Zindagi Tamasha|Daring Pakistani Movie and Tamasha on it

Zindagi Tamasha (one can interpret it as life is a play or it is a circus or joke) is a banned Pakistani movie. The movie is produced by Sarmad Khoosat and is currently banned because of its controversial content. The reason according to most people is that it is targetting ( humiliating, ridiculing) a specific respectable profession of an Islamic country.

If the movie is controversial then doing a discussion on it can be controversial. However, here are our thinkings on Zindagi Tamasha (the banned Pakistani movie):

The discussion that one can see around on Zindagi Tamasha is more on:

  • It should be banned because it is mocking the Islamic principles.
  • It should be banned because it is humiliating a sacred profession.

We respect personal choices and opinions however there is no humiliation in presenting a real picture of something. The real humiliation is you are not following the Islamic rules, you are just showing off to the society that how pious and religious you are. Although Zindagi Tamasha is not humiliating Islam, it is only the perception of some people who do not believe in following Islamic rules but can protest without understanding.

Why there are no debates regarding that yes this is reality. Yes, there are some people from this profession too that are a stigma on the face of Islam.

The issue is more about why they are criticizing or even presenting a specific group in the movie Zindagi Tamasha, rather than criticizing or focusing on if no Muslims have ever done anything wrong or not.

It seems like that, that all the rapes, murders, child abuse, theft, robberies are not done by any Muslim in Pakistan. If we dare to talk about that specific group that is obviously respectable to us too, but we cannot close our eyes to the fact that there are cases of child abuse/rapes from this most respectable and religious group.

No life (Zindagi) is not a joke ( tamasha) but these people have made Islamic rules a joke. They want that all people should consider respectable but they do not act according to Islamic rules. The same goes for common Muslim men, their blood boils when someone mocks Muslims and Islamic rules but they do not want to act upon it.

People want movies for entertainment and their tiny brains cannot think that a good writer does not talk about surface things. It means there is depth in a writer’s work. The same kind of reaction many people give to Saadat Hasan Manto’s writings.

Many people just see the words and assume that he is abusing religion, relationships, and society. On the other side, they try to hide the fact that these all are happening in our society and they are so ashamed to talk about it.

This is the reason why worldly education is necessary. This is the reason, why it is necessary to read good books to expand knowledge not only about religion but about the world too. This is the reason why we have to increase the tolerance level in us.

Those who have seen the trailer of Zindagi Tamasha, they can clearly see that Sarmad Khoosat did not ridicule Islam or Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). He presented a man who is religious clergy. He has shown the inner self of that person, his true personality that God knows how many people have. Just because no one is able to see their inner selves they think that they can do whatever they want.

The whole public (apart from some people) is behaving as no clergyman has ever sexually abused children. If they have this belief, then we are sorry they need to look around them. They need to have a better understanding of society by opening their eyes.


Movie should be a form of art:

A few years back, one person made a movie on all the wrongdoings of politicians and it banned and he went through bankruptcy. (Maalik) The same kind of thing is going to happen this time. This is the reason most people just include some item numbers, third-class comedy and action scenes in movies because they know this public deserves this.

This public deserves the third-grade vulgar comedy that performs in stage dramas, which is a mockery on the name of the theatre. Or they deserve typical saas Bahu dramas which they can see the whole day. If not they can gladly see a drama based on faithless men and women. So that they can turn a blind eye on the real issues, real art, real talent and basically reality.

So that it would be easy for politicians to use these fools for their benefit and it would be easy for some specific people to use them on the name of religion.

Act of Islamic Council regarding Zindagi Tamasha and other evils:

Recently the government asked Sarmad Khoosat to delay the releasing date of the Zindagi Tamasha and they gave the statement that they will consult with the Islamic council. Our question on this is, where is this Islamic council when the whole media is filled with content that is basically against the rules of Islam.

Keeping this aside, where is this Islamic council when every second day there is a child rape incident happening in Pakistan. Why they are weak in terms of announcing a death sentence to the rapist. Where is this Islamic council when the whole country mourns the deaths of children after raping? This only reacts when the movies like Zindagi Tamasha are ready to expose some evils.

God is merciful who hides the inner-selves of the humans, due to this they are able to raise their eyes in front of others. They should thank Allah other than hiding the true facts of daily life.

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