The infidelity of a wife: Is Pakistani man capable of forgiving and forget?

Disloyalty and infidelity is a trait that one can witness mostly in married men. We have often seen in many married men. There are hundreds of examples in Pakistan’s society where a man cheats on his wife. She forgives him because of the sake of her children’s future or because she knows there is no place for an independent woman. Even if she is facing abuse for several years. Moreover, the second marriage of a woman in our society is a strange thing to digest.

What if a woman cheats in Pakistani society? what if she leaves her husband for the sake of another man? What if she leaves her children behind, does not care about them? What if she leaves her husband for the sake of money, or for the sake of love? Believe me, it is the most unforgivable crime for a Muslim Pakistani woman to do.

On the other side, a married man is allowed to cheat on his wife. Here I am not talking about how many times according to the rule of Islam he is allowed to marry. Here I am talking about the number of affairs a man has even if he is married, having children or he is over 50 years old. If not affairs, he openly flirt with his co-workers, with his students (especially in university).

The only logic that a man can give is Islam has allowed him to do four marriages. I agree with this. But a common man of Pakistani society is so brave that he has the courage to have affairs, can flirt with other women. However, he is so weak and coward that he cannot marry another woman. Even if he marries, he tries to hide it.

However, here I am just talking about the forgiveness chant that everyone tries to give to a Pakistani woman.

Mere Pass Tum Ho and the famous chant of forgiveness:

poster of Mere Pass Tum Ho

Recently the drama Mere Pass Tum ho is the country most favorite drama. Even those who I did not watch its single episode, their social media news feed is filled with the news, articles, memes, post, that there is no need to watch the drama.

Where many people do not have any kind of interest in the drama, it is important to discuss this issue, as it is also the most common phenomena of our society. The recent debate is on should Danish( the husband) should forgive his wife Mehwish who has left him for the sake of money, basically cheated on him. People especially men are quite emotional regarding this drama and they are taking sides. Mostly are not in favor that he should forgive her.

Where people are love to take sides, here I am again finding another logic. There are countless dramas where men cheat, beat, emotionally and physically abuse his wife. Where even an innocent woman has to prove her loyalty. Even there are dramas where a woman has to put their hands on Holy Quran and if they are failed to put for some reason, they are destined to rot in hell (in the form of society).

Although Mere Pass Tum Ho is quite similar to Zara Yaad Kar. There is nothing new in this drama other than the popular cast plus too much negative and positive publicity. Otherwise, the same thing happened to the character of Zahid Ahmed in Zara Yaad Kar.

Where it is difficult for people to decide what opinion they should give. There are some here:

  • Danish should not forgive Mehwish because of her cheating.
  • Danish should forgive her but should no accept her as his wife.
  • Danish should thankful to Mehwish that because of her, he came out of his comfort zone and earned that was the dream of Mehwish.

My Opinion on Mere Pass Tum Ho:

In my opinion, Danish should forgive Mehwish and take her back as his wife. No, I am not a blind feminist. Here are my thoughts.

  • When a woman can accept her husband after so many things, why men cannot.
  • When a woman can forgive her husband for the sake of her children. Danish should also forgive Mehwish for the sake of their child.
  • The drama writers should provide this angle and prove that in Pakistani society this can also happen. Men also have courage like a woman to forgive.

Although I have doubts about this, men do not have this much courage and heart to accept a disloyal wife. Here the innocent woman has to prove her character and now the issue is of a disloyal woman.

If this thing happens, have Pakistani audience this much courage (especially men) to bear this as they are also not strong.

Gul-E-Rana: A drama in which a wife does not choose her husband in the end

Pic credit: HIP

I am only here presenting the Hum tv drama Gul-E-Rana as it is from recent times. The male character (played by Feroz Khan) forcefully marries the girl (played by Sajal Ali), makes her life hell after marriage, takes other women to home in front of his wife, mistreat her and doubt on her character.

In the end, the girl did not forgive him, most of the audience go mad that why she did not forgive him. Although, it was open-end and girl did not say that she is not forgiving her husband. But still, the whole Pakistani audience went mad that she should and there should be the last episode with them happy ever after together.


Although I agreed with the girl’s decision that thanks God maybe for the first time, some girl did not forgive her husband ( she also has choice like men). I mean she should take time and think whether she should or not( of course this is fiction, but still).

Summing Up:

So summing up, I would answer this question that ” Should Danish forgive Mehwish”?

Yes, he should, if the wife can forgive her husband, why her husband cannot accept her as his wife again ( if she is repenting from her heart, only then). Why a second chance is only for men and not for women.

Let’s see how drama makers show this. Maybe Mehwish has no way to go, so she is coming back. Or maybe she will again cheat her husband. Or maybe they will show that she is genuinely regretting and wants to come back in Danish life. After all, it all depends on media( dramas, movies, etc) that how they depict things and how they influence people.

If Danish accepts his wife again, I guess this will happen the first time in the history of Pakistani drama. The way they are focusing on every dialogue related to women’s infidelity that it is the most pathetic thing, I expect the same behavior and the same attitude towards men’s infidelity

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