on Youtube and it has two seasons. The Promise is a family romance drama.

2: Last Summer (Son Yaz) (2021):

The story is about a prosecutor who has to protect the son of a criminal. the criminal promises to become eye witness for some major crimes and in return ask the prosecutor to keep his son close. The prosecutor is facing a serious problem in his marriage life ad is about to get a divorce. He comes back to his hometown along with the criminal’s son to persuade his wife. The criminal also fell in love with his young daughter. their love story is the highlight of the series. This is a crime romance Turkish drama.

3: The Agency (Menajerimi Ara) (2020-2021):

The story is about a determined girl Dicle whose father has let her and her mother. She is in need of a job while her father is enjoying his life with another wife ad daughter. Dicle reaches where his father lives and asks for his help for a job. She has tried everything and could not get any job. However, her father does not want anyone to know about her so he refuses. After a lot of struggle, Dicle finds a job where she has to prove herself and work 24/7. She gets work in a talent agency and deals with actors and actresses. Along with her, there are four other workers. This Turkish series has 45 episodes.

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4: Cherry (Kiraz Mevsami) (2014):

This is a romance comedy Turkish series. The story is about a girl Oyku who wants to become a successful fashion designer. She is in love with her childhood friend Mete but after realizing that he does not love her, tries to move on. A close friend of MEte fell in love with Oyku but she ignores him completely. In order to hide her feeling for Mete, they both pretend to be a couple and gradually fell in love with each other. This is one of the famous Turkish series with English subtitles and it is a romance comedy Turkish drama.

5: Marasli (2021):

The story is about a retired soldier Marasli who is living happily as a bookstore owner. His life changes after her daughter are shot. This incident changes his life completely, especially when she saves a woman life. After that day, he decides to find out the killer to get revenge and justice as well as he has to save the woman at every step. This is an action revenge Turkish tv series.

6: Flames of Fate (Alev Alev) (2020-2021):

This Turkish drama portrays the life of three women. These women have different problems in their lives and they are struggling with different circumstances. They are trying their best to find the happiness that they deserve. At one point in life, they cross their paths ad their life is changed completely.

7: My Left Side (Sol Yenim) (2020-2021):

The story is about a beautiful young girl Serra who is living with her mother after a tragedy. Her brother committed suicide and her father left them after bankruptcy. After an incident, Serra raises the curiosity of her university fellows who thinks she belongs to a rich family. the university famous boys start developing interest in her. However, this disturbs her life so much amidst all family problems. However, the best thing about Serra is she is a brave girl who can stand strong after all troubles. This is a Turkish romance family drama.

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8: Ankara (Teskilat):

The story is about 7 heroes who love their homeland and do everything for their country. These people are part of the National Intelligence Organization and can sacrifice their lives to protect their land. When the country security is at risk, the state hires them to find out about the conspiracy and protect the country.

9: The Fault (Ariza) (2020-2021):

Ariza is the story of Ali Raza who gets involved with a mafia. He is a taxi driver and his sister is about to marry when a girl sits in his car. The girl is running away from a mafia member who wants to marry her. Ali Raza protects her and beats mafia members. In revenge, he rapes Ali Raza sister. To take revenge of sister, he joins the mafia gang. This is an action romance thriller Turkish series.

10: Once Upon a time in Cyprus (2021):

This Turkish tv series is set in a time when violence leads to civil war between Turkey and Greek Cypriots. It is based on the resistance of Turkish Cypriots against Greek Cypriots. It shows the struggle of citizens to run for their lives and wish to live in peace. It is a Turkish historical drama.

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11: Endless Love (Kara Sevda) (2015):

Kara Sevda is a romantic Turkish tv series. The series revolves around the life of two young people who belong to two different social classes. The difference in their status become the reason for their misery. The girl is forced to marry a rich guy while the man is punished for things he never committed. This is one of the most famous Turkish series with English subtitles that you should not miss. But there is too much sorrow in this love story and the ending is also not what you expect.

12: Innocence (Masumiyet) (2021):

The story is about a woman who stands for her daughter to seek justice. A married woman believes that she is living a happy married life. But with the passage of time, it reveals that her husband is having an affair with a young woman in the office. The biggest heartbreak is for her when her daughter is in a coma and after that lost her memories. The man who is accused is one of the richest men in the city but he denies all allegations. There are lots of flashbacks and it becomes difficult to find out who is telling the truth. This is a psychological and mystery Turkish drama.

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