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Mythical Creatures fantasy | Here are 7 types of Mythical Creatures

ByNaz khaliq

Oct 22, 2020
Mythical creatures
Mythical creatures

Mythical creatures are the ones that are not proven by science or reality and they came to us from folklore but people fantasize some of them as friends, saviours or even as lovers. Fork lore is “the traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community passed through the generations by word of mouth” Oxford.

Many of us have encountered these Mythical creatures through Disney and later from the world of entertainment in the form of movies or dramas. Some of these Mythical creatures are horrifying and termed as deadly to human existence, they try to harm humans while others are known as friendly.

In movies, some times the same creature is presented as friendly and sometimes as enemies. These creatures are often fantasied as love partners and there are many love stories of these creatures with human beings that can be seen in movies, dramas or books. There are many Mythical creatures but we have included 7 types of mythical creatures in our list.

1: Mermaids:

famous Mythical creatures

There are countless movies and series on Mermaids, in fact, Disney has also presented Mermaids as beautiful creatures. Mermaids are famous mythical creatures that have the head of a human and the body of a fish. The representation of Mermaids from beautiful creatures to evil creatures can be seen in various movies. Where we have the innocent, beautiful and kind-hearted Ariel from Disney land, we have some evil ones from the latest English series The Sirens. Of course, The Siren has both good and evil but its representation is surely different from other series.

As for their existence in real life, it is assumed that only some per cent of the sea and its life is discovered and who knows what is hidden in the deep layers of oceans and sea. There are countless series on Mermaids and on their love stories with humans. Mermaid is definitely one of the most fascinating mythical creatures.

2) Unicorn:

Mythical creatures

Unicorn is a mythical creature who looks like a horse with a horn on his forehead. It is described as a beautiful creature and kids often fantasize about them. Unicorns are mostly presented in Animated or cartoon series where evil people are also in search of their horns. They live far away from the human world but sometimes human search for them in order to get their horns because it has healing powers. (It is assumed as so)

3) Fairies:

Mythical creatures

Animated or Cartoons series are filled with Fairies and no mythical show is completed without them. Fairies have magical powers that can turn Cinderella into a rich beautiful person or they can be cute little beautiful fairies like Tinker Bell. Anyone can wish to have these fairies to fulfil their wishes or the Jinnie of Aladdin. (of course, Jinnie is not a fairy but still, it can serve the purpose)

4) Pegasus:

Mythical creatures

Most people know about Pegasus from Hercules animated movie or game. Pegasus is a mythical creature that looks like Horse but it can fly. The difference between Unicorn and Pegasus is Unicorn has a horn on its forehead while Pegasus has wings to fly. Pegasus is also present in various Barbie animated movies too. Pegasus is one of the mythical creatures in Greek mythology which is depicted as a divine creature who is the offspring of the Olympian god Poseidon.

5) Werewolves:

Mythical creatures

This is again from those mythical creatures that humans fantasize to have as their lovers, yes you heard us right. Wolves were once known to be cruel and humans were afraid of them, they still are. But the portrayal of Werewolves in the movies and dramas has changed the whole concept.

Romanticizing of Were Wolves with humans became popular with the movie Twilight where people shipped Jacob with Bella and it continues with the female Werewolves in The Original. Werewolves are the kind of wolves that just like Vampires can live thousands of years and can turn into humans.

6) Dragons:

Mythical creatures

Dragons are mythical creatures that can attack you with fire coming from their mouths. Dragons are also part of Chinese culture where there are festivals held by representing them. Dragons are mostly portrayed as evil however some series like The Game of Thrones or animated series like How to Train your Dragon to give you some hope that you can take benefit from them. If these Dragons really exist and you would be able to train them, they can definitely save you from evil people and you can also rule the world (good fantasy right).

7) Vampires:


Vampires were not part of folklore, at least not part of Greek mythology or like other mythical creatures. However, these belong to that creature that we fantasize about a lot, especially after Twilight or the famous Vampire series The Vampire Diaries. There are many other dramas and movies where vampires are presented as hot, handsome hunks that many girls have fantasized about and wish to have by their side.

If we talk about the real existence of Vampires, there are a few humans who like to drink the blood of other humans. Of course not as they are shown in the series but there are humans who are cannibals but it is not proven that they cannot be killed unless there are vampire hunters or they cannot be out in the sunlight or they can live thousands of years.

Maybe some people after getting inspiration from these series and in the hope to live thousands of years with the beauty of youth adopt vampires’ way of life. Whatever the authenticity of their existence, it is true after watching countless series on Vampires, people fantasize to have them in their lives.

So what is your mythical creature fantasy? What do you think can actually exist in real life from the above-mentioned creatures?

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