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5 Best Song Joong-ki Dramas for Korean Dramas Fans

Song Joong-ki fame has raised high in the sky with his recent role in the Korean drama Vincenzo. We have a list of best Song Joong-ki dramas for those who love to watch Korean dramas. You cannot miss these dramas as they are also worth-watching.

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5: Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010):

This is a historical drama that is set in the Joseon era. This is the era where girls were not allowed to get an education. However female played by Park Min-young get admission to a prestigious institution in the disguise of her brother. Song Joong-ki is playing the role of a mischievous classmate who always troubles her. The role of Song is light-hearted and a different one from his other dramas.

4: Descendent of the Sun (2016):

This is one of the popular Song Joong-ki dramas. The story revolves around a captain who fell in love with a doctor played by Song Hye-kyo. People love their chemistry and both got married. However, due to some reasons, they declared separation and respectfully separate their ways. Descendent of the Sun is also a great bromance drama as the two leading men are great friends in the drama. This is a romantic action Korean drama and it has 16 episodes with three special episodes.

3: The Innocent Man (Nice guy ) (2012):

The story of this Korean drama of Song Joong-ki revolves around an innocent man who fell in love with a shrewd girl. The girl gets married to a wealthy man in greed and leaves him. After some time, he traps the young daughter of that rich man in order to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend. Gradually, he realizes that he is doing wrong with the daughter of the rich man and fell in love with her. This is a good revenge drama and Song Joong-ki played an interesting role.

2: Arthdal Chronicles (2019):

This is one of Song Joong-ki dramas that you definitely cannot miss. This is highly under-rated but once you start watching, you cannot escape from its charisma. Arthdal Chronicles tells us the story of many tribes whose lands were snatched and were forced to live their lives as slaves. Song Joong-ki is playing the double role that is opposite to each other. This is a thriller Korean drama with the elements of romance. In fact, you can find everything in this drama. Fans are eagerly waiting for the second season of this Korean drama.

1: Vincenzo (2021):

Vincenzo has every element that you strive for. This is one of the most popular Song Joong-ki dramas in recent times. Song Joong-ki is playing the role of a man who does not believe in forgiving. He remembers the good and bad deeds of people and deals with them accordingly. If you did not watch this drama until you, you have missed an interesting watch. Moreover, if you want to see a twisted role of a hero, this drama is definitely for you.

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