Korean Drama Vincenzo 7 Reasons to Watch It

Korean drama Vincenzo cast includes famous names like Song Joong-ki, Jeaon Yeo-been, Ok Taecyeon and Kwak Dong-Yeon. Here are 7 reasons to watch Vincenzo if you want to entertain yourself.

Vincenzo is one of the most entertaining Korean drama right now and it is a full package. You can find all elements including comedy, action, crime, thriller, romance and secrets. If you are interested in Korean drama, then there is no chance you are not watching the Korean drama Vincenzo.

1) The Villains of Vincenzo:

Let’s talk about the Villains first. Since the drama is a crime thriller, it has mafia and gangs. There are many villains, as the more a drama has villains, the more it is interesting to see diversity in villainous. (sound crazy right)

The Handsome Soft Villain:

Jang Han-seo is innocent and has a soft heart. He does not like killing people but he wants to take over the business. However, his brother Jang Jun-woo is a cruel man who after doing crimes make him confess them. He is our handsome soft Villain.

The Cruel villain (But handsome too) :

Jang Jun-woo is a certified psychopath but he is hidden under a soft personality. He shows his affection for Hong Cha-young but he does crimes that you cannot beleive. He does not beleive in forgiving and he can do anything wrong to make things right for him.

The Comic Villains:

Park Seok-do and his team are our comic Villains. When they first enter in Vincenzo, we think they will cruel, but gradually they add comic in the drama. They come to take over the building, but soon it becomes their habit to interfere in the matters of inhabitants.

2) The Supporting Characters in Vincenzo:

The Enthusiastic and Loyal Agents:

We cannot forget these enthusiastic and hard workers who will do anything. They have so much energy in them that you enjoy their presence on screen. Ahn Gi-seok and Seo Mi-ri keep an eye on everything and nothing is hidden from them. They just wait for the right moment to take action.

We Love You Man

3) Strong Females:

Strong Female that make you hate her: (Beauty with Beast intentions)

Ms Choi we hate you but we cannot forget how strong you are as a female Villain. This strong female will make you hate her but this shows how the character is portrayed. Ms Choi can also go to the extreme to support her partners, but the thing is she is just trying to save herself for not being killed.

Strong Female Lead that Make you fall in love with her (Beauty with Brain):

Hong Cha-young is not an ordinary female lead. She can use her brain at the right moment. She is intelligent and strong and knows how to pay back. She knows how to compete in her career and how to face bullies. She is crazy sometimes but her craziness gives us major goals to be strong and independent.

4) Partners in Crimes:

Ms-Choi and Han Seung:

Ms Choi and Han Seung are partners in crime in the beginning. Han Seung could not think how it will be a nuisance for him to bring Choi into his company. She takes his position and become the favourite of our Villain Jang Jun-woo.

Ms-Choi and Jang Jun-woo:

Ms Choi knows by taking sides of Jang Jun-woo, she will be successful but more than that she will be saved. She does everything he wants and tries to save him. Jang un-woo has only one person who is loyal to him and it is Ms Choi (atleast for now).

Cho Young-woon and Vincenzo:

Cho Young-woon and Vincenzo are also partners in crime. They are the only people who know where gold is hidden. Although, Young-woon tries to double cross Vincezo but our Vincenzo is intelligent and he knows how to handle it.

Han Seung-hyuk and Jang Han-seo:

Seung-hyuk knows that Han-seo is not as intelligent as his brother who is a cruel person. He tries to use him by taking his side. He makes him believe that Han-seo can kill or take the position of his brother Jun-woo. He joins hands with him to save himself and acquire a big and permanent position in the company.

5) Partners in Solving Crimes:

Where there are partners in crimes, there are also partners in solving crime. Vincenzo and Cha-young have the upper hand but the supporting cast is so good that we cannot ignore their talent and effort.

Nam Joo-sung, Vincenzo and Cha-Young:

Nam Joo-sung can stay awake the whole night to gather information on any case. He stands by Cha-young side after her father died. These three are the name of trust and put faith in each other.

The Other Cast that is more than Supportive:

6) Two Intelligent and Strong Individuals as a Couple:

Many times it happens in dramas, that one person is more intelligent or stronger than the other. In the case of Vincenzo and Cha-young is that type of couple who are mentally strong enough. They both know how to handle the situations. They have a mature understanding of each other even before they realize their feeling.

7) The Hero that Gets Villains by Hook or By Crook:

Song Joon-Ki is playing the role of Vincenzo and he is not an ordinary Korean drama hero. He can get Villains by hook or by Crook and we love him for this. Vincenzo is not only winning the hearts of his people in the drama but also our hearts. Do not believe his innocent face, he can crack your bones too.

These are our reasons to watch Vincenzo. What’s Yours?

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