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Weight loss Journey is Not as Easy as it seems so Appreciate the Effort

ByNaz khaliq

Jan 31, 2020
Weight loss

Losing weight is not as easy as it seems when we watch it on youtube. There are hundreds of life stories of people who struggled with weight loss. This really inspires me and I wish to do that right now. However next morning the same thing happens after all bad habits cannot go all at once.

My own personal experience compels me to appreciate those people even more who have lost weight or are successfully doing it.

I have experienced it myself and I must say it is not easy to leave your favorite food especially if you are fond of eating fast food and have sweet touch. Moreover, it is not easy to work out even its for half-hour. It is very difficult to leave your habits and if it is of eating fast food, chocolates, Icecream, and brownies then you are ruined.

It is not easy if you think food satisfies you when you are in distress and it is not easy to stay away from it if you feel if you will not eat your favorite pizza, burger or chocolate, you cannot concentrate on your work.

It is not easy to daily workout whether it is in the gym or in your house. It needs lots of patience, regularity, and routine. It seems like a mission and you can only do it if you think losing weight is the matter of life and death for you.

I know we should not do body shaming to anyone, but as fat/ overweight is causing lots of health issues especially to women in the matter of conceiving it has become a necessity. However, weight loss is not a matter of some days.

All the videos that we daily see (i also see a lot) that we can lose weight in a few days, believe me, it is not possible. However if someone do it, the weight will come back to you like Karma. The only way to lose it to develop a habit of healthy eating and do regular workout and believe me it is not easy as it seems. you should be a person of strong will and determination.

Weight loss
weight loss/ burn fat

This is the reason, I really appreciate and feel happy for people who have lost hundreds or even some KGs. If someone lose some KG’s that is great and those who lose hundred of lbs, they are respectable for me. After losing weight, you become a totally different person and your features become visible more. This is the reason many people become more beautiful after losing weight. I have a huge round of applause for all those people.

I personally prefer a body with no bulky fat from anywhere but I am not so fond of lean bodies like zero sizes ( i can just prefer, unable to do it). However, if a person feels he/she should go down to a certain level, it depends on its personal preference. After all, it’s your body and you own it. However, weight loss should be healthy.

Portion control is the best method that I think we can adopt for a lifetime. It means you can eat many things but in portions. However, by this method you have to adopt it as a lifestyle and it can help you to maintain your weight.

Moreover, I thought that if since childhood we develop a habit of physical activities in children, it can save them from trouble in the future. I know, in the current social atmosphere we cannot allow our children to go out and play with other children, run after each other. However, at least we can develop in them a habit of doing one or two physical exercises daily.


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