Vagabond: an action thriller South Korean drama of Bae Suzy reveals a big conspiracy

Vagabond is a 2019 Action thriller South Korean Drama originally aired on SBS and now available on Netflix too. The cast includes Lee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy and Shin Sung-rok.

Netflix Vagabond starts with the struggle of the Cha Dal Jeon (hero of the drama) played by Lee Seung-gi whose nephew got killed in a plane crash. However this plane crash is not an accident, it is due to the conspiracy of the high level that Cha Dal Jeon realizes soon.

The drama has 16 episodes however there will be upcoming season soon as the business is not finished yet. South Korea and Morocco are two main places where they have done the shooting of the drama.

Chal Dal Jeon- Go Hae Ri- Ki Tae Woong

The story is about the war between two big companies of South Korea who wants to take the project of national defense and to win this, they are ready to do anything. The plane crash is part of this conspiracy and the circle is so wide that it is not easy to break it.

Go Hae Ri played by Suzy is an agent in NIC but she is not much appreciated for her work. However, after meeting with Chal Dal Jeon, they both start connecting all the missing dots of the plane crash.

However, the issue is not that simple that can be resolved easily. In this conspiracy, higher government officials are also involved and many police officers and secret agency members also work for these traitors.

Vagabond is about those conspiracies that are beyond the imagination of the public and they have no idea what is reality and what is not. It also shows that the huge miseries and lots of people do not have any value for some people who only want power.

The plane crash killed over 200 people and there are almost 15 children who were going to participate in some championship. However, there are people who get benefit from this incident and some were involved behind this plane crash. These people have also connection outside of the country and they can forge or change proof.

Where Vagabond is filled with action and thriller, it is stretched. The drama has 16 episodes however the last episode of the drama shows that there will be an upcoming season too.

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There are so many conspiracies that sometimes mind confuse who is with whom and who is bribing whom to hide the dirty secrets.  From the government officials to the people who should work for justice everyone is involved in this dirty work.

The drama is a little bit stretched as it is not easy to fight against the evils whose roots are deep and spread from higher to lower level however for some audience it can be frustrating at some point.

Chal Dal Jeon is an ordinary person who works as a stunt man whose life turn upside down after her nephew got killed. He is not only brave but also intelligent who overpower the ability of agency members. Ki-Tae Woong played by Shin Sung-rok works for the agency and sticks to morals and justice until the end.

Female characters of Vagabond

Female Characters of Vagabond:

The female characters are strong.  Go Hae Ri who realizes her worth after meeting with Chal Dal Jeon, sticks by his side and tries to do everything for justice. They show at the end of season 1, that she is now with Jessica, the bad one, however, there will be some other side of the story in season 2.

Jessica played by Moon Jeong hee who seems to be the most powerful woman in Vagabond, in fact until the end, it seems that she is the only one who is the worst human on earth and behind this plane crash. She manipulates and threatens every minister and succeeds in winning the project.

Bae Suzy

Until she reaches in jail and the audience realizes that the real culprit behind the plane crash is someone else, she is evil but she is not behind the plane crash. At the end of season 1, she bonds with Go Hae Ri and we know that new things are going to happen next season.  

Lilly played by Park Ah-in who is hired by Jessica to kill Chal Dal Jeon, she tries to do her best to kill him. However, luck and intelligence of Chal Dal Jeon save him every time.  Lilly is also the bad female character of Vagabond that is liked by the audience for her bad moves and action stunt.

Trailer of Vagabond available on Netflix

 By the end of season 1, the audience also sees a new female villain in the form of Mickey played by Ryu Won whose true identity reveals at the end. Mickey seems to be a good person, however, she is one of the members of this vicious cycle.

If you are a fan of action and thriller, then Vagabond is for you.

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