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Women’s Rights and Using Religion to justify attitude towards women

Women’s rights and the way people are using religion Islam is indeed showing the hypocrisy of Pakistani society.

I am actually fed up with all the ongoing argument continued from at least four to five days on women protest/ Aurat Azadi March and on Women Rights in Pakistan. I did not want to talk about it again. However, one thing compelled me to write on it again to clear one thing.

I have talked enough in my previous article on Aurat Azadi March, about its last year’s protest, Women’s rights, and new issues. Read here

I have cleared that I do not like degradation whether it is regarding women or men.

It is common between the fight of two persons that people cannot decide who to choose. They are unable to understand it is necessary always to take a side. Two people at the same time can be wrong and it is not compulsory for you to take a side, you can leave the argument, you can leave the place. Yes, people can say that you are using diplomacy but it can save you from choosing the wrong or less wrong side and use your energy in some useful activity. This is the need of the hour.

In the protest against Aurat Azadi March, one argument that has become a nuisance for me is using Islam’s name to serve the purpose and agenda to show anger against this March. I am sorry to say but the favorite hobby of Pakistani people is to use religion to justify their wrong deeds (especially men).

Whereat one side, men think that they are almost like God as their new favorite religious and moral scholar (sarcasm intended) Khalil-Ur-Rehman made this statement stronger than before. I even do not know the woman who was in an argument with him but I saw her abusing tweets. I don’t support abuses or abusers no matter what would be the good cause.

Anyways people are saying that Islam has already given rights to women hundred of years ago and there is no need to demand or ask for Women’s rights. I want to ask all those people to open your eyes and look into your toxic society to what extent you are following Islam rules or at least dare to look into the mirror. By associating it with religion, you are just trying to hide the real problems and real issues.

Difference between Islamic teachings and Our Toxic society regarding women’s rights:

Let me give you some examples and I will try to make a difference between Islamic teaching and what our toxic society tries to force on women. I will also try to show the difference between society’s attitude towards women’s rights.

  • Islam has given the right of inheritance to women. Does our toxic society give this right? No. Threats, emotional blackmailing do wonders in this case.
  • Islam forbids taking dowry. Does our toxic society follow this teaching? No. Men’s family finds a pray who can bring with her from spoon to car and everything that exists on this planet.
  • Islam orders to lower your gaze (for men too). Men of our society do not look at women? So, who does all the rapes of women and even children? who is sexually assaulting them? Who is scanning them even in a veil everywhere?
  • Islam forbids women nudity and the same rules apply to men too. If Islam forbids unnecessary talk of women to men then the same rules apply to men too.
  • Its true Islam has given the definition of good and bad women (for men too). Prostitution is wrong and what about men who go there, how are they pure? They are not and it is written in the Quran too.
  • Islam says to get the knowledge and it does not discriminate between men or women. Women in Islam and at the time of the Holy Prophet(S.A.W) done business too.

Where Islam forbids women for doing certain things, many things apply to men too. But men try to overshadow women’s rights by abusing and by assassinating her character. Show me one verse, where the Quran says that (God forbid me) men are allowed to abuse, cheats, drink, smoke and whatever he wants to do, but women cannot. According to Islam, rules are applied to both.

Show me one verse, where Islam says (God forbids) if women are going naked or even not in the proper dress in which you think she should be in (that you think according to your needs), you can sexually assault her or rape her.

Husbands can cheat on wife and wife has to live with him even when he is a drunk man or he is a gambler. If a woman will dare to ask for a divorce, the whole society will eat her alive. Do not ever think about cheating, because this special privilege is only granted to men. A woman has the courage to forgive her husband but a husband cannot and his fragile ego is broken.

If you think you are superior then the responsibility increases on your side. I am not talking about all men. I am getting my rights because of my father who is still earning day and night and my brother who always supported his sister and there would be many like me. I know there are thousands of women who are enjoying their rights. I still have a problem with those men who did not learn how to behave nicely with a woman who is outside of her home.

I have talked about enough regarding what kind of rights mostly women of Pakistan are not getting. However, I am summarizing it again.

Rapes, sexual assaults, acid attacks, kidnapping, burning women because of dowry, beating women to show masculinity, taking advantage of women when in a relationship, mistreating women on wedding nights even injure them, ask for abortion if its girl, demand for dowry, chasing them on social media or trying to befriend with them and when they are not interested tag them as bad women, harassing women on workplace and in educational institutions. You are unable to see a woman other than a sexual object whether she is covered or whether she is naked, whether she is on-road, or whether she is hiding behind the screen of a computer.

Oh, this woman is bad, she is impure. she is a prostitute. These actresses are sleeping with everyone. They are impure and bad women. Ok, then who are those they are sleeping with? Who is watching their movies/shows day and night and Jerking on it? Who is talking about their body parts everywhere? If Islam has forbidden women to do it, the same religion applies rules on men too. There is no discrimination by Allah on the matter of punishment.

Men have included good and bad women in discourse and have made a dictionary, where is bad and good men dictionary? It is in the Holy Quran but our society keeps hiding it.

I have a problem with the hypocrisy of men where they try to show to the world that Islam is some religion that everyone should afraid of because it allows Muslims to treat their women like this. Believe me, it is not. Its the toxic masculinity of our toxic society where men use the verses of the Quran as pr their desires and wishes. Where people prefer to show off as a Muslim rather than becoming one. Where people get emotional on the name of religion Islam, but their acts are totally against it.

Islam has given enough rights to women that if you focus more on giving rights the society will be more peaceful.

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