Villains and Heroes: Good characters are stupid and Villains outshine everywhere

Villains and Heroes are the two most important pillars that make some projects strong. However Good characters in dramas or movies are shown as stupid or at least boring while Villains outshine everywhere.

Why positivity is always stupid or boring and negativity and villainous characters are always more intelligent? Not only intelligent, but they also have a better fashion sense and are more stylish than positive characters.

This type of portrayal of characters is not limited to one country. I have watched almost or at least 6 to 7 different countries dramas or movies and I came to this conclusion. Positive and good-hearted characters are not intelligent especially in Indian or Pakistani dramas, they are unable to understand the conspiracies of the negative characters. Or I would say they are supposed to be innocent and naive who are unable to do or see anything wrong.

While negative characters (Villains or shaded characters) seem and show as more intelligent who in spite of their evilness easily come out of any situation. They give a good makeover to these characters and even if the positive characters are beautiful their beauty fade in front of negative characters.

Negative characters use their mind in plotting, planning, and conspiracies and positive characters are even unable to figure that out. It is possible at the end of some projects that finally positivity and goodness get success but only if there is the last episode of last season.

This is the main reason the villain outshines the hero or heroine. Instead of getting too much hate for their negative characters, many times villain gets more recognition than the hero/heroine.

Goodness is always on loss, no matter how hard the good characters try. Villains always come out and take control of things.

Too much positivity seems suspicious to me at least. It seems like too good to be true if I see a person who sugarcoats every situation a pretend nothing this world hurt him/her. We, humans, are born with mixed emotions. It is hard to find a person who never has any issue or problem with anyone.

The female characters in Pakistani and in Indian drama portray those humans who can only cry over their miseries. It shows that if you are a good human you have to face every difficulty in this world and peace will be only in the grave. If you are a bad person you have the power to get anything you want.

Although at the finishing point, they show that finally positivity and goodness have won and negative and villains meet their ends. Although in the world, it is not always true. It is also frustrating and boring to watch continuous and non-stop miseries and cries.

I know every person taste is different and the views and likes on these dramas show that these are really popular but still those who have tasted strong content and powerful characters especially the female in English or Korean or even in Pakistani dramas, they have lost their interest in these kinds of crying soaps.

Moreover where it is written that a positive person cannot have a good fashion sense and has no interest in dressing or do makeup. What fashion or good dressing sense has to do with positivity? Where it is written that only bad people can wear attractive clothes and can do makeup and good people especially women only know how to serve humanity by tolerating every injustice.

Working all day and getting tired by seeing and hearing incidents of abuses, rapes fights we need something that can relieve our stress and we can enjoy some moments.

I have no issue regarding highlighting the social issues in dramas, I have issues when they show what we already know and there is no strong solution of that and it is the only last episode where the truth finally wins.

It means if you are a good person or if God forbid something bad happens to you, your whole life gets wasted in seeking justice and justice will prevail when you will be on your deathbed.

Who can forget the flawless performances by South Korean villains, English Villains, Turkish villains, Pakistani villains and even when I used to watch Indian serials, many times it was Villains who attracted my attention. https://dribblingthoughts.com/ironic-quotes-and-irony-in-netflix-you/

How many of us and how many times, we like the negative character more than the positive one. It is not because we are inclined towards negativity or evil, its because how their characters are written and portrayed. Especially the way they portray negative men characters is remarkable.

Dramas should have content that would be unpredictable in the sense that we have to sit, placing the palm on cheeks and eyes are wide open to see what will happen next. Apart from negative characters, many people also like shaded characters more because that seems them more realistic.

Many people also love to watch that stuff in which there is a strong portrayal of women. What is the use of watching miseries of a daughter-in-law or any women and start getting negative vibes of being a woman?

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