9 Tv Shows like Squid Game across the World to Watch Right Now

We have some Tv shows like Squid Game that you can watch if you love this Korean Thriller. Before we mention our list, let us tell you that most of these tv shows are filled with violence and bloodshed. Many of you must have seen the Korean thriller drama Squid Game, those who have not must have come across the scenes of it because of social media as it is in the news globally. Some of these games based tv shows are without bloodshed and violence but mostly can be disturbing for some people.

1: Liar Game (2014):

Liar Game is more of a psychological thriller game based tv show. It is a Korean psychological thriller and luckily there is no violence. The game is entirely based on the psyche of participants but like other games shows, there is betrayal. The participants can only win the game by betraying others and just like other games based tv shows, the participants are selected by some mysterious person. The story processes when a college girl is invited to play the game and participates in the game with a former con artist. Liar Game cast includes Kim so-eun, Shin Sung-rok and Lee Sang-yoon in lead roles and it has 12 episodes.

2: Battle Royale (2000):

Battle Royale is one of the Japanese action thriller game based films. A school teacher Kitano kidnaps a class and tell them that they have to participate in Battle Royale. They have three days until someone wins and of course, others are filled. Those students who disobey will be killed by explosive material. The movie is based on a novel written by Koushan Takami.

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3: Danganronpe: The animation (2013):

This is one of the game based animations. The animation is based on the video game Daganronpe: Trigger Happ Havoc. The story revolves around 16 students who are locked into their high school. The students are trapped and threatened by an anthropomorphic bear who gives them a task to kill other students. They can only escape if they kill some f their fellow ad not to be caught by anyone.

4: The Hunger Games (2012):

The Hunger Games is also one of the games based tv shows and it is set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic time. Competition is held every year in which a boy and a girl are forced to fight until one of them is dead. They are forced to do this because they revolted against the government but failed. Everything changes when a girl Katniss takes the place of her sister to play these deadly games. The Hunger Games cast includes Jenifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth in lead roles.

5: Cube (1997):

The film plot revolves around five strangers who wake up one day in a room. They do not know how they go into it. They start exploring the area around them and try to connect the dots. They also realize that they all are chosen for some reason. The participants have to find a way to get out as well s to save themselves from a deadly atmosphere. Cube is one of the Canadian game based films that is a horror thriller. The cast includes Nicole de Boer, Nickey Guadagi, David Hewlett, Andrew Miller

6: As the God’s Will (2014):

This is one of the horror game based films from Japan. The film is about a high school student who always plays violent games but one day he is forced to play these kinds of games. If he loses in this game, he will die. A button appears on his back and if someone would press it, the game will be stopped. However, everyone dies and he is the only one who is left stuck in this deadly game. The deadly games continue after one stage and more people are trapped in these games.

7: Alice in the Borderline (2020):

Alice in the Borderline is a Japanese games based tv show. It is an action thriller Japanese drama that is based on Manga of the same name. The story is about three high students who are chased by police at night ad after a while they find themselves stuck in game like situation. They are joined by two women who tell them that they cannot leave the city s they will be killed by some hidden laser. If someone wins, he will enter into a new stage and if someone loses, they would be killed. The drama has 8 episodes and it is getting more famous after people come to know about it due to Squid Game.

8: The Platform (2019):

A man wakes up in a concrete cell and he is marked with a number. He is told by another person who is already present in the cell that they will be assigned to a new level each month and they are in a self-care unit. The food that is provided to them reaches after being eaten by upper-level members. They can only eat what is left by other members and they are punished by increasing or decreasing of temperature. Gradually, they try to kill each other in order to survive. The Platform is a Spanish science fiction horror film based on games.

9: Squid Game (2021):

One of the game based tv shows that changed the game for the Korean Entertainment Industry is Squid Game. The popularity that this game based tv show got is unimaginable. The story is about a large group of people who are invited to participate in a game competition. After the first game, they come to know that this is a matter of life and death. Only the most intelligent one will survive. Amidst all this, they have to keep themselves safe from other participants as everyone will save themselves and can kill anyone. Squid Game cast includes Ho Yeon Jung, Lee Jung-je, Wi Ha-joon in lead roles. However there re many participants that people loved. It has 9 episodes.

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This is our list of tv shows like Squid Game, however, there is no doubt that none of these shows could reach the popularity level of Squid Game.

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