Quarantine: Calm Introverts, Anxious Extroverts and 6 things to do

Quarantine is some kind of restriction that prohibit people to roam/wander outside of their houses or shelter. Its main purpose is social-distancing and basically it applies to people to prevent some sort of disease.

Quarantine has become the latest most popular word due to COVID-19 and even people who did not know about it finally knew its meaning (practically).

The main purpose of quarantine is to prevent social mingling and promote social distancing so that any kind of disease will not spread from humans to humans or to other living beings.

Problems that both Extroverts and Introverts are facing in quarantine:

However, Social distancing is not a new thing for people who do not like social mingling. The most popular community is introvert. Yes, they make a community, as many people do not like to go outside willingly. They do not like crowds, meet strangers or parties and they are called introverts.

Although introvert is something that Pakistani families do not approve of. Introverts have to meet their relatives (but they try their best not to). They are forced to go to weddings and to their relative houses on Eid too but somehow they manage.

For introverts, meeting new people inside their house is as much difficult as going out of their house. Even sometimes they do not like to go outside of their rooms. They do all the things in their daily routine that now everyone is following.

While there are serious issues as in the case of daily wagers and business of the world is also on halt, if we see the fun side, nothing changed for introverts.

They get up on the same routine, eat at on the same timing, do the same work as reading books, watching shows or even work online from home. Days are passing for them as same as it was before the quarantine.

Extroverts are the ones who are going through misery as they are so used to going outside, do parties, eat at restaurants and meeting friends. For them, quarantine is like living in jails where you cannot even go outside of your rooms.

Where the government is trying their best to keep people inside of their homes, some kind of extroverts is creating problems. Where on one side, daily wagers are anxious about their earning, as they are also coming out of their houses daily) these extroverts are for fun trying their best to go outside and take the fresh breath. It is very difficult for them to be inside the house.

However there is one problem that introverts are also facing, it’s the suddenly returning of all the people that were working or studying outside to their homes. Now the thing is, even in the house where there are 3,4 siblings, introverts are facing the problem. Extroverts are trying their best to pass their quarantine days by trying to mingle with introverts and introverts are feeling uneasy by the permanent presence of extroverts.

The only group that is not disturbed by this social distancing is the introverts. They do not need to buy any different things before the lock-up, neither they had to plan for things to do. They are going on according to their routine.

Introverts on daily basis are advised by other people to go outside sometimes as it is necessary to maintain social relations. Now its high time or a lesson for extroverts to practice how to live inside of the house calmly and happily.

Things you can do during this quarantine:

Although we believe it’s okay if you do not do anything productive, It’s okay if you just lay down all day and watch movies or sleep. But we can suggests you something that you can try every day to change the routine and it is especially for extroverts.

  1. Self- care:

You should do self- care. Many would be out there who are even do not washing their faces because they do not have to go to work or to universities. But this is the time when you can apply healthy face masks or hair mask. Your skin is free without any makeup, you can make it even better by taking care of it. You can do some stretch at home too.

2) Read books:

Yes, we know you are hearing it here and there and everywhere that read books this quarantine. In fact, you can also notice it that people are reading a lot of books in this quarantine. It’s okay if you are bored after reading a few lines, give it a try when you want to read. Non-Fictional books can also increase your knowledge. You can also try to write about different things.

3) Earn online:

This is another thing you can try by making an account on some earning websites and there is a number of out there. There you can work and earn too. It will increase your knowledge and you can also get some extra money.

4) Start some website or Channel:

You can also start some website or channel on YouTube. We Know a large number of people are doing this these days, and many will leave it when they will back to their routine life. By entering into this business, you will at least know how all these websites and channels work and what is the actual source of their news. Probably you will learn that how you were helping these how channels and websites to earn money. One thing you must consider that this is not easy and it does not even work for all people. Many do struggle for more than one year to earn.

5) Learn cooking, stitching or other skills:

You can also learn from Youtube how to cook or stitching. As there are many channels out there who can help you to learn man things. you can even plant new flowers and learn gardening. you can learn how to change bulbs or change switches. You can try to learn everything that you never could get a chance to learn.

6) Spend time with your family:

Although in this modern age, it has become difficult for people to bear each other and many are finding it difficult to spend time with their family. But many are out there who are actually liking the idea of spending time with family.

Husbands can observe how their wives are taking care of children and their homes especially in Pakistani society, where wives do all the chores. Those husbands who were always angry because of workload they can relax and spend time with their family. It is a good time to understand each other better.

We suggest you go with the flow and make it easy, you do not have to pressurize yourself and you can do one thing at a time or even for one hour. You can spend hours of your day doing different kinds of things and also watch lots of Tv shows. Men should help women in house chores instead of ordering food and tea all day. Children should spend some hours with their parents.

After this quarantine, people will definitely find new passions or their hidden talents will be visible that they will practice from time to time. If not, they should.

Maybe people will now stop underestimating the talent of introverts and they will understand them better.
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